Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Saransh lies on Ahana’s saying

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudraksh saying I will just come, my wife is hurt, so sorry. He takes Prisha upstairs. Maa asks them to sit, she will send the tea. Ahana takes Saransh with her. Rudra puts Prisha on the bed. Prisha asks how dare you touch me. Rudraksh says this way, shall I do it again and show, I don’t like to lift you, you are heavy. She asks why did you lift me. He says those ladies would have taken Saransh, your dad did right arrangement to make Saransh away. She says I know, who asked you to make me and Saransh clean the floor, Appa saw it and couldn’t tolerate. He says stop this blame game, else we won’t have Saransh, we have to continue this lovey dovey drama, then they will think we are happy. She says fine, I mean I will do this drama. He says fine, come. He holds her. She asks what are you doing.

She asks him to keep hand on shoulder. He says we have to act like couples of today’s times, I can show what couples do to show love. She says stay in limit. He asks her to go carefully, she has foot sprain so just act. Gopal and Vasu come to ask her if she is really hurt. Prisha says I m bit hurt. Rudraksh says I have applied the balm, don’t worry, I take much care of Prisha and Saransh. They come downstairs. Rudraksh asks are you feeling fine. The ladies say we want to talk to Saransh, he will tell the truth, let us ask him. She asks Saransh to tell the truth, he is brave and need not be scared. She asks does anyone trouble you or make you do work. Saransh says no, they don’t make me work, no one scolds me, everyone loves me. Vasu and Gopal ask him not to lie and say the truth, did anyone scare him. Saransh says I m telling, no one makes me do the work, I m very happy here. Ahana smiles and thinks good, my trick worked. She recalls taking Saransh.

FB shows Ahana saying I can give you admission in the school again, you have to do a small work, you have to tell the aunties that everyone loves you and don’t make you work. Saransh says Rudra made me work. She says lie a bit. He says I don’t lie. She says you don’t lie, fine, stay here, forget your school friends. He asks how shall I lie. She says your mum is mad. He says don’t say anything to her. She says mum told you not to lie. He says yes, I listen to her always. She says fine, then she has to go back to jail, aunties will feel everyone troubles Saransh, and Prisha doesn’t stop, she is a bad mumma, she will go back to jail, do you want this. He says no. She asks will you do what I say. He nods. FB ends. Rudraksh says I m sure you know how much we love Saransh. Prisha thinks how did Saransh lie. Sara comes to talk to Balraj. Balraj asks what’s the urgent work, child card services are outside, I have to throw out Prisha and Saransh. She says wait, you can’t throw them out, many people are becoming Rudra’s followers, since he married a single mother, his image got much better, the family man image made him a bigger man, he is getting double work and double money.

Balraj thinks. Ahana says I m sure Prisha’s parents have a misunderstanding. Prisha says I m doing this for Saransh. Gopal says we will talk Saransh. She says I can’t lose Saransh again. The lady says everything is clear now, I think we shall go now. Ahana thanks them. The ladies leave. Balraj says make the image more better and show Rudraksh with both of them, people want to see them together. Rudra comes and says I have to see cctv, Prisha’s parents. They see Gopal and Vasu saying they are lying. The lady says our staff will come in disguise and spy on them. Sara says Rudra’s family image shouldn’t get spoiled, it will be big loss by negative publicity. Bunty comes and says I wanted to tell about child care services, Bubbles told me. Balraj asks who is Bubbles.

Rudraksh says he is marrying Bubbles. Bunty invites them. He says its not a grand marriage, but it will be good if you come. Balraj says Bubbles in Prisha’s good friend, I will give you a good news. He laughs. He says stop. He calls security and says stop the child care services ladies and Prisha’s parents, call them back. Rudra asks why. Balraj says there is a good news. Balraj thanks them for coming back. He says I have to make an imp announcement, good news, Bunty come here, Bunty is Rudraksh’s best friend, he is like my son, he is marrying Bubbles, Prisha’s best friend, so this marriage is a reason for double happiness, I decided to get Bunty’s marriage done at my Khurana farmhouse, a grand wedding, I will bear all the expenses. Bunty says but… Balraj says you are just like my son, its my duty and right to get you married, I would like to invite you all, you are our relatives, thank you so much. Rudraksh thinks what happened to him, he made Bunty his son and want to spend money. He asks Balraj what is he doing.

Balraj says I thought your career will end, but its good profit for me, you have become great by marrying a single mother, people want to see you as a family man, we will give them that, we will call the media and show you are a loving husband, you love your wife and her son, you will win many hearts and I will earn crores, now do you get it. Rudra thinks its not a bad idea, I will get close to Prisha and torture her with much love.

Rudraksh thinks I will give you big punishment, that’s love. Gopal asks the ladies to come there and know truth. He asks Yuvraj not to come. Yuvraj takes a disguise and comes. Rudra and prisha have a moment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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