Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha’s Plan to Expose Kabir’s Drama

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha thinks she needs to find evidence against Kabir and searches rangoli color on his shoe soles, but doesn’t find it. She then finds slippers with colors and realizes it was Kabir and she needs to do something. Rudra while having breakfast asks Kabir if he is ready to become a groom. Preesha walks to him and says not so soon. Rudra asks if there is any problem. She says definitely and asks if he doesn’t want Kabir to walk on his feet and perform pheras with Ahana. Ahana warns to behave. Preesha says she is and informs that she had taken Chennai ayuverdic center’s appointment for Kabir’s treatment and Dr. Swami called today and informed about bed availability. Rudra gets excited hearing about that. Sulochana says they should celebrate wedding first. Kabir backs her. Preesha says they are right, but Kabir may lose a chance for treatment this time. Rudra says marriage can happen later and convinces Sulochana and Kabir.

Preesha takes Kabir and Sulochana to treatment center. Sulochana says Preesha spent a lot for his treatment. Kabir says they would be caught if doctors find out he can walk, so they should have denied Preesha. Sulochana says even if they do that, they would be in trouble, so he should continue to act and when doctor’s give up treating him, Rudra will scold Preesha and kick her out of house. Preesha explains Kabir and Sulochana’s story to doctor and seeks his help to expose their plan. Doctor says he cannot act as treating an already fit patient. She requests that he is her father’s friend and should help her. Doctor agrees.

Preesha then returns to Kabir and asks if he is ready as doctor called him. Sulochana says she is eager to see her son walking on his feet and if Preesha succeeds, she will be thankful to her whole life. Preesha thinks she would be happy when their plan is exposed and goes to bring ward boy for her. Kabir gets worried. Sulochana says its an ayurvedic treatment where they will just use oil massage and herbs, so he should enjoy the massage. Ward boy takes Kabit to the treatment room. Kabir asks the doctor what will do today. Doctor says he will use hold and cold treatment to awaken his dead nerves and will use hot treatment first today. He asks nurse to pour hot oil on his legs. Kabir writhes in pain, but controls. Preesha thinks he will stand up for sure. Doctor stops today’s treatment and sends him back to room. He writhes in pain with burn injuries. Sulochana applies ointment. He says she told he will get massage and herbs, but doctor poured hot oil on him. He says its all Preesha’s plan and he has to tolerate a bit of pain till they get Rudra’s wealth.

Doctor tells Preesha that Kabir is not acting as he tolerated so much pain. Preessha sys he is definitely acting as he really can walk and requests to continue the drama. Next day, doctor starts cold treatment and makes Kabir sit on ice block for 2-3 hours. Kabir controls his pain. Doctor signals Preesha that its not working. He asks Kabir if he is feeling something. Kabir says no. He continues treatment for 1 more hour and orders ward boy to take him to his room. Sulochana leaves with Kabir. Doctor tells Preesha that Kabir is really disabled as nobody can bear so much pain in 2 days. Preesha says even she is surprised. Kabir shivers with cold in his room and feels insensate in his legs. Sulochana applies hot pack and promises to take revenge from Preesha for his each tear. Doctor tells Preesha that he cannot help her in lieu of treatment. Preesha says this is the only way for requests for last time. Doctor agrees. Preesha seeks god’s help.

PRecap: Doctor starts electric shock treatment on Kabir and he stands up on his feet. Preesha asks doctor to inform Rudra that Kabir was acting. Doctor agrees.

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  1. Again her plan will fail. Don’t believe that they will be exposed you can never trust that Ekta she always does this.

  2. Ali you heard that rudraksh khurana(abrar qazi) test COVID 🦠😷 positive

    Please πŸ™ pray for his health and safety

  3. Preesha always have a plan that fails because she is always 10 steps behind the villians. Ohh s*#t this is the same blasted scenes as with Mahima. Granted yes she solves the problems but why the writers always have them to go thru so much failures before exposure?! Then there will be “the sonia” issue.
    Try some positive scenes too, will help build your ratings too

    1. Edilia Emordi

      Almost same plots. So predictable

  4. Amal

    Now the doctor’s family will get kidnapped or they will bribe him, to make him stay quite . πŸ™„ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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