Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Narrowly Misses Meeting Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roohi expresses her sadness in front of Saransh and says mamma didn’t identify them. Saransh say they will wait for mamma outside the hotel and once she steps out of the hotel, they will meet her. Pihu walks to Preesha’s room and asks Armaan if SIL is fine. He says she must have panicked seeing Rudra, he didn’t want to bring Preesha to Delhi as Rudra is very cruel and if he had seen Preesha, he would go to any extent to find and torture her. Pihu says she will convince Preesha to return to Mumbai soon. Armaan thinks what he couldn’t, Pihu will do it for him. Next day, he leaves with the family after bribing receptionist not to inform anyone where they went. Saransh and Roohi outside the hotel and wait for Preesha to come out.

Rudra while getting ready sees his shirt button missing and recalls his romantic moments with Preesha where he purposefully breaks his shirt buttons and insists her to fix his button. She teaches him to fix button. He gets out of flashback when Vanshika knocks door and asks if she can come in. He says since when she needs permission to enter his room. She says its to check his mood and asks him to accompany her somewhere, notices his shirt button broken and asks if she can fix the button. He says he will do it himself as his wife taught him to fix the button. Roohi and Saransh feel sad waiting for Preesha.

Armaan takes family to their new house and asks if they liked it. They all say its beautiful. Pihu leaves for college. Preesha tells Kanchan that she needs to buy some shirts for Armaan. Kanchan suggests her to visit RR Designer Studio. Preesha reaches there. Vanshika also brings Rudra there and gets busy in shopping for herself asking him to check some shirts for him. Preesha and him stand at a distance without noticing each other. Teri Yaad Saath Hai… song plays in the background.

A drama contest is announced in Pihu’s college. Pihu decides to give audition for Juliet’s role. Vidyut tells his friends that he will be the Romeo for sure. Friends ask if he is participating in the play for Pihu. He says she is unique. Pihu with other girls give audition and stand aside. Vidyut gives audition for Romeo. Teacher asks him to sing as dialogues would be in a singing form. He sings hoarsely, leaving everyone laughing. Preesha selects shirts and keeps it in billing section. Rudra also likes same shirts and thinks it’s Preesha’s choice.

Precap: Preesha goes to billing section where the biller says he gave her selected shirts to her husband. She follows the man and stands shocked seeing Rudra. Saransh and Roohi feels disheartened waiting for Preesha.

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  1. God same old same story can’t they think of another story line it’s so boring Omg
    It’s time this was changed can’t believe that Arman is so obsessed with preesha
    She is a doctors snd funny she don’t realise the medicine Arman is giving her and she is not bothered to find out what actually happen this is the same story as in YHMH is this all Ella can one up with with how boring

  2. I meant Ekta kapoor come up with
    She also ogmores the children what mother can do that
    Please change the story line

  3. This hide and seek seem to be the theme of this serial. It will probably go on for about two weeks. The makers will drag it for God knows how long.
    Please allow the Saransh and Roohi to interact with their mom; she (Preesha) at least feels some connection with Roohi.

  4. Stop the serial. Its become horrible. May be someone should seriously tell Ekta to change the story writer

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