Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Devika Commits Suicide

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra’s baaraat reaches Devika’s house. Sulochana, Sharda, and Bunty dance and drag Rudra. A boy from whom Rudra rescued Devika gets jealous seeing Rudra as groom and thinks of breaking the wedding. Chachaji gets tensed seeing baraat coming and thinks why haven’t Arman and Preesha come down to welcome baaraat. He calls Arman. Arman thinks what should he tell him and rejects his call. Chachaji thinks at least Preesha should have been here and asks Vasu to perform groom’s tilak as Preesha is taking time. Vasu hesitates. He says they are one family and convinces her. Vasu performs Rudra’s aarti while Sharda smiles at her. Sulochana tells Sharda that Preesha should have performed Rudra’s aarti, neither Arman nor Preesha welcomed them. Sharda asks if everything is alright. Sulochana hopes so. Anvi hugs Rudra and greets him. He asks about Preesha and Arman. Anvi says they are getting ready. Rudra thinks Preesha gets ready early, something is wrong.

Preesha asks Arman what should they do now. Arman says he hates her. She says she really didn’t want to hurt him and says her and Rudra’s married life was very complicated, they lost their son Saransh, Rudra alleged her for Saransh’s death, she had shattered and wanted to die when he saved her 6 months ago, she forgot her past and lead a new life with him since 6 months when she Rudra returned back, etc. He says she should have informed him beforehand. She says now that she informed him, he should go ahead with Rudra and Devika’s wedding. He says he will cancel this wedding. She pleads not to do that as Devika immensely loves Rudra and will harm herself. Vasu meets Sharda and questions about her health. Sharda says she is fine and asks about Preesha. Vasu reveals that Rudra and Preesha stayed together for 2 days for some important work, which they didn’t reveal. Sulochana hearing them thinks she shouldn’t have let Preesha near Rudra as she again wants to ruin his life. Arman tells Preesha that though she has a painful past, she and Rudra will ruin Devika’s life, so he will cancel this wedding. She tries her best to convince him. He warns her not to go near Devika as she may harm herself and goes to freshen up.

Arman gets ready and walks down. Sharda asks him why he is late and asks to call Preesha. Pandit asks to call bride as wedding muhurat is passing on. Arman asks to cancel this wedding. Everyone ask reason. Arman is about to reveal the reason when Preesha shouts Devikaa.. Everyone rush to Devika’s room and are shocked to see her hanging from ceiling fan after committing suicide. Arman panics and pleads to save Devika. Preesha checks Devika’s pulse and says she is no more. Arman pleads again to save his sister somehow and pleads Devika to wake up. Preesha says she is gone. Arman gets out of control and brutally trashes Rudra. Sulochana asks Preesha to save Rudra. Preesha tries, but Arman warns her to back off as she and Rudra responsible for Devika’s death as she found out that Rudra is Preesha’s ex-husband and gave her life. Chachaji is shocked to hear that and asks Arman to kill Rudra. Police arrives and stops Arman. Chachaji ask who called police here. GPS says he called police as its a suicide case. Police says they need to investigate if its a suicide or murder case.

Precap: Inspector asks reason for Devika’s suicide.
Arman says Rudra betrayed Devika and provoked her to suicide. Police arrests Rudra and Preesha. In police station, Rudra takes Devika’s death’s responsibility. Arman says he will not leave Preesha for Rudra.

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  1. Bislove(Roshni)

    That’s good Arman you shouldn’t allow them to be together again,both of them are betrayal, two idiot people.

  2. Bansari Patel

    Devika committed suicide

  3. GlossySoo(hana)

    they shouldn’t have killed devika , she deserves better , preesha broke the trust of armaan and devika .. its so satisfying seeing him not trusting her anymore

  4. How the makers will make armaan a villain. I don’t blame armaan if he becomes the bad guy as they killed his sister anyone would turn bad and not trust them.

    I will support Armaan if he does turn to a villain because they deserve every bit of it.

    And then them 2 cheaters will save each other or whatever and go be together.
    And then they will break up and go destroy other peoples lifes again.

  5. Pranjal Singh

    Ab makers prisha n rudra ko bachane k liye Devika k ex ko murderer banayenge . Yaar Kitna defend karoge in cheaters ki. Disgusting show

    1. Yes exactly they want to make the 2 main characters look good and innocent. If her ex didn’t kill her she would have most likely tried to commit suicide because of rudra and preesha.

  6. I just saw the episode and felt so sorry for Armaan. All of his anger is justified. Man, he just lost his beloved sister due to Rudra’s cheapness. How horrid Rudra is! Using an innocent girl to snatch back his ex-wife from her husband. He gave false hopes to Devika. Secretly romanced with Preesha but continued the wedding with Devika, knowing he wouldn’t keep her for long. I just wish Devika didn’t commit suicide but stayed strong to fight a court battle with the cheap fellow. And Preesha, such a hopeless liar she is. So she wanted Devika to marry Rudra despite knowing how toxic he is. The families shouldn’t support RuSha at any cost, as if they are small babies.

  7. I think so may be Devika is murdered by that boy who misbehaved that day with her… Or may be devika planned something to punish Rudra and Preesha…. Anything possible in this serial😂😂😂

  8. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

    Both Preesha and Rudraksh are responsible for breaking Arman and Devika’s heart.But Rudraksh is most responsible as he proposed Devika to make Preesha jealous.He didn’t even think about the consequences. Preesha was aware of Rudra’s intention.So she requested Rudra to not play with Devika’s heart.But Rudraksh didn’t listen to her.Preesha even tried to stop Rudraksh and Devika’s wedding at first but seeing Devika’s love for Rudra ,Preesha allowed Rudraksh to marry Devika.But still Preesha is at fault bcoz she should atleast reveal about her past relation with Rudra to Devika and warn her about Rudra.But she didn’t coz she feared that Devika’s heart will be broken.Yes Devika’s heart may broke but she will heal her wounds later.But now her heart not only broke ,she became shattered and committed suicide.Both Preesha and Rudra are at fault but Rudra is the main culprit😡😡

  9. Is Preesha for real? Boasting about telling truth now at the last moment and still expect Armaan to marry his sister to that arrogant fool Rudra? Preesha deserves every bit of hate and insult she gets from Takur family, they are asking her and still she stands quiet like a dumb fool and wants Armaan to let marriage take place, wow!!
    Even now that evil witch still thinks Preesha ruined Rudra life when it was she who ruined it all. The moment she saw who the boy was that Devika likes she should have told Armaan the entire truth, now she alone is responsible for Devika’s death, she prefer to prove to Rudra that she dont care and will let him marry the girl but jealous like crazy.
    As always due to her stupid ways she will again have to suffer broken family. I don’t feel sorry at all for her.
    BTW did the stupid sisters leave for London? Why did the child not recognize Preesha and Rudra? Does he have amnesia?
    Will Devika come back from the dead to seek revenge? Remember Mahima came back

  10. Sansanee Narula

    Preesha should at least speak the truth about her past life with rudra to armaan & I’m just wondering why preesha cannot still recognise saransh who was in disguise as Krishna . Why this particular Krishna don’t speak a word or even recognize his mama , preesha

  11. Sansanee Narula

    Please bring the old saransh actor back , more familiar to his rudraksh papa

  12. I am sure makers will portray this as a murder because that’s the only way that monster Rudraksh can come out of jail and spoil more lives.

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