Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita retires from work

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting shocked seeing the cab driver’s pic. Sonakshi says he is my brother, he died in a car accident. Ishita says so sorry, I had travelled in his taxi, I had to go to airport, there were strange things happening, I went London few days back, I went to airport in his taxi. Sonakshi says how can this happen, he died two years back. Ishita asks what. The old lady says its his spirit, he won’t leave you, be careful, everything will be ruined. Ishita and Amrita leave. Ishita recalls their words. She says I had seen that man. Raman asks Neelu did Ishita come. She says no, she called to ask about lunch box. Ishita comes. He says I was worried, is everything fine, inform me and go. She says sorry, come to room, I shall say. They go.

Mihika gets a button and says whose button is this. Romi asks what’s this. She says its not from our clothes, it means someone came here. He says I know about it. Ishita says I went to Sonakshi’s house, I saw that taxi driver’s pic, his sister said he died two years back. He says maybe he is lookalike. She says trust me. He says I trust you, do you remember his name. She says no. He says maybe this man is different, there are seven resembling people in the world. She says I feel I m seeing dead people. He says I will face problems coming on you. She says sorry. He hugs her and says I m with you.

Parmeet says I will find out who hates Ishita so much, we can get help. Simmi says then find out soon, I want Ishita to get punished. He says I know, I also want this. He thinks till you want revenge, I will get my work done, I also lost my daughter, you are my weapon, I will ruin Raman, Ishita and Bhallas using you. Ruhi looks on angrily. Ishita asks what, Adi has a problem with Aaliya’s work, why. Raman says yes, don’t know, strange. She says I know the problem, Roshni. He asks how is Roshni related. Ishita says Adi is praising Roshni, maybe Aaliya is insecure. He laughs and says women get insecure and jealous soon. She says this is nonsense. He says really, you were jealous of Kiran. She says no, you remember this. He says yes, don’t change the topic. She says jealousy is natural, you were insecure about Mani. He says I don’t remember that.

She says if partner shows interest in someone, insecurity is normal, but relation is based on trust, I will talk to them. Simmi sees Romi checking her cupboard and scolds him. He asks how dare you check my room. She asks what nonsense. He gets her dress and matches the button. He asks what do you want to do now, what are you planning now, whom do you want to ruin. She asks what did I do, you are wrong to support Ishita, she killed my daughter, you forgot, Ananya would have gone through pain, what if Pihu was in Ananya’s place. He says whatever happened was good, if Ananya saw you like this, she would have died again. She raises hand and stops. He says better change yourself. He goes. Simmi cries and says Romi scolded me, am I so bad that I don’t deserve to be a mum.

Aaliya decides clothes for office. Adi asks what are you doing, its nonsense, what’s the need to go office. She says you are liking Roshni when she is working, you have a problem when I m working. He says so this is the reason. She says I will go office as before. Ishita comes and says your voice is coming out, what’s happening. He says she is saying bad about Roshni. Ishita asks what did you say. Aaliya says I didn’t, ask Adi what is he thinking, he called me Roshni, won’t I feel bad. Adi says it was a mistake. Ishita says Aaliya I heard you want to go office, are you prepared. Aaliya asks what’s the need. Ishita asks do you want to go after seeing Roshni. Aaliya says I get bored at home. Ishita says you should do work if you have passion, so think again. She says Adi, Aaliya is behaving such as you aren’t giving her time, maybe she needs you, make her feel good, love is bound with trust. She unites their hands and says I don’t like you guys fighting. She goes. Adi leaves Aaliya’s hand and goes to sleep.

Its morning, Ishita asks Dr. Batra why did she come home. Dr. Batra says we are shutting the clinic, my children settled abroad, we thought to take retirement and give time to children, we are also settling abroad, Ishita is a good dentist and can practice anywhere. Ishita says we worked together for many years, I will miss you, wish you all the best. Dr. Batra says we will also miss you. She goes. Raman says Ishita can practice anywhere, I can talk to my friend. Adi says Ishita should open her own clinic. Romi says we will make an app or website. Ishita says enough, so many ideas, but I was thinking to stop working. Ruhi asks what do you mean. Ishita says its been years, maybe I deserve some time, I should also retire like Dr. Batra. Raman says no, you have a habit to go clinic. Ishita says I will shop with your money. He says try, most welcome, you can’t do this. Aaliya hugs her and says I will also not go office. Ishita says you don’t deserve a break, go office, we will have breakfast, do your work.

Raman comes to Ishita and asks are you sure. Ishita says yes, I have a plan, movie, shopping and then dinner at cafe, I will come home. He asks will you do this alone, shall I come along. She says I will take Amma. He asks are you happy. She says yes, I will enjoy a bit, stop worrying I will be fine. She goes.

Mihika says Bhavna, what are you doing here. Bhavna says Sonakshi has come, listen to me, her evil spirit is back, she will kill everyone. Ishita is at the spa. Someone holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is so stupid I don’t get who is the spirit. Sonakshi or her brother .this is so messed up but love Ishita and Raman scenes. And adi what is his problem with Aliya working

  2. For how long more will we have to put up with this spirit thing? Is there a connection to the story? If yes, will it take 6 months to appear? My tolerance too is getting very very low. Sorry I had to vent my frustration.

  3. what rubbish

  4. I love the way Romi scolded Simmi,she deserves hatred from everyone agreed she lost her daughter but how many more crimes is she going to commit? By doing all this evilness will not bring her daughter back or will it?

    1. incase ananya ki jaga pihu hoti to. if simmi tells the same n the court… aur mujhe kussa aya meine pihu ko dakka diya. sab log ne kya karogi… easi simmi ko bhalla house me allow karthi???? am very feeling sorry for simmi… wht she ve n her life

  5. matlab kuch v!!! ab simmi param kya 2019 me expose honge??? ye pshld wale guthiya toh suljhalo yaar phir jake new story line show karna. kya bakwas hai

  6. I just loved scene where ishitha told that she will retire from job i wish that turn out to be true in real life where she decides to retire from this crap show (YHM) and take a break in real life and enjoy her personal life

    1. Yes Abhishek you said it ! In fact i felt Dt very tired too . Yhm doesnt doe deserve her hardwork . All on a sudden a clinic to shut down … without proper planning … to twist the drama
      anything nd every crap they show .
      Ishitha is a business woman too …. even now they can make this story in a beautiful way … they want negativity …. I just want to ask cvs what as fans can do to get this crap to an end ?
      Totally addicted to Ishra/Divan !

  7. LMAO Abhishek.

  8. Romi is right, if ananya was alive and would see simmi these evil side, she would have been ashamed on simmi.

    1. incase ananya ki jaga pihu hoti to. if simmi tells the same n the court… aur mujhe kussa aya meine pihu ko dakka diya. sab log ne kya karogi… easi simmi ko bhalla house me allow karthi???? am very feeling sorry for simmi… wht she ve n her life

      1. but it was the result of her own misdeeds. it was she who was tryng to destroy ruhis life by getting her married to a fraudster. it was the situation created by simmi herself where ishita had to run to save ruhi from getting married to nikhil…

      2. nikhil bbhi acha insan tha pehle… shagun and raman ki woh prostitude drama and again and again insult hone ki baath he woh easi nikli… to shagun ya raman ko kya punishment mili hai??

  9. Sorry i meant yhm doesnot deserve her hard work.

  10. Went I come from office in the evening the first Episode I see YHM. What nonsense your are showing about the evil spirit. First of all there are no evil spirit. Please stop SHOWING. When such part comes we have to change the channel. Ishita its a NONSENSE PART FOR YOU. IF SUCH THING HAPPEN IN YOUR REAL LIFE ??

  11. Lol !!! they very well know the importance of yhm still this show world popular and they r earning lot more thanks to this show popularity ,money every success they got bz of this show haha I’m damn sure they will not quite this show bz of after yhm it’s not so easy to get a good show like yhm yhm in beginning it’s in best sadly not recent time bt many r still dying for ishra/divan…whatever specialy dt will not take such a step like quiting yhm she is the only one earning in her house as a actress it’s hard to get a lead role after 35-40 age..dt very well know about these facts..for kp nothing much changeso is there is he get good project or not in future he is well settle bt sure he will not leave this show till the end he has good experience what will happen when u quite a show bz of kasturi serial incident…

  12. more than dt it’s kp he is not geting much to do wish makers let him express his talent by giving some importance for him…he is the best tv actor with out any doubt..

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