Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha changes her mind

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prisha saying I want to make a call. Jailer refuses. Constable tells about a prisoner in labor pain. Prisha rushes with jailer. She says we have to hurry up, I can help, I m a gynac, I can treat her. Jailer nods. Maa checks the papers and shows to Rudra. She says Rajeev got the adoption form also, he couldn’t tell me, I understood that he wants his child, his wish was unfulfilled, Balraj will talk to you about marriage, Ahana told him to get the marriage done soon. Rudraksh asks how can he think so.

Maa says its right, for Rajeev’s last wish, think of him, you can fulfill his last wish, marry Mishika and get a child in this house soon. He goes. He sees Saransh’s name in the adoption papers. He says Rajeev wanted to adopt Saransh, so he was letting Prisha blackmail him, he wanted Saransh at any cost. Prisha says you will forget this pain when you see your baby’s face. Sapna delivers the baby. Prisha gives the baby to Sapna. Sapna thanks her. She says you left your child alone and came here, how did you hurt him, everyone knows about you. Prisha says my family is with him. Sapna says no one can take mum’s place for a child.

Rudraksh says why did Rajeev hide this from me. He gets Rajeev’s voice message. He says why didn’t I see this, I missed it, it was sent before the concert. Rajeev says I have a good news, its time, I m going to become a dad, I mean I have already become Papa, I have a son, my own son, you know him, you met him, Saransh is my son, I m going to adopt him, he will stay with me, congrats to you, you are going to become his Rudra Chachu, I love you. Rudra hears the recording. He says why didn’t I get this message before. He sees Rajeev there. Rajeev says you didn’t get late, I got late, its my mistake, I have to come to say my wish to adopt Saransh, Saransh is still here, you will give him a good life and take my place, you will get him a place in this house, I won’t be happy seeing him in pain, I will feel that I came back to you, will you get me back as Saransh, will you fulfill my desire. Rudraksh says I m living for you, I will fulfill your wish, I will do anything for you, he will become a part of this house, I love you. Rajeev disappears. Rudraksh calls him out.

Saransh goes to buy candy floss and gives money. The man scolds him and says your mum is a murderer. The people laugh. Saransh says don’t say bad about my mumma. The man says she is a murderer. Saransh says no. Everyone calls out the same. Prisha shouts no, Saransh isn’t a murderer’s son. She wakes up. Sapna asks what happened. Prisha says I m very bad. She thinks I thought Yuvraj will take care of Saransh, I didn’t think of Saransh, I will tell the truth after talking to Yuvraj, I will tell that I didn’t kill Rajeev. Vasu asks about Saransh’s admission. Gopal says no school is ready to take him. Yuvraj smiles and says don’t worry, I will manage. Saransh brings his robot and shows them. Yuvraj hugs him and thinks you are my trust fund. Gopal says I will try in a school. Vasu says it would have been good if Yuvraj and Prisha got married. Yuvraj says good and bad times change, it will happen as you want, just bless me. He takes their blessings. He goes.

Yuvraj comes to meet Prisha. She says don’t misunderstand me, I have to change my statement, they are going to hang me in 5 days, I didn’t think of Saransh, I promise I won’t take your name, sorry. He says I came to ask you something, I want the answer right now, will you marry me. She gets shocked. He says so what if we didn’t get married, my love didn’t get less, I want to marry you. Prisha asks what are you saying. Yuvraj says this is the answer, all the problem will solve. She asks do you understand it. He says once we get married, you will become a judge’s wife, I will defend you, say yes for marriage. She cries. He thinks what to say that she agrees, I m marrying to get Saransh, he is her weakness, she will agree.

Bubbly says Prisha should have not gone to Yuvraj that night. Vasu says don’t know what will we see more. Gopal comes home. He feels unwell. Bubbly asks him to have water. Gopal says everything is over, Prisha is going to get hanged. Yuvraj says I have to tell you about Saransh, didn’t Amma and Appa tell you. She asks what happened to him. He says Saransh is expelled from the school, everyone thinks he is a criminal’s son, why will they give him admission. She says I saw this dream. He says I will become his legal dad, our case will become strong, Saransh has a long life, forget about us, think of him, he won’t be called an illegitimate, say yes for marriage. She says yes, I will do this marriage. He smiles. She says I can give life for Saransh, promise me, you won’t leave him alone, you will always protect him. He hugs her and says I will protect him, I promise.

Yuvraj says I m marrying Prisha. Vasu smiles. Bunty says Yuvraj will be called Saransh’s dad. Saransh comes to see Prisha’s marriage happening. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Today it really showed how manipulative Yuvraaj is, today he didn’t give Preesha a chance to think just on her and uses her biggest weakness until she sees think his way, that’s what a true narcissist does, even she realised she let Saransh down but he manipulated her and her being confined just went along with him.
    Also even though I’m glad Rudraksh saw the recording it really doesn’t make sense that Rajeev would leave a message for something so huge when he was being secretive about it.

  2. Serial Hater

    I expect Preesha to be the dumbest, that she actually is, but if either of her and Rudra, even had half brains as Yuvraj, they would have decoded the whole thing by now. Preesha was constantly saying that it was Yuvraj who gifted her the necklace, so obviously, he was the one to blackmail Rajiv. And when she had already heard him going out before the accident, and she got to know about the trust fund by Rajiv, and about Rajiv being blackmailed, it was clear that Yuvraj lied and plotted everything. Yuvraj is a judge, and he has every quality of a lawyer, he can make any dumb people like preaksh fall in his web of words. So, both the main characters are the dumbest ones ever.
    And this tubelight Preesha, now she thought about Saransh?? What will she do now?? Tell the truth?? Who will believe her?? No one!!! All will think, she is putting the blame on Yuvraj to get herself out of this mess. She should have thought about Saransh before taking up the blame on herself.

  3. Verma4

    Pre shita has just realized she is responsible for a kid which she conveniently forgot whilst taking the blame. Saransh should be kicked out of school because the mother is a self confessed convicted murderer.

  4. MaddieDaddie9966

    Preesha only realized about Saaransh when Sapna mentioned about a mum’s place in a child’s life..She was wholeheartedly ready to take the blame for Yuvraj at first, but then she realized her stupidity only now when she thought about Saaransh??!!! Ridiculous!!
    Not only Preesha, but Rudraksh too is actually dumb right now…How could he just assume Preesha to be the blackmailer?? Why didn’t he doubt on Yuvraj when Preesha mentioned that she got the necklace from Yuvraj?? Rajeev literally searched for the blackmailer through the bill Yuvraj gave and found out that Yuvraj was the real blackmailer…Couldn’t Rudraksh do the same ?? And didn’t he feel anything fishy about Yuvraj when he went towards him giving crores of money to give death sentence for Preesha?? Well, Yuvraj himself got angry on Rudraksh saying that she is his would be wife and he wouldn’t harm her, but then after a while, he was ready to give death sentence to her…Still, didn’t Rudraksh feel fishy on Yuvraj’s sudden change of opinion??
    Its quite surprising that no CCTV footages were checked by the police for the investigation..Weren’t there any CCTV cameras installed on the road where Rajeev was running away the whole time from Yuvraj..Rajeev was literally escaping from Yuvraj for 2 whole episodes and still no footages found??
    Many loopholes are there in the plotline..Hope it will soon be covered up…Or else it would just be too ridiculous..
    Preesha has saved herself unknowingly from Yuvraj by marrying Rudraksh,,,Great!!

  5. On the promotion of this story, I thought it is about a strong independent professional single woman who faces hardships to raise a child. But it is now about crazy stupid woman who doesn’t have insight of any issue and fallen on a man who she has not studied well and she puts her trust on him endangering all her life family child profession ect ect. It is a stupid story and stupid drama. I watched YHM only two random episodes and became a die hard fan of it. This is no way near that drama. It was so good because it was more realistic contemperonious story. I don’t think with this story line it can never be made into a good story.

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