Yeh hai ashique (A twinj love story) _ Shot 3

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Hey everyone let’s start with today’s shot. 

Episode starts with aditi s shocked face. She was totally in shock after hearing what ayush did with twinkle.

A_di first u calm down . And tell me is there any misunderstanding than tell me I will help u.

T_adu if there was any misunderstanding then ….. But it’s not like that…. He wanted to take his father’s revenge from my father for taking that project which he took by using me.

A_revenge… What r u telling …..  U mean he is dad s rival Mr kapoor son…. Aditi asked confuse….

T_ yes he Mr kapoor s son. And he took revenge from my dad by using me…..

Flashback… 5months ago

After twinkle finished her MBA course she was working in taneja industries….. After that a very important project came and it wanted twinkle to do it… But twinkle didn’t wanted to do it as she was new and she did not wanted rt to lose it…. Buy on rt s insistence she did it and contractor liked her idea than Mr kapoor so they got it… As Mr kapoor couldn’t accept his defeat so he asked ayush his son to act as he loved twinkle and use her ….. So ayush did as he told and at last he cheated twinkle….

End of flashback…

A_(totally shocked) whattttt how could he do it…. He told himself told u about this…

T_ actually one day when I went to meet him he was talking with his dad and then I listened and after when I confronted he told me the truth…. I am ashamed for loving him for trusting him ….

A_ challenge twinkle dad ke pass …. Who hi us ayush ko think karega…. Or haan tu yeh to maat khena ki tu dad ke pass nahi jayega…. Tujeh pata hai jis din tu ghar  chorke gayi thi dad offcourse phele gussa tha lekin us din k baad dad me har roz tujeh yaad kiya hai…. Har rooz tujeh back bulane ki baat kehta that….

T_ but adu how can I ….. I  told him so much that day… I also missed him very much each and everyday… BUT

(Actually rt knows about ayush and he warned twinkle about him but ayush before only filled twinkle s ears with his crocodile tears and hence when he warned she fought with him and went to stay with chinki in mumbai….)

A_ no ifs and buts chal dad ke pass or sorry bol dena woh tumhe maaf kar dega…. Or is ayush ke bacche ko to nahi chorunga..

Aditi took twinkle to rt who just returned from office and was sitting in lawn…. Leela was thinking how to tell him about twinkle….Just then twinkle and aditi entered….

A_dad …..

Rt_ haa adu just then his eyes went on twinkle with weak face standing beside adu….

R_(with shock) twinkle beta…

Aditi told rt everything about ayush what he did with twinkle and all..

Secen 2  Sarna mansion. Evening

Kunj and uv was searching for Usha and found her in kitchen and went inside it and stood beside her..

K_mom kiya kar raha ho… Woh Na apse Na Mike kuch that.

U_kiya kaam hai beta.

K_ with cute voice woh Na mom mere dost to ne na mere liye party rakha hai pub mein so mein jao…

U_ thik hai beta but come home before 11..

K/uv_ OK mom….. u r the best…. And gave a quick peak and left for their room and got ready and went to pub…

Other side taneja mansion..

After listening what ayush did rt and leela was shocked… It became over than what they thought . While twinkle was just standing and crying…..

R_ whatttt how could he … I know he would do something like that but he would stoop so low I never thought…. How could he… I will never leave him …. For this reason I was warning but ….   Before rt could complete twinkle rushed and gave him a tight hug

T_i am sorry dad… Wish I could listen u dad…. I am really sorry I really am…. Please forgive me …. I will never do anything like it…. Please dad I am sorry…

Rt was angry with twinkle but her tears melted him down .

R_ it’s okay beta what happened is happened… Now it cannot be changed but I will not leave this study….

While crying twinkle again fainted as she was weak …. Rt felt numb so he checked twinkle and found her senseless… He immediately rushed twinkle to her room and called the doctor….

D_ after checking twinkle… She is fine but due to stress and weaknesses she fainted … Take care of her and don’t let her take any stress and keep her happy….

R_ thank u doctor …. But till when will she wake up….

D_ I gave her sleeping medicine she will wake up after tomorrow…

R_ok …..

Rt was angry with ayush as he was the sole reason behind twinkle this health….. As doctor said to keep her happy so rt and leela decided to let her move on ….

Day were passing like this…Twinkle was becoming normal but yet she was afraid to trust outsider…. Other side kunj joined sarna industries….


So let’s see how will twinj meet…. Wait for it….. And yes tell me how it is I will let twinj meet soon don’t worry…. Thnx for it likes and comments in the previous one…. Please like and comment on this and if u have any problem with my writing u can let me know…. And yeah please comment please….. Gud bye…. Love u all……

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