Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha confronts Yuvraj

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saransh asking Rudraksh to stop the game and send Prisha. Rudraksh recalls Rajeev. He removes the thread and scolds Prisha. He goes. Saransh gets sad. Prisha shouts for help. Constable asks her to sit. Prisha asks can I call someone, its imp, ask Yuvraj to come and meet me, please. Constable agrees. Ahana says I can’t take Saransh back in the school. Gopal asks why are you punishing Saransh. He says he is a murderer’s son, did you feel bad, Vasu told me that court decision is pending, now it also came, death penalty. He says no, Prisha isn’t a murderer. He thinks I wish to tell the truth that Saransh is Rajeev’s son. She asks him to leave. Gopal goes out and looks for Saransh.

He asks Saransh not to get late, they will go and have icecream. Saransh picks the mauli. Yuvraj gets a message. He laughs and says dream car, dream vacation, what else do I want. Constable calls him and says Prisha wants to meet you. He says okay, Prisha wants to meet me, I should have got her hanged soon, why is she calling me, is she thinking to take her confession, she will keep me scared.

Yuvraj comes to meet Prisha. He acts caring. She asks him to say, did he lie about Rajeev. He thinks how did she know about it. She says you told me that Rajeev wanted to kill Saransh, he didn’t wish to know about Saransh, I got to know that he loved Saransh a lot, he made trust fund for Saransh, Saransh will get 50 lakhs every month until he gets 21 years old. Yuvraj gets shocked.

Prisha says Rajeev has set his future, you said Rajeev wanted to kill Saransh, why would he leave crores for him, tell me the truth. He thinks one crore in two months, I took 12 crores from Rudraksh and lost 125 crores, what shall I do now, Rajeev left a big trust fund for Saransh, how to say that I lied, how to save myself. Maa sees servants keeping Rajeev’s clothes and stuff. Servant says Ahana asked us to pack this and donate. Maa asks them to stop it. Balraj and Rudraksh come. Rudra scolds the servant. Ahana comes and says I told them to do this, any problem. Rudraksh asks why. Ahana thinks cool down, Balraj didn’t include me in board of directors by now, its not good to anger them. She starts crying and says I can’t sleep, I get nightmares, Rajeev’s untimely death, I feel like committing suicide.

Balraj asks what happened to you, so many negative thoughts, why didn’t you tell us. She asks how could I say, you all are sad, Rajeev isn’t here but I can’t forget him, I thought to control my nightmares. Balraj says fine, remove all this. Maa says we can keep this at home, what’s the need to donate. Ahana says you knew Rajeev, he always helped the needy, I thought he will get blessings if I donate these things. Prisha asks Yuvraj how did Rajeev die, Rudraksh said Rajeev loved Saransh a lot, he wanted to meet Saransh. Yuvraj thinks she is playing with my life. He says I don’t understand. She asks why did you lie. He says I didn’t lie to you. She asks why did Rajeev leave money for Saransh. Yuvraj says to save his respect, if he was Devta, why didn’t he accept Mahima or Saransh, he left money, did he meet you or Saransh, he didn’t accept Saransh in front of everyone, lost respect doesn’t come back. She says Rudraksh said someone blackmailed Rajeev. He thinks Rudraksh did this, I should have not signed on Prisha’s parole, I just got two crores and invited problems.

Rudraksh says I will take Rajeev’s belongings, I won’t feel lonely, Rajeev left, I won’t let it go. Ahana says sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, its difficult for me, I was his wife, let the things be here, I will control my emotions. He says its okay, I respect you, you are part of Rajeev, I don’t want to hurt you. He asks servants to get things to his room. She smiles. She says now this room is mine. Yuvraj says I was doing it, I don’t know, Rajeev had a big business, maybe business rival knew this and blackmailed him. Prisha says Rudraksh said Rajeev gave the necklace to blackmailer, he saw me with the necklace, but you got it for me. Yuvraj asks what happened to you, you are asking me, I have shown you purchase slip, you are doubting me, can’t there be two necklaces of same design, Rudraksh is getting you hanged. He acts good. He says I m trying hard to save you from death penalty, we will re appeal in high court, I will die without you. She hugs him. He smiles and says I love you Prisha.

Yuvraj says I lied to her, she is a fool, she agreed, why is she so dumb, she really thinks that I will save her from the death sentence, I will make sure that this happens soon, then I will focus on Saransh, I have to get his trust fund, Prisha will die, I will make Gopal and Vasu away. Jailer calls Prisha and says you will be hanged after 5 days, Rajeev’s lawyer has appealed, court has accepted. Prisha gets shocked.

Yuvraj asks Prisha to marry her. He says I will get Saransh’s custody. Rudraksh says I will get Saransh here. Prisha thinks I will tell everyone about the accident, I didn’t kill Rajeev.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Prisha you thick head shit for brains believed Yuvraj again. I hope they hang her tomorrow to help with the o zone.

  2. I wonder how does Ekta manage to do this?? She always outdoes herself by making the lead actress dum with every serial of hers. I usually don’t comment here, but, today I was forced to. We talk about how dumb Prachi or Preeta are, but Preesha is above them all.
    Firstly, they show that, Preesha’s whole life revolves around Saransh and vice versa, and, now they are showing, she is ready to take up all the sins done by Yuvraj on herself and prove to be Mahaan. Did she not think about Saransh?? Does she love Yuvraj more than Saransh?? Does she have some brains?? Or did studying for medical loosened her mind’s screws??
    Anyone can go to her and tell a story, she would literally believe it blindly. If tomorrow Yuvraj comes and says he saw a flying car, and, he tells her a fake story, she would trust him.
    This was a good show, I was loving all the character till Rjeev’s death. Usually it takes 50 episodes to bring up a stupid plot and after 50 episodes the show starts to degrade, but, this one is an exception of ruining everything under 50 episodes.

    1. MaddieDaddie9966

      @Serial Hater
      Totally agree with you..We can include Preesha into the list of ‘The Most Dumbest Characters of Ekta Production’…
      The show is now totally messed up with Rajeev’s death…I felt like Rajeev’s death track was unnecessary and Preesha’s confession was TOTAL RUBBISH!!
      As you said, Ekta has managed to spoil another show of hers by making the FL dumb…
      Usually all the Indian serials do make the leads dumb, but no one makes the leads soo stupid and dumb as how Ekta does..
      I swear, if YHC was not an EKTA PRODUCTION, then Preesha would not have been soo dumb like this…

    2. Verma4

      Preesha goes to the top of the dumbest class or maybe the prefect.

  3. MaddieDaddie9966

    I would now like to call her as ‘Dumbness ki Dukaan – Preesha Mahaan’…
    My dear Mahaan Devi, I think you have dropped down your brains somewhere….If that’s the matter then please do find it and insert the brain onto your head…
    How can she be so STUPID?? It seems like she doesn’t care about her son’s consequences when he comes to know that his mamma is going to jail…How foolish! And why does she only THINK about telling the truth…??!! Can’t she ACT accordingly and vomit out the TRUTH!!?? After all, she is only telling the truth, right??!!
    If she did this as a part of saving Saaransh or something like that, then I would have called it as a MOTHER’S SACRIFICE FOR HER CHILD…But what can I call this SACRIFICE of hers?? A GIRL’S SACRIFICE FOR HER LOVER?? Too stupid!!!
    Yuvraj is right, she is a dumb fellow…And Yuvraj is of course utilizing Preesha’s dumbness for his own deeds…So then who is more intelligent?? Yuvraj or Preesha? Its clearly Yuvraj himself!! And at the moment, the only person who can outsmart him is Rudraksh (I guess so..Until his character is also spoiled like Preesha’s)…
    Well, YHC is an EKTA production where the leads are dumb as LIFELESS objects and villains are given SUPERPOWERS…C’mon Ekta, atleast give some of the superpowers to Rudraksh..He would utilize it and find out the truth soon…
    Anyways, Yuvraj and Ahaana are the only people who seem to use their brains perfectly for their own purpose…Rudraksh too actually uses his brain most of the times, but right now he is like a dead soul shattered by Rajeev’s death…
    Anyways, our ‘Dumbness ki Dukaan – Preesha Mahaan’ has succeeded in becoming a STUPID one, once again…

  4. I strongly agree. Preesha’s parents too. One would think the father being a judge would react differently instead of believing Yuvraj. The lead actress’ character portrays a person in shear desperation. By accepting a gruesome murder she failed to think of the consequences ahead and the reputation of her family and her loving son. Well a doctor cannot be that foolish. It’s a bit far fetched. Unless of course they want to demean women.

  5. Isn’t Ekata Kapoor herself meant to be a strong, independent business woman so how can she then allow her FL to be dumb, you’d think she’d use stronger female leads as a role model

  6. First time we saw preesa was so intellegent and logical and violent. But in this time she is totaly good for nothing. I will not continue with the serial if villains get more priority.

  7. I thought they were supposed to appeal her case. That’s what it should be in a 4eL life scenario. At least her father being a judge supposed to do what he should do to save his daughter. Maybe they want to make Ruderaksh the hero.

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