Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Preesha Gets A Vital Clue

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra tells Preesha that he will never trust her again. Preesha says she doesn’t want to be great and impress him for his forgiveness, she didn’t want to prove that she is pativrata, but prove that her husband is not a murderer and proved it as she trusts him, though he doesn’t trust him and hates him; she considers him as family and is fulfilling the promise they made together; he didn’t trust her and trusted Rahul’s manipulated lies instead; she trusted him even when he didn’t speak, that is the difference between her and him, his and her feelings for each other; she will not let anything wrong happen. She walks away while he stands silently. She then packs Saransh’s bags and asks him to hurry up. Rudra walks in and asks Preesha if she packed her bags. She says yes and asks what about him. He says there is nothing to pack as Kirti had selected clothes for him and he donated them all.

Balraj with family walks down to check out of hotel when inspector walks in and informs that Preesha was right, Rudra wasn’t last to meet Kirti as they found a woman’s earring in her hand. They are shocked, and Ahana says its strange. Balraj asks if they can see earring. Inspector says on Harish Jain’s insistence, case is transferred to Delhi police and he can check with him. Harish walks in and says he will make sure Rudra is punished for his sin. Balraj warns that he cannot allege his son wrongly and he walks away with family saying he will not keep quiet. Rudra with Saransh and Preesha gets into vanity van and looks at Preesha. Jo tumna ho…song..plays in the background.

Balraj drives car with Sharda, Ahana, and Mishka. Ahana continues blaming Preesha. Mishka silently drops her earring from window and relaxes thinking she escaped. Preesha notices that from vanity van window. Back home, Preesha stops family and informs that someone from Balraj’s car threw something. Ahana creates drama. Rudra says they should listen as its regarding Kirti’s murder. Preesha shows either Ahana or Mishka threw earring from car window, reminiscing getting out of vanity van with Rudra and picking it from road. Ahana reminisces Mishka throwing earring and tries to brush off by continuing to yell at Preesha. Balraj says he needs answer as Preesha saved Rudra and is right. Ahana says fine, its her earring.

Precap: Mishka thanks Ahana for saving her from Preesha. Ahana slaps her. Preesha showing Mishka’s pic says earring is Mishka’s. She then over phone confronts Yuvraj that he had gone to meet Kirti after Rudra, so he deleted CCTV footage. Yuvraj hears her conversation and shouts that he thought she was saving him, but she is saving her boyfriend.

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  1. Yes Rudraksh, I agree with you she’s saving him. If not why didn’t she speak out and report him to police or at least tell her family. Instead she is asking Yuvraj showing that she still trust him not remembering how he killed Rajeev and put it on her and with all the lies that followed. Always creating doubts in her marriage. In fact makers I don’t know what they are planning bcs even at the dandiya party/club Yuvraj and Preesha’s clothes were in the same colors. Another thing is the way police is doing the investigation they should check for blood samples. They are showing ear rings in this technology century. Can’t anybody throw it there. I know it’s a pointer but it’s not enough

    1. The reason she didn’t tell anyone about Yuvraaj was because Yuvraaj made it clear that he will deny everything so she had no prove, the security guy should have told the police but he didn’t and someone like Yuvraaj would have somehow still get away with it by giving a bribe or blackmailed him by telling him he’ll lose his job. Rudraksh has got to the point where he actually wants Preesha to be guilty of betraying him otherwise he will have to admit that everything she said at the beginning of the episode was true and he now needs her to be guilty just so he can justify his behaviour

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