Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohan-Karan break relationship with Aliya-Ruhi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishita asks Sudha how she can destroy her own sons’ lives. She’s so disgusting woman. Rohan tells Ishita that she can’t talk like this with his mom. Aliya asks what nonsense is this. She can’t be his mom.

Pihu comes home asking where is everyone. She wanted to meet Rohan and Karan. Family members say they went to mandir. Pihu says they will plan a surprise for them.

Rohan asks Aliya to shut up saying Sudha is his mom. Whatever happened until now was her plan. Aliya and Ruhis are shocked. Rohan says they came to take revenge only. Aliya gets angry asking Rohan how he could do that to her. Ruhi is saddened. Rohan says because of Ishita and her family, he lost his uncle, his mom had to suffer so much, so he could at least do fake marriage drama for his mom. Aliya was just part of the plan. Otherwise he is not crazy to marry her. Neither he loves her nor he takes her as his wife. He further says she is so stupid because she could have caught this planning so easily. Did she ever think why a rich, handsome guy would marry a widow? He talked sweetly and she thought he fell in love with her and said I love you too. This isn’t love, this is desperation. Ruhi comes up and slaps Rohan.

Pihu and Bala planned some surprise. Amma asks what’s the surprise. Pihu says it won’t be revealed until everyone comes back home.

Now Karan steps up and asks Ruhi to control. Raman pushes Karan. Karan says it’s all Ruhi’s family’s fault. What’s in those girls? 1 is widow to other 2 guys have left her and whole world knows it. They are stupid to think that they would fall for these girls. Ruhi cries. Karan says whatever they did was for their family. Bhallas are emotional fools. Mahi and Karan start beating them up. Simmi also joins in. Ishita is sad seeing all this.

Pihu brings dog and says everyone will get surprise seeing him.

Sudha fires a bullet to stop Raman and Mahi. Ishita tells her that her brother died because of her and now she’s spoiling her sons lives. Sudha says her brother was weak but her sons are smart. That is why Bhallas never got clue about their planning. Simmi asks who was that woman who became Rohan and Karan’s fake mother. A lady comes. Sudha says she’s right behind you. She will tell herself. She introduces herself as Koko, Rohan and Karan’s aunt and Sudha’s younger sister. She asks how was their plan? She laughs at Bhalla’s foolishness for believing her having cancer. Now Bhalla’s daughters won’t be able to show their face to world. They will be called girls whom their husbands left in just one night. Ishita asks what kind of people they are. It’s good they found out their truth. They think they destroyed her daughters lives, but her daughters are not weak. Raman says that marriage is not important to them. Ruhi tells Raman to let it be. They don’t want those fake husbands. She throws her bangles and wipes out her sindhoor. They all leave from there. Ishita warns Sudha that she will have to pay for what she’s done to her daughters. Sudha says they shall see.

Bhallas come home and tell everything to rest of family members. Mrs. Toshi can’t believe. Ishita says they will have to work this out legal way. Aliya blames herself for all this. Raman says their mistake is they get emotional and do something wrong and others take advantage. Dog comes to Ruhi and she gets mad saying who brought him there. Pihu says she did to surprise her. Ruhi shouts at her. Ishita asks Ruhi to calm down. Ruhi goes to her room. Simmi was going to her, but Ishita asks her to let Ruhi be alone for some time.

Sudha tells her sons that she missed them a lot. Rohan and Karan say they missed her a lot as well and asks can they eat first. Karan sees dog missing. Servant says Pihu took him to Bhalla house. Karan gets mad at him. Someone drops dog there.

At Bhalla house, no one feels like eating. Mihika says girls had fell in love. They were so happy. Ruhi comes and says she is still happy. If they don’t care about them, why should they. She is not that weak. Aliya comes and says Ruhi is right. Girls say they are not upset. Raman tells Mrs. Toshiji this is called today’s girls who are stronger than guys. They start eating. Ishita thinks Sudha won’t stay quiet, she will do something for sure.

Precap: Sudha brings protestors against Ruhi and Aliya. She shows her burned hand and says she wants justice.

Update Credit to: Jenny

  1. SERIOUSLY????? Can anything get worse? Do the writers take us for illiterates? Enough is enough. I can’t believe that these actors get paid hefty amounts for such crap. I am really mad. Already the viewership for this serial has gone down. I am not putting up with this nonsense anymore. Sudra’s role, her expressions and acting are nauseating.

  2. Very true Vany ! I was also thinking the same way what you said ! KP and Dt , how can they take this crap … and Sudhajis expression and acting really nauseating … so too her sons .. can’t digest this track at all …What message this show is giving audience ?
    Simply extending the storyline by adding utter nonsense …all the time Ishra is defeated by villains .

  3. i liked it when simmi beat rohan with her slipper.

  4. You know what??? I had stopped commenting on these series,but lo and behold here I am commenting again,this nonsense has got to stop why are you guys butchering up your culture?? Is this what India is about??? REVENGE???? Mocking marriages??? What are you the writers portraying,that only illiteracy is among you people???? This is an insult and mockery to your culture and religion you really need to stop this shit,you had your fun with Adi’s and Roshini’s character you butchered it so much that it was remorseful,now you are doing it to Ruhi and Alia,it’s a shame what you writers can do just for a few bucks. So sad then again it’s no use arguing with stupid people eventually you will drag us down to your level and then beat us with the experience and distinction you have for being so damn STUPID.

  5. Every good couple except the leads is ruined in this show…..
    Mihir mihika
    Ashok Mihika(if ashok was positive)
    Ashok Shagun(again if ashok was positive)
    Manoj Shagun
    Abhishek Mihika
    Romi Sarika
    Simmi Prateek
    Rinki Mihir
    Simmi Subbu
    Ruhi Sohail
    Ruhi Nikhil
    The spoiled Adi Aliya too
    And now Rohan-Aliya and Ruhi-Karan also….

  6. Omg!!! Please do something with this Sudha character…she is annoying already. First of all her brother killed people because of his drinking…then when he is exposed, he is too weak to face the consequences. And she blames Raman..why because the man didn’t die as well, due to her brother.
    She is just jealous of the Bhalla family! But come on why mess with the girls they??

    I just want to see Isita slap her a few times…please. this woman needs to be out of there. The writers are getting to far fetched, in todays world lawyers and media would have a field day with Sudha and her family. For the simply fact that they married under false pretenses.

    Hope the girls sue them for breach of promise and put them in jail..and destroy their reputation so no one would want to marry them..

    1. with these writers, Rohan and Karan will get a slap on the wrist and Sudha will chalk off another victory.
      I am not wasting my time watching and only reading updates. Its lost its charm.

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