Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amma talking to Mihika saying that family is not your type. They are loud people, Mihir works under Raman, he is arrogant and rude, he is our enemy, will you still love him. Mihir tells Raman how he met Mihika. He says did you see me like this in love, Mihika is a nice girl, I can’t imagine my life without her, she understands me and she knows how much you all are important for me. Mihika says I know that Mihir respects Raman, he needs Raman’s yes for this proposal. She says I did not know that they are our neighbors. Mrs. Bhalla says are we blind, and stupid to accept them.

Raman asks Mihir since when do you know her. Mihir says I met her in Chennai last year. He says she came to Delhi only for me. He says believe me, I did not know they

are your neighbors. Raman says are you crazy to be sure about her. Mihir says I love her and you know love is blind. Raman says I stayed with Shagun for six years and what happened. He says what Amma did and spread the news about him and Ishita.

Raman says you know our family to be connected with those desperate people. I don’t know about Mihika, but I know that women are more practical and we can’t believe them. Mrs. Bhalla says not all girls are same. Raman says all this is fake, look at me, you want to marry even after seeing me. He says ok marry her, then if she gets bored with you, she will go with your boss. Raman says I don’t think they are decent. Ishita tells Amma that the final decision has to be Mihika’s as she loves him. Ishita says I will call them.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita and scolds her. Raman takes the phone and Ishita says I request you to forget our differences and talk about Mihika and Mihir. She says I want you to meet me at the coffee shop now. Raman and Ishita meet at the coffee shop. Ishita says is love not enough for marriage. Raman says yes, love is fake which is not seen. He says whats the point in ruining their life. Ishita says think from herat, love is about feelings, not seeing. Mihir and Mihika have felt love for each other, she says we have many differences, but we can;t bring it in between them. She says are you listening to me.

Raman says yes. Ishita says its our duty to take care of their love. Raman says yes, its our duty to think about their happiness, Mihir won’t be happy ,marrying your sister. he says if you think, you will get linked to us after this marriage, it won’t happen. Ishita says I still feel bad for Ruhi and your wife. She says I should have thought to whom I m talking, the man who can’t give love to his family, what will he do now. Raman warns her not to talk about his daughter and wife. He leaves angrily.

Mihika meets Mihir outside the house. Mihir says I know you are hurt, I m sorry, but try to understand, I respect Raman. Mihika is annoyed and leaves. She meets Rumi and he says I m sorry on my mum’s behalf, I wish I could something for you as you are my friend. He says Mihir does not have guts, if I was in his place, I would have told Raman that I will marry you. Mihika gets angry hearing this. Rumi says Mihir should decide about you, he should know you have more options than him.

Raman sees his car is toed and sees Ishita going. Ishita tries to take the auto. Raman looks at her and also tries to get the auto. He walks after Ishita. Some men see Ishita and tease her. Ishita walks away from them and Raman sees all this. They chase her and she falls. Raman holds her hand and she is shocked to see him. Music plays………………….

Raman looks at the goons angrily. They leave seeing him. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………….. plays………………. Ishita thanks him. He is rude to her and walks with her. Kitne Door Door Hai, Hum dono ke raaste……………..Ek Dooje ke waaste…………. plays……………… She turns to look at him as he is walking protecting her. It rains and they stand under the tree. She feels cold and he gives her his blazer. He stands at some distance. She looks at his gesture. She does not take his blazer. He sees this and goes to her.

He says so you should have not hold my hand when you were falling. He takes his blazer back. They get an auto and look at each other. Raman signs come. She goes to sit. Raman does not sit and asks her to go. The auto driver asks him to sit as he won’t get another auto. He sits in the auto with her and they go home together.
Ishita feels cold. Raman says your mobile is ringing. She takes the call and its Prateek. He says there is a event in my office tomorrow, I will feel good if you come with me. He asks where are you. She says I went to a coffee shop and going home now. He hears Raman’s voice and asks who is with you. She says yes, Raman Kumar. He says who, the one who was misbehaving with you. She says yes, when I meet you tomorrow, I will tell you. He says ok and ends the call. Raman says I think you were talking to someone special. She says it was my fiance’s call. He says you should have lied, why did you tell him the truth. She says I don’t lie without any reason. Raman says whatever.

Mrs. Bhalla is happy that everything ended. She asks Simmi to come with her and tell her what to wear in the award function tomorrow. She says Raman has to go with his spouse, but can’t I go being his mum. Simmi says fine, go. Mrs. Bhalla says everyone will come there with their wives, but it would have been good if anyone went with Raman. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla see Ishita and Raman coming home together. Mrs. Bhalla is shocked. Simmi says how are they together when Raman told no to her. Mrs. Bhalla speaks against Ishita. Simmi says don’t worry, I know how to keep her away from him.

Raman and Ishita meet at the award function and are shocked to see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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