Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Raman confronts Ishita

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yug coming home. He says who is that man, who wants to meet me. He goes to room. Aaliya hugs him. He says sorry, I got scared. She says you are my husband, I don’t like you living in guest room. He says I will come to our room after the rituals happen. She says I was watching a movie with Ruhi, how did you come home so early, you aren’t drunk, you are a good boy. He says I m your boy, go and sleep now. She says I will see your party pics. He snatches phone and says I will show it later. She says fine, I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t know why you are behaving strange. She goes. He says sorry, I don’t want you or this family to get troubled because of me. Raman says I will call Ishita, oh, battery dead, I didn’t even get my car. He sees some men keeping a big box. He hides inside the box. The men take the box inside. Sahil and Shaina drink.

Raman gets in and hides. Police comes to raid the club. Raman says a big don is here, my wife is with him, catch him. Goons say we have thrown him out, he is drunk and saying nonsense. Raman says my wife is in this club, find her. Inspector says call the people here. He asks Raman to say who is her wife. Goon says throw him out, he is drunk. Raman says maybe I got mistaken. He shows his ID to inspector. Inspector asks him to go home, maybe he is really drunk.

Raman comes home. Mr. Bhalla asks what happened. Raman asks is Ishita home. Mr. Bhalla says no. Raman says her life is in danger, don’t know what will Sahil do, come with me, we have to find Ishita. Ruhi says calm down, she went for emergency. Raman says she isn’t home. Shaina comes from upstairs and says Raman…. He gets shocked. She asks what are you saying. He says thank God you reached home safely, you were at the club. She asks are you drunk, why will I go to the pub. He says people were introducing you as Shaina Shah, you didn’t mind it. Ruhi asks what, Sahil’s wife. Shaina says I was calling you, your phone was switched off. He says battery was dead, why are you lying. She says you are hallucinating, you need rest, come and take rest. He says don’t lie, say the truth, I went there to meet my friend. She asks why did you get so drunk, I wasn’t there, I slept while waiting for you, you can’t blame me. He says I didn’t drink, stop nonsense. Mrs. Bhalla says stop it, go and sleep, we will talk in the morning. She goes. Ruhi thinks why will Raman say so, something is wrong. Raman asks Ishita what’s the problem. She says not again please, what do you want to hear, I went to clinic, call my assistant and see. He says I have seen you, don’t lie. She says I m not lying, I wasn’t at any hotel, but at work.

Ruhi gives tea to Simmi. Simmi says I had sleeping pills and slept. Ruhi says so you didn’t wake up on Raman’s shouting, Raman and Ishita had an argument at night, Raman has seen her at the hotel with Sahil, Sahil called her his wife Shaina Shah. Simmi worries and drops the tea. Ruhi asks what happened, are you okay, tell me. Simmi says nothing. She goes. Ruhi says why is she behaving so weird, I have to talk to Raman. She goes.

Sahil asks how did police reach in the launch, how did they know about our meeting. Shamshad says I will find out. Sahil says no one has dared to challenge me, who is it, find out, it maybe dangerous, we missed a big deal yesterday, we may have big loss. He says its good someone informed Manish and we left from there in time. Raman says why is Ishita lying to me. Mani comes and says I m really impressed, after a romantic date, you have come to office early. Raman asks what date. Mani says you have gone on a date with Ishita, I have seen her at the club parking, she was in hurry to meet you, she didn’t listen to me, I called you, it didn’t connect, I understood you both don’t want to be reached. Raman says it means she was there, she said she wasn’t there, he was at the clinic, I have seen her, she didn’t agree, it was a fact as you have seen her too, she had come there with Sahil. Mani asks what. Raman says Sahil was calling her as his wife, is Sahil blackmailing Ishita, I don’t know what’s going on, I have to ask Ishita. Mani says you have to ask her. Sahil says Raman was there at launch, maybe he had seen Ishita, and informed police. Rohan asks servant to make special food for dinner, Ruhi is going to come.

Karan asks what, I didn’t even call her. Rohan says call her now, you promised me. Aaliya asks Simmi why are you in room, have the soup, shall I check your BP. Simmi drinks soup and coughs. Shaina comes and says its good you are having it, you need to have food, we will go for shopping together. Aaliya says that’s a great idea. Simmi says no, I m not feeling well. Ishita says fine, we will go on a long drive, that will be fun. She asks Aaliya to get the fruits. Simmi says no Aaliya, don’t go anywhere, I don’t need fruits, be here. Shaina says you have weakness, eat the fruits. Aaliya goes. Shaina says don’t get scared, well done, I m proud of you, you didn’t tell anyone. Simmi says I know you aren’t Ishita, you are Sahil’s wife Shaina, who looks like Ishita. Shaina says don’t know. Simmi says Ruhi told me everything. Ishita says maybe its a lie or truth, who will believe this, I m happy you didn’t tell anyone, you saved your family, keep doing this. Aaliya comes. Simmi wipes her tears. Shaina feeds the apple to Simmi. She goes. Simmi cries.

Mr. Bhalla sees Ishita’s car and shouts to her. Shaina leaves. Mr. Bhalla follows her. He gets hit by her car. He scolds Ishita at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yeh hai musibaatein

    finish this show you can’t be stretching it like anything

  2. Without Isra’s romance tjhere is no meaning of watching this serial. Pls close this serial. There is no meaning showing Ishtha as negative character.

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