Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Ahana shows the video to Khurana family

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudraksh asks his Papa what happened. Rudraksh’s father says Ahana has called everyone here. She wants to show us something. Rudraksh gets curious. Ahana plays the video where Preesha admits before Rahul that she is the one who gave that video to him so he can destroy Rudra. Stop troubling me. I hate Rudra! Rudraksh’s father asks her to get out of the house. Preesha heads towards the door.

Few hours ago:
Neerja tells the key maker to make duplicate key for a particular drawer.

Rudraksh watches Preesha crying and wonders what he did to Preesha. I snatched everything from her but she deserves it. She has snatched everything from me. Why am I feeling bad though? I shouldn’t! He decides to talk to her but then decides against it when he notices Rahul walking up to her. Why are you waiting outside? Is everything fine? Rudraksh reprimands himself for going soft on her again. Preesha has teamed up with him and still wants to trust me? It cannot be! He leaves in his car.

Preesha isn’t even replying to Rahul. Rahul tells Preesha he came to meet the Board members of the hospital regarding your case. They wanted my statement. I have told them that you aren’t at fault here. She replies that she does not trust him at all. He acts innocent but she speaks of the video which he had shown to Rudraksh. It fueled him against me. You got what you wanted! She walks away. Rahul laughs. There is an old saying – everything is fair in love and war. He receives a call just then.

Key maker opens the drawer and gives the key to Neerja. She pays him and he leaves. She finds the tablet in the drawer. I will be able to give it to Preesha. Now she will be able to see the video that Rahul has shown to Rudraksh.

Rahul meets Ahana. There must be something special if you have come to meet me. Yuvraj touches her feet to seek her blessings as she is a great devil. Rahul asks her what she wants. Ahana asks for the video. Rahul feigns innocence but she knows that he is lying. I have heard Rudra talking about that video in his inebriated state. Rahul tells her to ask Rudraksh directly. She tells him not to waste her time. Rahul gets up to go. He asks Yuvraj if he is coming. Yuvraj nods but keeps sitting there for a few more seconds. Ahana tells him to give her the video. I will take care of the rest. You taught Rudraksh how to hate Preesha but he isn’t able to let go of her. Give me the video so Preesha can be thrown out of the house! Papa ji will do it for us. Yuvraj smiles. You aren’t as dumb as you look. He shows the pen driver to her. This is what you want, right? He gives it to her and also extends his hand towards her. She accepts his handshake.

Neerja picks up the baby. Rahul asks her if she is going somewhere. She nods. I have to take baby for vaccination. He decides to cancel his meeting but she tells him that she is meeting her friends afterwards. He tells her to take care. He gives her her bag.

Everyone gathers in the living room. Rudraksh asks his Papa what happened. Rudraksh’s father says Ahana has called everyone here. She wants to show us something. Rudraksh gets curious. Ahana plays the video where Preesha admits before Rahul that she is the one who gave that video to him. Stop troubling me. You know that I am on your side, not his. I gave it to so you can destroy him. You know that I am on your side. You had nothing against Rudra so I supported you. I have my own agenda against Rudra. Rahul says Yuvraj told me that you hate Rudraksh. You are with him only because of Saransh. You will stay with him for 6 months and then you will take divorce. She tells him that she hates Rudra! Like I told you, come what may, I will ruin Rudra! Why did you come there and tell everyone that I gave you that video when you know that I will help you? Rahul thanks Preesha for helping him in this plan from the beginning. We will accomplish what we have decided. Preesha realizes that this is what Rudra was shown. This is a lie though. How to make him see it? Everyone looks at Preesha in shock. Ahana thinks there is nothing to see anymore, Papa ji. This is what Rudra has been hiding from us. Throw her out of the house now!

Neerja is unable to speak to Preesha. How to inform her that I have the tablet now?

Preesha asks Rudraksh if this is the video that he saw. That’s why you got so angry. I did meet Rahul at his home but I dint say any of this. This is a lie! Rahul is doing this intentionally. He made a fake video. Will I say that I hate you? I am not lying. I swear on Venkateshwara. Rudraksh’s father says this is the truth. We just couldn’t find a proof but now we have one! Leave this house before I do something wrong. Get out! Preesha repeats that she is telling the truth. Rudraksh’s mother tells her husband to believe her but he tells her to be quiet. He again asks Preesha to get out of the house. Preesha heads to her room with a heavy heart.

Neerja keeps wondering why Preesha isn’t picking her phone. Atleast call me back once.

Preesha notices Neerja’s missed calls and calls her back. Neerja asks her if she is fine. I found the tablet. It is with me. Now you can see the video. Where should we meet? Preesha thanks her. It is too late though. I have seen the video and now I know why Rudraksh hates me. Rahul edited my words and made it look as if I hate Rudraksh. It shows as if I am with him. He gave the video to Ahana who has shown it to everyone. Neerja feels bad for her. Preesha shares that Rudraksh does not want to live with her anymore. Everything is over. She ends the call. Neerja decides to fix things. You have done enough damage, Rahul. Now I will help Preesha. What should I do? She notices a computer repair shop and gets an idea.

Ahana tells her sister how she was right about throwing Preesha out of the house. It’s done. Now I will throw a grand party. Her sister jumps in excitement.

Mr. Ahuja brings a contract for Rudraksh. It is a concert tour of 24 countries by a foreign company. They only want Rudraksh in the main function. Rudraksh’s father reminds of the controversy but Mr. Ahuja says such things happen and they understand it. Tour starts tomorrow. I can finalize things if you say yes. Why are you thinking so much? Ahana reminds them of the ban. One has to pay the price of your loved ones turning against you. Mr. Ahuja says we must revoke the ban or we will lose the contract. Rudraksh’s father calls it a difficult job. Who will do it? A girl walks in and says she will do it. I can make it happen.

Neerja asks the guy at the repair shop to help her get the data in the tab. He asks for 2 days. She agrees to come back in 2 days. Original recording would be in this tab as well if the fake one was in it. She makes another request (in mute).

Rudraksh asks Keerti what she is doing here. Keerti gives her introduction to everyone. Mr. Khurana gave me an award in a function and decided to sign me up for an album with Rudraksh. Rudraksh asks her how she can do it. She says I can make it happen but you must take me on this tour with you. I can help you if you accept this condition.

Precap: Rudraksh welcomes Keerti in the team. She hugs him out of excitement. Neerja collects the tab. Yuvraj knows she is going to meet Preesha. I will end your game though! He hits her car to cause an accident.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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