Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh bribes Yuvraj

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraj calling Gopal. He says sorry, I couldn’t call before, is everything fine. Gopal says nothing is fine. Yuvraj says I have to give you a news, Prisha’s case is coming to court tomorrow, I m not fighting her case, I hired a lawyer. Gopal asks why. Yuvraj says because I m the judge. Gopal says its a good news. They pray. Vasu takes Saransh to school. Ahana gets ready. She orders white clothes. Mishika asks will you wear white clothes all your life. Ahana says no, just for few days, I have to keep the perfect widow image. Mishika says you are a genius. Ahana says I m doing all this for a bigger aim, how are the outfits. Mishika says lovely, you will be at home. Ahana says we can go out. Mishika says Rajeev died yesterday, how can you go out. Ahana says if we go for imp work, then, I m a school trustee, school’s smooth functioning is imp, I m so sacrificing, I m going a lot for kids, my image is going to shine, we can do whatever we want. Mishika says you are truly a genius.

Rudraksh says I won’t eat until I punish Prisha. Maa asks him to have food. Maa says Ahana, are you going somewhere, you can’t go out. Ahana says I can’t stay in the room, I miss Rajeev so much, I want some inner peace. Maa says you have to be at home today. Ahana says I have to attend school meeting, its about kids, I can’t make their loss for our loss. Rudra says let her go, I will drop her. Ahana says you care a lot for me, come Mishika. They leave.

Vasu drops Saransh to the school. The ladies talk ill about Prisha. Vasu takes Saransh with her. She says I have to meet the teacher, come with me. The kids taunt Saransh for having a criminal mom. Saransh says she isn’t a criminal, she is playing a game. Vasu scolds the kids. Ahana comes and stops Vasu. She asks how can you beat them. Vasu says I was just scaring them. Ahana says this misbehavior won’t work here. Vasu says they are talking bad about Saransh. Rudra says I m going, call me if you need anything. Saransh hugs him and says look at them, they are troubling me, tell them that we are playing a game, so mumma went to jail. Rudra recalls Rajeev’s death. He calls Ahana.

He asks her to expel Saransh, she has a big reason, his mum is a murderer. Ahana says we can’t make this personal, thanks for support, I have to take this decision for the school. Ahana says take Saransh from this school, he is expelled. Vasu asks how can you do this. Ahana says I m a trustee, all the parents are saying that a criminal’s son can’t be here, that woman Prisha killed my husband. Vasu says Prisha didn’t do anything, maybe Rajeev did some mistake, how can you say this, her crime isn’t proved. Ahana says it will be proved in the court, you will get the official letter, Saransh you are out of this school. Rudra says no mercy for Prisha and people related to her. He goes. Saransh says Ahana and Rudra said that about mumma. Vasu says we are playing a game, they will be glad if you lose, you will win, we will be winners. She hugs Saransh and says we will win.

Everyone comes to the court. Rudraksh comes with his lawyer and Balraj. He sees Prisha and gets angry. Balraj stops him. Gopal says I have some imp work, I will come before the hearing begins. Yuvraj gets ready as the judge. He says finally, I have become the judge. Gopal comes to him. He says Prisha is going to stand there as a culprit, I can’t tolerate this, please save her, end this matter for our sake and Saransh. Yuvraj says I m your son, I will free Prisha, I promise, nothing will happen to her, I will surrender to the police, since I m cheating to my duty, you can just see Prisha at this time, you taught me honesty, principles are imp, you didn’t break your principles, you said Yuvraj shouldn’t become the judge, you didn’t think of our relation, my hard work and dreams, you didn’t do anything wrong in life, why are you asking me to do wrong, I know Prisha is your daughter, she is my life, I will die if she gets punished, I can’t break the law, if she didn’t do anything wrong, then why will she get punished, I will support the truth and the principles you taught me, the truth shall win, hearing is going to start, you should go to court room. Gopal leaves. Yuvraj laughs on Gopal.

Rudraksh comes there. Yuvraj gets shocked. He asks what are you doing here, say everything there. Rudraksh says 10 crores. Yuvraj asks what nonsense. Rudraksh says I will give you 10 crores, you have to convict Prisha. Yuvraj gets shocked and holds his collar. He says how dare you try to bribe me, Prisha is my would be wife. Rudraksh says you will not get this offer again, she isn’t your wife, but money can be yours, convict her and take the money. He goes. Yuvraj laughs and says when did my fate become so good, I m going to make her out of my way, she is lucky for me, I m going to become rich, I love you Prisha, hearing is going to start, I m coming ten crores….. Yuvraj comes to the courtroom. The case hearing begins. Rudra’s lawyer says its an open and shut case, Prisha has confessed that Rajeev died because of her, I want Prisha to get same punishment, so that its a lesson for every careless person.

Yuvraj convicts Prisha. Vasu says Yuvraj cheated Prisha. Gopal slaps Yuvraj. Saransh gets kidnapped. Rudra says Rajeev was going to adopt a child, why didn’t he tell me. Prisha is brought to Rudraksh.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Well done Yuvraj well played, how has he become a judge?? Prisha you fell for the oldest trick in the book. The kids were not wrong because Prisha accepted her crime. I hope they hang her three times just to make sure.

  2. Prisha is the biggest fool, how can she confess to a crime she didn’t commit. What kind of love is that? She sacrifice herself for that evil guy yuvraj because of the stupid love she feels for him. Did she ever think of Saransh and her parents what will happen to them? She deserves what’s happening to her. What a fool.

    1. Verma4

      she is shellfish because she is only thinking about herself and Yuvraj and not Saransh or her parents. At least Yuvraj’s true face came out.

    2. Completely agree, she put trust in Yuvraaj that he’ll get her off but she obviously doesn’t know his reality but that’s irrelevant she thought he was worthy of her sacrifice over being there for her son and elderly parents. No person is worth the pain, hurt and humiliation you would bring to your family and it’s long term consequences.
      She should have thought about who the victim was and the reach his family would have and it’d would be in the media because of who Rudraksh is. Very dumb and foolish

  3. Just seen the promo, both Rudraksh and Yuvraaj wants to marry Preesha, Rudraksh for revenge and Yuvraaj in order to become Saranshs legal father so he has access to his inheritance, so he’ll then prove Rajeev is Saranshs biological dad. He just gets more and more disgusting

  4. Difference between Prisha and Isitha. Isihita always takes stands for herself. She would never take a blame on herself when she knows that she has a child’s responsibility. Prisha seems foolish do not have selfrespect!

    1. No comparison for ishita nd preesha.. she is the eg of bold lady.. preesha is bruhhhh just a stupid one?

  5. MaddieDaddie9966

    This lady seems to have zero self respect for herself! I must say, Preesha’s character is totally spoiled and she is behaving like a silly, stupid girl drooling behind Yuvraj and ready to sacrifice anything for that scoundrel…!!!???
    I can’t relate even an inch of Preesha’s character in real life…No girl would obviously do this stupidity of confessing a crime for someone else! No mother would even do this if one really cared about her family and son! ?
    Anyways congrats to Ekta for spoiling another female character of her show ????

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