Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha brings protesters to Bhalla house

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mani tells family that he talked to his lawyer and his lawyer suggested that they should file case against Sudha and her sons. Ruhi says they should definitely do that. They need to teach lesson to Sudha and her sons. Suddenly they hear group of women protesting against Ruhi and Aliya. Family goes downstairs. Sudha claims that she was attacked by her daughter-in-laws. She shows her burned hand and says she can’t take this anymore. She asks for protection, justice. Bhallas are shocked. Ishita says they didn’t even know Sudha was mother of Ruhi and Aliya’s husbands else they would never have let marriage happen. Sudha says no one gets their daughters married without knowing family background, especially educated and good background family like Bhallas. Protest continues. Media too come there. Sudha continues her drama. She says she thought her sons were marrying good girls because they belong to good, well-cultured family, but she was wrong. Ruhi gets furious saying her parents taught her good values. Sudha shows everyone how Ruhi just tried to attack on her despite all being there. Simmi comes upstairs and informs Raman. Raman says they will have to be calm as Sudha just wants them to do something wrong in anger. He calls police inspector.

Aliya says Sudha is just acting. Sudha says they first scream and when they say anything, they try to harm her. Ishita tells Aliya and Ruhi to let it be. Whatever they do now will go against them. Protesters say Aliya and Ruhi must apologize. Ruhi says she will never apologize to her. Raman comes there. Raman and Ishita try to control Ruhi, but she’s very angry and doesn’t stop. Sudha says she is not listening to her parents, so how she would listen to her. Protesters agree and say Ruhi is so rude, she must be taught lesson. Sudha asks they mean they should make her face black? Protesters say yes they should. Ishita says who they are to punish them and asks them to stay away from her daughters. Sudha now shows picture where Aliya slapped her husband. Aliya says she slapped because he lied to her and she will do in future too if required. Protesters say both are so rude, they need punishment. They continue protesting. Pihu hears and wonders what’s going on.

Raman blocks protesters from coming closer to his girls. Sudha says actual mistake is parents’. Protesters agree and say they will give punishment to parents. Raman says if that’s what satisfies them, then they can put black paint on his face. Sudha says as injustice was done to her, she will make Raman’s face black. Rohan and Karan are on their way. They hope Sudha’s plan didn’t backfire.

Sudha was about to put black paint on Raman’s face. Pihu comes and pushes her away. She requests Sudha not to do that. Sudha tells her if she doesn’t move, then she will have to make her face black too. Protesters move Pihu on side. Police come and tell everyone to stop with their protest. No one can take laws in their hands. Police tell Ishita and Raman to take Pihu inside.

Pihu is crying. Ishita and Raman try to cool her down. Ishita sees oil/color in Pihu’s hand and recalls Sudha had used her burned hand to move Pihu on side.

Precap: Ishita shows to police and protesters that Sudha had fake burning wound.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. People were not happy at all about the story in the serial Silsila ….. because it was about extra marital affairs. I wasn’t either. But now, looking back and comparing with YHM, I am ok with Silsila because it’s reality. Right or wrong, it’s happening all over and it deals with many real issues in real life. In YHM, it’s so fake and far fetched, it’s becoming impossible to digest. Rajat was a mental case, he played with peoples lives for the sake of fame, money and status, guided by an evil sister. When he finally developed guilt, he couldn’t handle it and killed himself. How much and for how long are we going to put up with the pure nonsense that Sudha and her stupid sons keep doing, when we all know that they aren’t going to win, they aren’t the leads. If this is entertainment for the viewers, please don’t insult us this much. Sorry for the lengthy comments. I had stopped watching, thought I’d checked, but it’s at the stage of rubbish. Sorry to the fans.

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