Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha loses in her game

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha checking evidence. Raman recalls telling Payal that he will get her brother treated. He gets the letterhead of hospital and says its a tool to defeat Sudha, I can do anything against Sudha now. Payal says look at this, you didn’t treat my dad, as he didn’t had money, we got to know that he was suffering from dengue. The investors call Sudha careless and blame her. Raman says there is no use to blame each other, I have a solution, Sudha should pay a compensation. Ishita says yes, Payal just needs to say, Sudha will help. Payal says I m always misguided, I have called labor union member Sinha, he is my dad’s friend. Sinha comes and says Payal told me everything, Sudha took Raman’s company, but Raman made labor laws before. He shows the draft. Raman says

Sudha is indirectly responsible for Payal’s dad’s death, she has to compensate for it, she has to get her brother treated, free of cost, get it done genuinely, she has to give monetary compensation, she has to give a job to Payal.

Ishita says Sudha is good, she will do this. Payal’s mum says then we will take the case back. Raman says there are few formalities, just sig here and get saved from going to jail, its about company’s reputation, sudha signs and gives the papers to Payal. Payal thanks Raman and apologizes for false allegations. Raman says its okay, I know why you did it, I will hire a private security guard for you, just in case, none should threaten you. The investors thank Raman. Raman and everyone leave. Sudha shouts get out. Ishita says you are forgetting that your sons are in their Sasural.

Mani says she should have much work. Ishita says yes, she will have to contact many people, because baraat won’t come to our house, the boys have to work hard more. They leave. Sudha says I hate you Ishita, I will not spare you. She gets angry. Rohan and Karan get tired and share their grief. Raman says Sudha will play some trick. Bala says call me if you need help. Raman thanks him. Bala says its fine, I have to come and see these boys faces tomorrow. Ruhi says I m so excited. Rohan says its just a matter of one night, mom will get us. Karan says I think mom gave them a tough competition. Ruhi sees them. Ruhi, Ishita and Raman talk aloud and act. They say Sudha has won, Sudha has played dirty games with us, we got defeated, we can’t do anything, she will come and take her sons, we have to accept defeat. Rohan and Karan get happy. Raman says I m getting a headache. Ishita says I will get medicine for you. They go. Karan says mom will take us tomorrow. They hug and dance.

Raman says they both are idiots, they feel none can defeat their mom. Ishita says their faces will be worth watching tomorrow. Ruhi pities Sudha. Sudha throws things. Kaushalya asks Sudha to open the door, they lost but she will find some way to get Rohan and Karan back. Ishita says I m going to sleep in peace. Sudha says its Sudha’s turn to stay awake like owls.

Sudha gets a gun. Kaushalya asks Sudha what is she doing to go. Sudha says I won’t leave them, I always lose to Raman and Ishita, I have lost my patience. Kaushalya says please stop. Sudha says leave me, I m going. Kaushalya says fine, go, shoot them, go to jail, our Rohan and Karan will be working as servants at Bhallas, you stay in jail, happy now. Sudha drops the gun and cries. She says I have lost, I don’t know what to do to get my sons back. Kaushalya consoles and hugs her. Appa says I have to go for morning walk and meet Nisha. Amma comes and says I will come along, I have to come back early and see Rohan and Karan’s drama. He says I m not going for walk today, its Mathur’s birthday, he is giving us a tea party. Amma says fine, I will walk in the compound. He says sorry. She says not a problem, it will be fun here. She goes. He says I had to lie to her again. He leaves.

Rohan and Karan pack bags and wait for Sudha. Simmi asks who will cook breakfast, go and prepare it. Karan says I quit, you make it yourself. Rohan says you all came on road, come for work to our house, we give good food and money to servants. Ishita says your mom didn’t come yet. Raman says maybe she has forgot to come here. They laugh and joke. Aaliya says your mom won’t come, she has lost. Karan says our mom can’t lose. Mihika says they are waiting like good boys, no one will come. Raman says both of you call your mom and ask her. Rohan says yes, thanks. He calls Sudha. Raman says she has donated her sons. Sudha comes. Rohan says we have been waiting for you. Karan hugs her and says tell them you got baraat for us. Ishita asks will you be able to take us. They ask Sudha to say something. Karan says I feel scared. Ishita says your mom has lost against us, she got trapped in her own plan, she won’t be able to take you home. She smiles.

Karan faints. They rush him to hospital. Ishita says Sudha has lost her son, Karan is no more.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Okay that’s it, this show has officially killed itself. Ishita firstly does not harm children. Earlier in the show it is set that she doesn’t blame children for their upbringing. So the real Ishita wouldnt punish the boys for their mothers mistake. And next, you’re seriously dragging this Sudha storyline too much, like calm down yes her brother died byut she’s going way to far. And now Karan dying???? Are the cvs trying to make Sudha more angry to kill Ishita and Raman?? Just end the show here. Please

  2. I don’t think Karan is dead, ishita is up to something making Sudha think he’s dead

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