Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh reveals his revenge motives

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudraksh saying Prisha can’t make Saransh away from me. Mishka throws the garlands and goes. Ahana goes after her. Gopal calls Yuvraj. Vasu gets Bubbles’ call. She asks what, Prisha is on tv. They play the news and see Rudraksh and Prisha’s marriage headlines. Gopal asks why did she go there. Vasu asks what will happen now. He says don’t worry, Prisha and Saransh will come back, Rudraksh married by cheat. They leave from home. Balraj asks what nonsense. Rudraksh says its true, I married Prisha because I wanted Saransh.

Balraj asks are you out of your mind, tell me, what’s your relation with this boy. Rudraksh says I found his face cute. The media asks why did you marry Rajeev’s murderer. Rudraksh says she is innocent, court has let her free, none will call her a murderer, she will stay with me in this house now. Reporter asks won’t you marry Mishka. Balraj asks security to take media out. He scolds Rudraksh. Rudraksh says I need to talk, come to Ahana’s room. They go.

Yuvraj thinks why is he doing this. Guard stops Gopal and Vasu. Reporters come and ask did Rudraksh really marry Prisha, did he take your money, did you get this marriage done for Rudraksh’s status and money. Prisha says Yuvraj, Rudraksh isn’t giving Saransh and asking me to stay with him, no, what will I do. Yuvraj says you have to do what he is saying. She says he is asking me to stay as his wife. He says I understand, you were an idiot to give Saransh’s custody to Rudraksh, he won’t give Saransh, you have to stay with him. She asks as his wife. He says no, stay as Saransh’s mum, its matter of 6 months, husband and wife have to be together for seeking divorce, its better than hanging to death, you are with Saransh, everything will be fine.

She says you love me, how can you say this. He says I love you a lot and trust you, free Saransh from Rudraksh. He thinks I want Saransh and his trust fund. Vasu shouts on reporters. Prisha asks what’s Amma and Appa doing here. Mishka asks how could he humiliate me, why did he lie. Ahana says I don’t have answers, sorry, I m not going to let him off easy. Rudraksh, Balraj and Maa come. Mishka and Ahana shout on Rudraksh.

Rudraksh says Prisha killed Rajeev, that’s why I married her, I knew her dad won’t let her get hanged, now she is free, she didn’t get punished. Balraj says so you married her. Rudraksh says yes, I will punish her in this house, she will stay caged here. Mishka says stop this excuses. Rudraksh says Prisha didn’t lose anything, I lost Rajeev, she is living a normal life, trust me, I wanted to marry Mishka, I fixed our marriage after her death time, it didn’t happen, now I will get her here and torture her, she will think that she would have got hanged, I will kill her every moment.

Prisha comes to Gopal and Vasu. She says I have come for Saransh. Vasu says Rudraksh said you will stay here, he married you. Prisha says yes, he wants to do something, but what. Rudraksh says I want to punish Prisha, I knew she will blackmail me, she can’t go anywhere. Prisha says I will stay here and get Saransh home, he knows that I can do anything for my son. Rajeev says I can do anything for my brother, this is the truth of my marriage with her. He thinks Rajeev knows I m doing this for his last wish, I m doing this for Saransh, Rajeev’s son. Prisha says I will do this for just Saransh. He thinks I will do this for just Saransh. She thinks its good Yuvraj convinced Amma and Appa and took them. Rudraksh says you came back. She says I came to take Saransh. He says this won’t happen. Balraj says you are a burden on us, we are helpless to bear you. She says I m helpless, I will go if Rudraksh gives me Saransh’s custody. Balraj scolds her.

Saransh says mumma, come, I will show my big room, you sleep there tonight. Rudraksh stops her and says no, she will stay in my room, I have planned something big for her. Prisha asks what. He says bahu has come home, there is no grahpravesh, I have planned big surprise, you will remember it lifetime, you will enjoy. Saransh says wow, I will also come. Rudraksh says go with mumma, Prisha will stay here. He asks Maa to make Saransh sleep in her room. Maa takes Saransh.

Rudraksh says welcome to hell, sweetheart… Prisha is shocked. Ahana consoles Mishka and says wait and watch, how Rudraksh tortures Prisha. Mishka asks what will I get, what about my image, I uploaded my pics in this look. Ahana says get rid of them, people have short memory, they will forget, but we won’t fight, I will take your revenge, I promise, now my life has one aim, to make Prisha’s life hell, just wait and watch. Prisha asks what do you mean by hell. Rudraksh says hell means hell, you would be knowing the meaning, being a doctor. She asks what do you mean. He says its our first night, our Suhaagraat, I don’t need to say what groom and bride do on Suhaagraat. She thinks what is he saying, I m here just for Saransh.

Rudraksh takes Prisha to her room. He removes his clothes and says I have my right on you, legally too, I will take my right. He gets close to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Yuvraj plan backfired. Not too smart after all,

  2. if preesha rly thinks rudra will just give back he custody she rly is dumber than I thought and saransh is pretty attached with rudra now 2 how dumb can preesha be like wow

    1. She has to be one of the dumbest characters ever created. End of the day a man was killed, his family are entitled to justice and she as a doctor and as a person who lost her sister should know the pain of losing someone, especially when they’ve been murdered. As a doctor she should have realised the implication of being hit multiple times, that is not an accident it’s deliberate

    2. Verma4

      It’s an Ekta production so lead woman are supposed to be dumb except for Sherlin and Maira in Kundali.

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