Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita catches Sudha’s cheat

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying Karan is no more, doctor just plunge this injection on his chest, he can get revived. Rohan says Karan won’t get any injection. Ishita says I m a doctor, I know this, I will do this. Doctor says I can handle my patient, just go. She says no, he is my daughter’s husband, save his life, Sudha is a mum, she is not in a state to think. Sudha says stop it, nothing happened to my son, when nothing is attacked to Karan, what pulse then, Karan get up. Ishita says you gave him an injection to sedate him, he won’t get up, Sudha what sort of people are you, I understood your pain and wanted you to say, you are such a cheap woman, how can you get involved in child play, you made your son act critically ill, we are emotional fools to fall in your drama, Raman was right about it.

Appa hides the money. Amma calls him out. He says I will return Nisha’s money and will get in peace. Sudha says yes, I have done this because of you two, you didn’t let me meet my sons, you insulted them, I had to do this to bring them back. Raman says you won’t get them, I will get this doctor’s licence cancelled. Doctor says I did this on Sudha’s saying. Raman asks Rohan to come to office, get Karan along. They go. Raman gives holiday to watchman and peon. Peon says don’t fire us. Watchman says we need this job. Raman says I can’t fire you, I m sending you on paid leave, these two guys will do your work. Aaliya says they should know working in Raman’s office. Raman says explain them the work. Ruhi says tell them how punctual you are. Karan asks what, I can’t do this. Ishita says you do good drama, work now. Raman asks Karan to get coffee.

Rohan and Karan get tired and sit talking. Simmi says its good you aren’t getting sleeps. She pours potatoes and onions. She says its for you, chop the vegs, wash them well and make 30-40 plates of pau bhaji ready in morning. Rohan asks her to see time. She says I need this ready at 6 am. Rohan says who eats pau bhaji at 6am. She scolds them and goes. Karan says she is hitler bua. Rohan and Karan prepare the pau bhaji. Simmi collects the parcels and goes. Karan says she has gone away to distribute it, something is wrong. Amma looks for her saree. She gets money. She says I m forgetting everything, when did I keep this. Kiran comes. She says Bala and my anniversary is coming, I want to surprise him by booking tickets for trip.

Amma says I will buy a gift for you. Kiran says it means Appa gave you lottery money. Amma says no chance, these are my savings, I have hidden it in the cupboard, we will use it today. Kiran says I will call Ishita too, her mood will be good. Karan asks how will we knead flour now. Rohan says I get confused. Karan asks who will help us. Mrs. Bhalla says they are useless, I have to do something. She teaches him. He asks if there is any special occasion, is there any party. Karan says Simmi was very sad. Mrs. Bhalla says mind your own business, dough is ready, make hot parathas soon. Raman comes and asks is everything fine. Ishita asks where is Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi has gone to orphanage to distribute pau bhaji and sweets to kids. Raman says we had gone to temple to do puja for Ananya.

Mrs. Bhalla says her wounds aren’t healed, she regarded you the reason for Ananya’s death. Karan says Ishita is linked to Ananya’s death, it means their relation is sour. Rohan says yes, we have found our target, Simmi is the one, if we break her, things will get easy. Raman asks them to get ready for office. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to make juice. Karan gets angry. Rohan says we have to find about Simmi, I m sure something serious happened between Simmi and Ishita, we can go office and meet mom. Karan agrees. Rohan says once our plan is successful, I m sure Simmi will drop us to our house, make juice for Mrs. Bhalla and give her fast. Ishita says you think its good idea to take them to office, Sudha will be there, they will trouble us, I m sure Sudha is scheming again. Raman says its risky, but I want Sudha to see them getting insulted, we have to teach her a lesson then she will withdraw the 100 crore claim. She says you have seen their sickness drama, we can’t trust them. He says we will divide and rule, keep one here, I will take other one.

Karan says a paper has fallen down. Sudha shows some paper. She sees the fallen paper…..She says collect all info about Simmi and her husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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