Yeh hai aashiqui (OS)

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Suhani – sharad sister and she is having crush on yuvraj
Yuvraj – bhavana brother and he is having crush on suhani
Bhavana – suhani friend and yuvraj sister having crush on sharad
Sharad – suhani brother and having crush on bhavana

They all are in same college .
Yuvraj and sharad in third year and bhavana and suhani in second year.
Yuvraj and sharad are bff and suhani and bhavana are bff

Sharad bhavana yuvraj and suhani are sitting in lawn .
Suhani sees bhavana looking at sharad .
Suhani – yuvraj and sharad bhaiya we want to share a secret so we are going we will come after sometime
Yuvraj and sharad – ok come soon

Suhani pulls bhavana and takes her with her .
Bhavana – why you make me come here ??
Suhani – u like sharad bhaiya ??
Bhavana – no
Suhani – dont say lie
Bhavana – ok i like him but he doesn’t look at me i think he doesn’t like me
Suhani – u r wrong he likes you but he cant Say you
Bhavana – ( happily ) really ??
Suhani – yes

Yuvraj and sharad
Sharad – yuvraj i like ur sister a lot
Yuvraj – what ??
Sharad – yes
Yuvraj – i know u r good but will you keep my sis Happy ??
Sharad – i promise i will keep her Happy
Yuvraj hugs sharad .

Yuvraj sees bhavana and suhani coming
Yuvraj – today u will confess your love today
Sharad – r u sure that she will accept
Yuvraj – yes she will i know my sis well she also likes you
Sharad – ok

Suhani – yuvraj come with me i have imp work
Yuvraj – ok lets go

Sharad and bhavana confesess there love for each other .
Yuvraj and suhani sees this and gets happy .
They look at each other and they have a eyelock.

After one month
It is sharad and bhavana haldi
Suhani wears a yellow lehenga and she is looking beautiful .
Yuvraj sees her coming and he is mesmerized by her .
Suhani sees this and smiles at him.

Yuvraj pov …
I like suhani but why i m feeling something attracted towards her .
End of pov..

Bhavana gets a call and tells suhani to go to her tailor for our lehengas
Suhani – ok i will go
Sharad – no not alone u will go with yuvraj
Suhani – ok

They go to tailor and selects dresses .
Yuvraj – u wait outside i will just come
Suhani – ok
Suhani waits outside and some guys come and try to molest her .

Yuvraj sees this and fights with guys .
Suhani hugs yuvraj .
Yuvraj – nothing happend suhani dont worry
Suhani – yuvraj i wnat to Say you something
Yuvraj – say ??
Suhani – i love you yuvraj
Yuvraj – what ??
Suhani – yes i m saying true
Yuvraj – but ..
Suhani – i know that u dont love me and i will not force you
She starts walking
Yuvraj holds her hand .
Yuvraj – miss suhani shrivastav i love u too will you marry me ??
Suhani – ( happily ) yes
They hug each other .

In evening its sangeet
Sharad and bhavana performes on tere saang yaara
Yuvraj and suhani performes on dekha hazzaro dafa

They Say that they are in love ti bhavana and sharad they all are Happy.

After 3 months …
Yuvraj – Suhani i will miss you
Suhani – then why are u going away from me ??
Yuvraj – i will come in one month and then after ur marriage is there
Suhani – plz come soon .

At airport
Sharad and bhavana says Happy journey and bye to yuvraj

Suhani is teary eyed .
Yuvraj – dont cry i will come soon
Suhani – ok
They hug each other .

Suhani drives the car and she is hited by a truck.
Suhani is in hospital .
Suhani – bhaiya Bhabhi i cant see anything plz Say me whats going on
Sharad and bhavana – ( crying ) suhani u lost ur eyesight in this accident
Suhani – no no
Sharad and bhavana – its true

After one month …
Bhavana – suhani tommorow yuvraj is coming
Suhani – i know Bhabhi but i don’t want that he sees me in this state
Bhavana – but ..
Suhani – no Bhabhi promise me u will not tell yuvraj
Bhavana – ok i promise you

In morning
Sharad hugs yuvraj
Yuvraj – where is bhavana and suhani
Sharad – bhavana is at Home and i don’t know were is suhani
Yuvraj – what ??
Sharad – yes guru we tried a lot to find her but we didn’t
Yuvraj is teary eyed..

After few days ..
Yuvraj asks sharad
Yuvraj – i know sharad u know that where is suhani
Sharad – no i dont know
Yuvraj shouts – dont lie i have entered saw you going in someone flat everyday and taking there food also
Sharad – yes yuvraj
Yuvraj – where is suhani
Sharad tells him everything .
Yuvraj starts crying. .
Yuvraj – i want to meet her
Sharad – come with me

Yuvraj opens flat
Suhani smiles and says come Bhabhi sit here

After few seconds
Suhani – speak something Bhabhi
She stumbles and yuvraj holds her .
Suhani feels his touch.
Suhani – yuvraj
Yuvraj – suhani …
Yuvraj hugs her .
Suhani – no yuvraj leave me i m not that suhani whom u loved once
Yuvraj – r u mad how can you think that i will leave you your eyesight will come back
Suhani hugs him..

After 2 months
In hospital
Yuvraj – mrs birla open your eyes
Suhani – slowly opens her eyes she sees yuvraj and she hugs him .
Yuvraj – now u can see suhani
Suhani – yes yuvraj …
They both are teary eyed …

———————the end—————————

Guys plz comment jab we met is on the way guys do you want any change in jab we met then you can suggest me ….

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  1. This is soo cute!
    Love it!
    Thank you for the treat di x

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you …


    Mind blown~ this was a small thing filled with unmeasurable sweetness… i adored it. I really really really did, thank you for making me smile when I’m not feeling thst good.

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    it’s short and sweet…. nice epi..

  4. it was excellent

  5. Superb.. Do write more.. 🙂

  6. Amalina

    Beautiful, plz continue! write more, really loved how you made sharad-suhani siblings and bhavna-yuvraj siblings!

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you …

  7. marvilous .amzing …..its very beautiful and lovely epi plz continue this.i like the relationships between very one i.e you made suhani and sharad ,bhavana and yuvraj sibiling .they love each other ….totally its superb i really loved it.

  8. What’s should be sayyam’s age? :O

    1. Avanikamdar

      Sorry i cant understand what r u saying

  9. A.Tejaswi

    Amazing.But I was disappointed co z it was short.Enjoyed a lot reading it

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