Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Appa gets framed by Arijit

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yug massaging Mr. Bhalla’s foot. He asks him to take physiotherapy session. Mr. Bhalla says yes, even Simmi needs care. Mrs. Bhalla says how can this happen, Shagun has to look after Mani and family. Ruhi says relax, Aaliya and Ishimaa have gone to Mani’s house. Yug jokes and laughs. Simmi says I regret that they don’t know Raman is in ICU, I will make an excuse and go to meet Raman. She says Mani is unwell, I was thinking to take breakfast for him. Mihika says its a very good idea, pack the parathas, we will go and feed him by our hands, he is careless. Mrs. Bhalla says have breakfast and go.

Mihika says we will have food with them. They leave. Amma asks where did they go. Ruhi says Mani is unwell, they went there. Amma says Appa is behaving strange, he gets angry and sits silent. Ruhi asks shall I talk to him. Amma says leave it. Ruhi thinks to talk to Appa. She takes food for Appa. She asks him to have it. He says its good. She asks why didn’t you solve the puzzle. He says I didn’t get the answer. Amma says you are champion in this. Appa gets angry and goes. Amma says don’t worry, he will get fine. Ruhi thinks to tell Ishita about him or not.

Karan and Yug see the tall building. Yug says I can’t believe, how can someone do this with dad. Karan says we will punish him once we know him. Mani comes there and says I checked everywhere, there is no cctv. Yug says that’s why he called Ishita here. Yug says we shall leave. Mani says what’s that sound. They go to see. They see the watchman. Mani says maybe he had seen something, maybe he is also involved. Yug says I have a plan. They go to him. The watchman says just leave, I will call the police. Karan says we are from CBI, a crime happened there. Mani says a man fell down the building, he was pushed down. The watchman says I don’t know anything. Yug asks how do you tally who come here. Watchman says there is CCTV camera, come I will show you, it was here, don’t know where did it go. Yug says my dad is in hospital, I won’t leave you. Watchman says I have cctv app in my mobile, you will see everything in it, maybe you find the man. They check the footage. Mani asks how is this possible, we will have to inform Ishita. Karan says I have taken the footage and deleted it from your phone, don’t tell this to anyone.

They go and meet Ishita. Ishita asks why did you come here. Mani says it was imp to show this to you. She sees the footage and gets shocked seeing Appa. She says I can’t believe this. Mani says yes, that’s why we had come here. She calls Appa there. Appa comes and asks the matter. They show the video to him. She asks what were you doing there. He says I can’t tell you, else Raman’s life will fall in more danger. She says he is already in ICU, you can’t hide it, tell me. He asks what, I got a call from unknown number, I heard Raman, I asked him to come home, he asked me to come and save him, his life is in danger. She asks why didn’t you tell us.

He says I was worried and didn’t tell anyone, I reached there and calls on that number, I got a message, I was asked to leave, I called again and didn’t get through. She gets his phone and calls on that number. She says its switched off, I got a message…. I m Raman, I m in danger, please help me. She says what does he want, why is he troubling us. Arijit says I m more smart than them, I called Appa there so that his face gets captured in cctv, now Ishita will be more confused, I m doing this so that she tells me about Raman, I will continue to do such messages to your family, I m a genius. He throws the sim. Karan says the number is off.

Ishita says he is doing this purposely. Mani says yes, since we didn’t do Raman’s last rites. Ishita says yes, Raman’s life is in hospital, Aaliya is alone, I m worried, I got Raman at the same site, he called you and captured you in cctv. Ruhi says Raman is critical. Appa asks why don’t we know this. Yug says we were with dad. Ishita says sorry, we didn’t want info to reach the attacker. Appa says sorry, I couldn’t manage it. Mani says don’t feel sorry, he is making us dance, tell us if you get any message. Yug says don’t tell this to anyone. Karan says we didn’t tell anyone at office. Appa says I have to meet Raman. Ishita says he is not well, you can meet him later. Karan says we will drop you to hospital. Ishita says he will target mummy ji and Amma also, what will we do if they get messages, just monitor their phones. Ruhi says right, I will take their phones. Ishita asks Mani to lie to them if they call. Ishita leaves.

Aaliya says Raman’s situation is critical. Ishita asks Aaliya to go home. Ruhi cries and says I have to meet Raman. Nurse asks them to get medicines. Karan goes. Ruhi says I have to meet dad. Ishita says you can’t meet him. Ruhi says please. Aaliya asks her to relax. Ruhi says but he is my dad, sorry. Aaliya says its okay. Nurse says I will ask doctor, you can see your dad if he says.

Ishita says I know you, I remember your face, where did I see you. Yug asks what happened. He stops Bhuvan and says why are you not answering, tell something. Ishita looks at Bhuvan.

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  1. This is a weird serial I have ever seen in my life!

  2. look like the main leads are ruhi aaliya now not ishita.

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