Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Learns Sunny’s Truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sulochana asks Kabir and Yash to stop fighting as they are in same team and they should make Rudra and Preesha fight instead and separate them. Sonia eters and says they will not separate as they are reunited again ending their fight. Sulochana shouts what rubbish. Sonia says Rudra and Preesha are hugging each other. Yuvraj asks what does she mean. Sonia explains that Preesha fell into swimming pool, Rudra saved her, and they both reconciled. Sulochana asks how is it possible. Yuvraj says this happens always, they fight like animals and then hug like magnets. Sulochana what was she doing. Sonia says she went near Rudra when he was hurt, but now realized that he consides her as a good friend and whatver she does, they will not separate. Sulochana says Sonia’s plan failed, but what happened to Yuvraj’s plan and his dhama or it fused. Yuvraj says it will blast soon.

Sunny sees Saransh playing with helicopter and asks who brought it. Saransh says Rudra brought it. Sunny asks why did Rudra bring helicopter only to him. Saransh says because Rudra is his father. Sunny bangs himself to a pillar and injures himself. Saransh shocked asks what is he doigng. Preesha rushes in with others and asks what is happening. Sunny lies that Saransh hit him. Preesha asks why will he hit him. Sunny says when he told him Rudra is his papa, he hit me. Preesha asks what rubbish. Sunny says he is Rudra’s son, Sunny Rudraksh Khurana. Preesha says he is Rudra’s friend Kharbanda’s son. Sunny says he doesn’t even know any Kharbanda and is really Rudra’s son. Saransh asks why did he lie then. Sunny says Rudra asked him to lie to Preesha. Preesha asks Rudra if its true. Rudra stands tensed and thinks he didn’t want Preesha to know about Sunny like this. Sunny insists Rudra to tell truth first. Rudra asks to get firat-aid first, but Sunny collapses continuging to shout. Rudra rushes Sunny to room and tries to perform his first aid thinking he is severely injured. Preeesha enters and performs Sunny’s first-aid and pulse check. Sharda enters and asks how is Sunny. Preesha says she need not worry as Sunny incurred minor injury and will be fine, she performed his first-aid. Rudra tries to speak to her, but she says she doesn’t want to. Sharda says she is doing same mistake which Rudra did, she should let him explain at least and clear the doubts. Preesha agrees.

Sharda takes them both near pool and leaves asking them to clear their issue. Vasu walks in worried and says Saransh is missing and she checked everywhere. Preesha says Saransh is hurt hearing Sunny is Rudra’s son. They search him again in whole house and don’t find him. Rudra says he must be hiding somewhere. Sharda askw where will they search him. Rudra says they should search once again everywhere.. Rudra finally finds Saransh crying hiding in garden and asks what is he doing here, everyone are searching him. Saransh says he is a liar, he told he is his only son and loves him most in this world, but he loves Sunny instead. Rudra says he loves Saransh most. Saransh asks then he should say Sunny is not his son. Rudra thinks he himself doesn’t know if Sunny is his son. Saransh continues venting out his pain. Preesha consoles him and says it doesn’t matter if Sunny is Rudra’s son, he would be his brother then like Rudra and Kabir are brothers. Rudra thinks Preesha is so understanding even with her own problems. Preesha says Rudra loves Saransh a lot and fulfills all his demands, he bought him helicopter, and risks his life for him; then how can he say Rudra doesn’t love him; even with Sunny’s presence, Saransh is his first preference and he loves him more. Rudra says he loves him more than himself and will continue to love him always. Saransh hugs him saying even he does and asks Preesha to join them. Serial’s title track plays in the background….

Sulochana enjoys liquor with her puppets Kabir and Yuvraj and says she never thought even in her dream that Rudra is so colorful like her and has an illegitimate son. Kabir says god listened to them and sent a readymade son, etc. Yuvraj why Chulochana gives credit to god instead of him and maybe someone on earth hit this sixer.

Precap: Rudra tells Preesha that he doesn’t know who Sunny is and doubts his mother is Reema. Preesha asks Sunny where is his mother. Sunny says he doesn’t know where his mother is, only knows she is in a hospital. Rudra asks which hospital she is in.

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  1. Preesha and Rudra should learn to not argue and shout at each other like they do, why not discuss issues and find solutions instead of preesha making plans which always flop. As soon as they apologise and make up the other will find something to stop talking again.
    Rudra needs to open his eye and see his so called mother and brother real faces, he will be shell shocked!! He don’t know what they were like in all the years he never met them, yet he believes every lame story and every drop of fake tears the drunk drops on him. But this show never finds the culprit so maybe he never will, now writers will leave Sulu and Kabir issue incomplete and move on to Sunny, like with every other story starting with Yuvraj to Ahana to Mahima to Sulu and Sonia.
    But on another, I don’t understand why does Sonia always be under Rudra and Preesha says nothing? I know he’s teaching her music but even at the dining table she sits next to him as it’s her rights smirking at everything and serving him. Would like to see Preesha stand up as a wife and throw her out
    Fed up with these un orthodox wifely behavior!!!

    1. omolade olopade

      I agree with u

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