Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Saransh seeks Rudraksh’s help

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gopal and Vasu getting sad seeing Saransh’s innocence. Yuvraj sings pyaar tujhe…. and laughs. He says Prisha took the blame on her head, so much blind trust, she didn’t ask if I love her, Lord is with me, so he has sent Prisha in my life, she is no of use to me, so our marriage plan cancelled, stay with your bad fate, good bye. Saransh says I will do all my work on my own, mumma said we have to win, we will lose if I do this. Vasu says I will make you sleep. Saransh says no, I will sleep. He says I m brave, we have to get mumma back. He sleeps on the ground. Gopal and Vasu cry. Vasu says Prisha told us that she did this accident. Gopal says she is lying, when I asked her the truth, she was rubbing her nose, she lied. Vasu says I remember, she scratches her nose when she lies. He says she was lying.

She asks why didn’t you ask her. He says she would have not told us, we don’t know something. Rudraksh cries for Rajeev. Balraj also cries. Rudraksh recalls the childhood moment. He says I m feeling hurt, why, if he isn’t feeling hurt. Maa consoles him and hugs. Vasu asks why is Saransh doing this. Saransh hears them. Gopal says just Rudraksh can help us, if he wants, then Prisha can come back home. Vasu says he won’t help us after the big accident. Gopal says yes, its tough, if he helps, then Prisha can come. Saransh thinks Rudraksh is the referee of the game. Gopal and Vasu go. Saransh says Rudraksh will help me in getting mumma back. He gets up and leaves.

Rudraksh asks the reporter not to delete the pic and spread it in every newspaper, since it will remind him of two deaths, one of Rajeev and other of him. He thinks I have just one aim in life, Prisha, I will live to take revenge on her, by snatching her life. Pandit asks them to take Rajeev for final rites. Rudraksh stops Balraj from touching Rajeev. He says you have killed him, you lied to me about him. Balraj says I have to do his final rites. Rudraksh says you didn’t let me go to Rajeev, you have no right to go to him, Maa will give a shoulder to his funeral. Maa, Rudraksh and others take the funeral to the van. They leave. Saransh comes there and asks for Rudraksh. The watchman says they went to the ghat for imp work. Saransh asks the auto driver to take him to the ghat fast, Rudraksh is there. Rudraksh cries and does the final rites rituals.

He sits lighting the matchstick. Saransh comes there and lights the stick. Rudraksh sees him. Saransh smiles. Rudraksh says you, what are you doing here. Saransh says I m helping you, don’t say thanks, stop this game, I don’t want to play. Rudraksh asks what game, Prisha… Saransh says she is in jail, bring her out, stop this game. Rudraksh scolds him. He says Prisha killed my brother. Bunty takes Saransh and asks with whom did you come. Saransh says alone, auto driver dropped me, Gopal knows him. Bunty asks do they know you are here, just go home.

Saransh asks who will stop this game, mumma… He thinks mumma asked me not to tell anyone. He says nothing and goes. Bunty says what game was he talking about. Rudraksh lights the pyre and cries. He recalls Rajeev. Kaun apna….plays…. Rudraksh says I m hurt, I promise I will take your revenge, my life’s only aim is to not let Prisha live. Prisha recalls Saransh and cries. The jail inmates laugh on Prisha. Constable says we have to make your record, come. Prisha’s pic is clicked with the board of her details and crime. Constable asks her to change clothes, did she hide anything in clothes. Prisha says no. Constable asks her to change clothes in two mins and come out.

Yuvraj says I have appointed the best lawyer, I will get you out of the jail. Rudraksh bribes Yuvraj and asks him to get Prisha hanged to death. Ahana says Prisha is a murderer, she killed my husband. Vasu and Saransh feel bad. Prisha says I didn’t do this accident.

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  1. Verma4

    What happened now Prisha, jail is not much fun after all ?? change room ? this is not a mall , absolute the comic timing of the reply. why change your statement now, very irresponsible.

  2. It’s still bugging me that Rajeevs body was sent for post mortem, back home ready for his last rites with all the mourners showing up yet his wife wasn’t back from a night out. The storyline is rubbish but the thing keeping me watching are the performances.
    If Preesha retracts her statement really with her testimony and forensic evidence she should be found innocent without a problem but she still covered up a crime which in the UK is a crime in itself but I don’t know about Indian law.
    I do find it silly that a woman can’t be arrested at night especially if she herself has confessed to a crime and for an officer to be suspended over the matter.

  3. What kind of wife is Ahana? She didn’t even cry on her husband’s death. She is wearing sunglasses. Who the hell wears a sunglass while mourning.

    1. Paarangat Jain

      She did not love him, that’s why.

  4. Now what happened Prisha madam. Why are you changing your statement now?

  5. MaddieDaddie9966

    Oh wow! Preesha herself confessed the crime and now she is changing the statement??!! PURE STUPIDITY!!! I hope so someone pays heed to her statements now…!!
    Feel really pity for Saaransh…Poor boy! He himself plays the game bravely but unluckily he doesn’t even realise that his supermom is now in jail because of being stupid in confessing someone else’s crime…!
    Wonderful performance by Abrar…He truly nails the character of Rudraksh very well..Sargun as Preesha is awesome too…


    What about ruvraj he is really a bad person

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