Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Celebrations at Shrinivasans house

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudraksh and Prisha arguing. She leaves with Saransh. Raman asks why are you smiling. Ishita says I think of Prisha these days, her love story is same like us, you filed case against mum and dad once. He says sorry, I had sent the police, Rudraksh had sent the police now, I fell for you, Yuvraj loves Prisha. She thinks I feel her story is also like us. Prisha asks Saransh how did you come here. He says I got hidden in Rudra’s car. She says Rudraksh isn’t a good guy. He says no. Vasu prays. Gopal asks what happened, where is Prisha. She says Saransh was missing, Prisha went to find him. He asks what, you are telling this to me now.

Prisha and Saransh come home. She says he went to Rudraksh’s outhouse. Saransh says I m feeling sleepy. Gopal asks why did you go there. She says for us, we went to fight Rudraksh. Vasu says he can’t see us sad. The man asks how old is he, get his Janam Sanskaar done. Vasu says we didn’t think of it before, we will keep the function tomorrow, Saransh will get Yuvraj as his dad. Prisha and Gopal agree.

Rudraksh is with the girls. He dances with them. He asks did we meet before. The girl says I m Samaira, Kaveri’s friend. He says what a beautiful name, just like you, you dance really well, better than Kaveri. She asks really, I don’t believe this. He says I wish I met you before Kaveri, you think I m not loyal, she is very loyal. She says don’t feel guilty, Kaveri isn’t loyal, she is cheating on you. He asks what. They have a drink. She says you are handsome, classy and famous, and she is zero in front of you. He asks do you know his name. She says she is dating Surya. He thinks thanks Samaira, I got you here to get this info, this party was just an excuse. He asks do you know Surya’s address. She says first tell me, you love me. He says sorry, I can’t lie. She tells the address. He says thanks. He thinks I m coming to make your life hell.

Vasu is busy in arrangements. Rudraksh comes to the society and asks about Surya. Surya says once Kaveri gets money from Rudraksh, we will stay in a big house. Rudraksh gets surrounded by his fans. Surya says maybe some star has come, so they are getting mad. Rudraksh asks for Surya. The lady says I will take you to his flat. Surya sees Rudraksh and worries. Yuvraj defends Gopal and says Gopal didn’t do anything wrong, Rudraksh had to withdraw the case. Prisha says Amma kept the ceremony today so that you see Gopal. The lady asks where is Saransh’s dad, how will the ceremony happen. Mami says you would be knowing his dad’s name, right. Gopal scolds him.

Yuvraj says you know his name, you met me, I m Prisha’s would be husband, I will be Saransh’s dad, I will fulfill the rasam. Prisha smiles. Surya calls Kaveri and Yuvraj. He says if Rudraksh knows my plan, he won’t leave me. He calls Yuvraj and says there is a big problem. Yuvraj says I m busy, I can’t talk now. Saransh runs to Yuvraj. He says I won’t remove my kurta, I m shy. Yuvraj says don’t be shy, girls get more impressed this way, remove the kurta and go like Salman. Vasu and Gopal smile. They praise Yuvraj.

Yuvraj thinks get happy, I m pleasing you, I m doing this to become a judge. Surya sees Rudraksh near the lift. He wears the helmet and goes. The lady asks Surya to stop. Rudraksh runs after Surya. Surya leaves on the bike. Rudraksh follows him in his car. Surya thinks to go to Prisha’s house and meet Yuvraj. He reaches Prisha’s house and calls out Yuvraj. Yuvraj goes to him. Rudraksh also enters the room and says Surya had come here, where did he go. He hides. Prisha comes to her room. She sees his shoes and thinks a thief in our house, he will run if I shout. She gets a stick and goes to hit. He falls over her. Yuvraj and Prisha have an eyelock. Pyar ka bandhan….plays… He stops her from shouting.

Vasu asks Rajeev to take his brother. Rudraksh sees Surya’s shirt in Prisha’s bag. He thinks this girl is helping Kaveri and her BF, I will charm her, she will take me to Surya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. MaddieDaddie9966

    PREAKSH eyelock moment was nice…?
    The jodi is a fresh pair…And I like them a lot…??
    Seems like PREAKSH’s love story will start…❤❤❤
    By seeing the precap, its clear that Rajeev is Saaransh’s father…
    And ya, Sameer of YJHJK has become Surya in YHC…???

  2. Seeing rajeevs face when he saw vasu saransh can be his kid

  3. s @maddiedaddie u can c in wiki of d serial also thwy have given that under cast – saaransh as rajeev n prisha-sis son

  4. so no need to guess guys. its 4 sure saransh parents r rajeev n mahima(prisha sis)

  5. more than eyelock i hav liked d way rudra stoped prisha from shouting saying “chillao mat nai tho kiss kardunga “?? n simultaneously BGM “mahiya tu mennu na chad….”????

    n the way ishita thought in mind was also luvly?

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