Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohan and Karan play a drama

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan and Karan leaving on a bike. Ruhi asks are you sure of this address. Aaliya says yes. Cab driver says I have to leave for another booking. He goes. Aaliya says tracker isn’t working here. Goons sees them and call Sudha. Goon says there are two girls, not the lady you told about. He sends the pic. Sudha sees Aaliya and Ruhi. She says what are they doing here, its okay, we will teach them a lesson, insult them, scare them so that they think ten times before insulting my sons. She says Raman and Ishita enjoy insulting my sons, see what I do to your daughters. Goons stop Aaliya and Ruhi and misbehave. Rohan and Karan come there. They beat the goons. Raman and Ishita come. She says how come Rohan and Karan are here, are you okay Ruhi and Aaliya. Raman beats up the

goons, and asks who has sent you. Goon says we are paid for this. Raman says you both did this. Karan says we were helping them. Ishita asks how did you know about them. Rohan says we heard your talk and followed you knowing they are in trouble. Raman says you think we are fools. Goon says they didn’t pay us, a woman asked us to do this.

Raman checks number and says Sudha. Ishita says it had to be here. Raman says mum has sent goons, sons have come to become heroes. Karan says she can’t do this. Rohan says its a misunderstanding, we will go and talk to her. They come to Sudha. Sudha says we have taken revenge on those two girls. Rohan says you are a woman, how could you not respect another woman. Karan says we cheated to marry them and broke their heart, but this isn’t acceptable. Sudha says these guys don’t respect me, they switched their loyalties, they think I can’t save them from Bhallas. Rohan says you have to apologize to them. She says don’t you ever expect this from me, I didn’t expect my sons to stand against me, its okay, I don’t need you two, get out, just leave. Raman asks are you done with this drama, end it, Sudha do you think that I will believe your drama, I don’t trust anyone, all I want to know what’s your connection with Simmi and Parmeet’s bank account. Sudha says I won’t answer you, get out. They all leave.

They come home. Simmi says I don’t believe this, how did the bank manager join Sudha. Raman says he has switched off the phone. Simmi says maybe your mom has ordered you to go there. Rohan says we have gone to save Ruhi and Aaliya, we fought our mom. Simmi says you think we are fools. Simmi feels guilty and apologizes. She hugs Ruhi and Aaliya. Ishita says they go on playing games, they will do some drama again, they were talking of respecting women, they cheated to marry the girls. Aaliya says I don’t know whom to believe, we should end this, we can’t even stay in peace, their mum comes with new plans, its not safe for us, we should divorce them and send them away, we will be happy too. Rohan and Karan smile.

Ruhi says I will talk to Aaliya. Kaushalya says Karan and Rohan are born actors, Bhalla will think that they are on Bhallas’ side. Sudha says no, its not easy to convince Raman and Ishita, my target is Simmi, she got saved today. She calls bank manager and says I will put more money in Parmeet’s account. He asks what will I do when Simmi comes to ask me. She says mail your boss that you are going on holiday, Raman won’t leave you, do as I say. Raman says I m worried for Aaliya, you have seen how they are getting affected. Ruhi says you should not think so. Aaliya says we should end this. Ruhi says Sudha has asked for 100 crore compensation and took over dad’s office. Aaliya says I didn’t forget, but emotions don’t matter to them, its their dirty plan.

Rohan comes to hear them. Aaliya says we shall end this. Ishita says Aaliya is very strong, I hope Ruhi explains her, its battle of every girl who has been tortured by in laws, we wanted to prove that women deserve respect, I guess this is a beginning. Ruhi says we have come a long way, I was scared today, but try to understand, we are strong, we can’t step back, Ishita and Raman are with us, I need your support Aaliya. Aaliya thinks. Rohan goes. Raman says we have to know who is depositing money in Parmeet’s account, how. Simmi says I will keep an eye on Rohan and Karan, I will give them much work. Karan says they want us to grind 15 kgs of wheat, when will we sleep, they are torturing us even more. Rohan says you think they won’t torture us, we will be out of this house in two days, divide and rule, Simmi is my target, don’t worry, be calm.

Ishita asks why are you arresting my dad. Inspector tells about illegal racket. Sudha says Parmeet contacted me and said he is ready to donate Ananya’s heart.

Update Credit to: Amena

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