Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeev wants to adopt Saransh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajeev thinking Saransh is my son, why is he with Prisha, where is Mahima. Dr. Indu says I regret that we couldn’t save Mahima after delivery, she died. Prisha says none knows that he is Mahima’s son, just my parents know it. Rajeev cries and goes to temple. He says why did you punish Mahima for my mistake, I wish I didn’t leave Mahima alone. FB shows Mahima apologizing to Rajeev. She says I know you are helpless, you love me, so I have to tell you a truth. He asks what truth. She says I m pregnant.

She says don’t think I m expecting something, I came to say I won’t abort our child even if our relation ended, you are married now, you are Ahana’s husband, I have lost you, I will always keep our love sign. He says I will only love you, my marriage is just a deal, my dad did this with Ahana’s dad, I m scared of my dad, I ruined my life, but its about this new life, I m lucky, you will bring this child into the world, I will be with you, I will talk to dad and take divorce from Ahana. He goes to Balraj and says I want divorce from Ahana, I love someone, she is pregnant. Balraj slaps and scolds him. He says your life is zero, Ahana will always be your wife, I will make that girl out of your way if you act smart, get out. Rajeev goes to Ahana. He says I need to talk about divorce, the girl I love is pregnant, please end this fake relation, there is no love and respect in this relation, why are we dying and living.

She says you are enjoying with that girl, you impregnated her, shame on you. He says it happened before our marriage. She says I won’t give you divorce, no one rejects Ahana. Fb ends. Rajeev says I was silent, you have given birth to Saransh, I left you alone to die. He kisses the medal and cries, I will accept my son, I couldn’t fight for you, I will fight the world for you, none can keep Saransh away from me. Indu says I will keep your secret, Saransh will be fine. Prisha goes to meet Saransh. Rajeev thinks how to meet Saransh. He asks ward boy to tell Prisha to deposit advance. Prisha talks to Saransh and says sorry, I m a bad mum. Saransh says no. She kisses him. Ward boy asks her to deposit money. She goes.

Rajeev goes to Saransh. He cries. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays…. He sits talking and asks how are you. Saransh says I m fine, you saved me from falling. Rajeev says no need to thank me, I m elder to you, it was my duty. Saransh says you are super brave like my mum. Rajeev says there can’t be anyone brave like her. Saransh says right, did you see best dad medal. Rajeev says which one, you can get it and give it to your dad. Saransh says I will give it to Yuvi uncle. Rajeev thinks I will expose Yuvraj. He says I will come soon. He kisses Saransh and goes.

Prisha takes Saransh. Rajeev recalls the truth and cries. Vasu scolds Prisha and Saransh. Saransh says Rajeev uncle saved me. Yuvraj hears this. Rudraksh waits for Rajeev. Rajeev comes with sweets. He says there is good news, I will tell you first, but when right time comes, you are my life. Rudraksh says I missed you. Rajeev says promise, I won’t go away, this concert has to be the best. Rudraksh thinks just stay happy, I will plan superb party for you. He says love you. Rajeev says love you too, sleep now. Rudraksh makes a call and says surprise for Rajeev, best brother in the world. Yuvraj says Saransh, you did a stunt for a kitty, how are you.

Saransh says everyone is loving me a lot. Yuivraj and Prisha say we have cancelled the sangeet. Saransh says sorry. Prisha says its okay. Yuvraj says we can dance in marriage tomorrow. Gopal says we shall postpone the marriage, Saransh is hurt. Prisha says yes. Yuvraj says so much money is invested, everything is prepared, Saransh is a tiger, he will get fine, he will be hurt if we cancel the marriage. Saransh says I m better. He dances and shows them. He asks will you marry now. Yuvraj smiles. Saransh says I will look dashing in my dress, all the girls will see me. Vasu says fine, agreed. Yuvraj hugs him.

Rajeev gets the toys. Ahana asks are you starting new business. He says no, I purchased everything. She says there is no kid at home. He says I m adopting a child. She laughs. They argue. She goes. He thinks I need my son Saransh, I m waiting for the moment when he comes here and wishes me calling me dad.

Rudraksh gives a costly watch to Rajeev. They hug. Yuvraj blackmails Rajeev. Rajeev confronts Yuvraj. Yuvraj thinks I will kill you Rajeev.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Don’t kill Rajeev plzzzz….don’t do this…why their Is a forced marriage in shows…and last time also abrar forcefully married dhanak ???why again..the whole family is manipulative..soon their will be plottings ND then leap

  2. Wait a minute, I was thinking Rajeev had extra-marital affair with Mahima???, coz the previous RAJMA scenes proved that!!!???
    While today the scenes show as if they consummated befor marriage ???and the divorce scene of Rajeev and Ahana were also different from the previous ones!!!???
    Awwh!!!! Today’s RAJAANSH moments were SO EMOTIONAL!!!! ???
    Thank God, Rajeev got to know abt Saraansh and had a face-face talk with him ateast once b4 his death!!!????
    Pity on Rajeev???, did not get anything happy in his life and even his death is only goin to be loss for Rudraaksh and 4 no one else!!!???
    I really loved RAJMA’S love story today, It was so TOUCHING!!!???
    Really Sad, they could never unite and have a happy life as they wanted!!!!???

    1. I think today’s scene was the second time he asked for a divorce. If his wife cones from money why would she stay in a loveless marriage makes no sense

  3. Happy Pongal guyzzz!!!??✨????

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