Yeh dosthi kya kehlatha hein FF on Kaira Keesh and Gayu’s love interest (Part 3)

Hi guys a big thanks to all of u for ur huge support. So here Iam presenting the 3rd chapter. Here Iam introducing Gayu’s love interest. Please share ur opinion regarding my choice. I also would like to clarify that I ve just opted for that character and it has nothing to do with the real character he is playing on screen at present.                                

‘Karthik just let me go’…’How could u do this with me ? Whole night we were waiting for u to come for the party and I got insulted.’ ‘ U guys always keep fighting for silly things. Do anything I have more important matters to attend.’
Saying so Akshara walked away. ‘Sorry yaar I was busy with… ‘ Suddenly both of them paused.
‘Keerthii u here ?’ ‘Do u know each other ? ‘ ‘ Yeah he is my…..’ ‘ Wait Keerthi I ll explain.  I know her as we see each other often because she is my sister.’ ‘Oh really I din know…’ ‘But how did u come here ? I mean did dadi give u green signal to pursue dancing ?’ ‘ Its that…. ‘ ‘Hi Keerthi Iam so sorry we left u alone n went actually we were in a hurry to meet an event organiser. I hope u din mind ? ‘ Gayu said apologetically coming towards her. ‘Oh Duggu ji aap gaye nahi ab thak ?’ ‘ No I was waiting to say bye to my ”gaay”u behen….’ Gayu gave him a rude look and took Keerthi along.
‘Take good care of her she is my sister….’ Karthik cried out. ‘Oh really ?’ Keerthi nodded. ‘ I thought ur perfect but what to do such a bad thing happened with u …..dont worry, dont lose courage….’
Saying so she hurried away along with a smiling Keerthi. ‘Stop laughing like a monkey Naksh. I ll not forgive u so soon.’ ‘ Leave it yaar, I ll talk to them n clear the matter. When u r free come Krishna I ve got to go now as there is some urgent work to do. ‘

”Pagal kahi ka afterall he is that sherni’s brother naa….” thought Karthik while walking inside. ”And what magic happened that dadi agreed to Keerthi  ? I ll ask her later….”
Suddenly his eyes caught some sight that made his blood boil. Naira was talking to Mr. Mehta holding hands and with a big smile on her face. He was about to race at them when he saw Akshara going towards them. He just entered the rehersal room slammed the door shut and stood there looking angrily at himself in the mirror. Just then Gayu, Keerthi entered with some of his students. ”Karthik u r here ? Naira is looking for u everywhere ?” ” If u want to find someone tell her to look with heart not just with eyes…. ”
”Hi guys…… Thank God Karthik u r also here. I ve got a big surprise for u all.” Nairas voice echoed with happiness.
Karthik turned his face away at her. ”Whats the matter Naira , dont build suspense just tell naa whats the matter ….” ”Gayu dii guess what our academy is going to participate in the National multi talented festive this year and the winning academy would get 10 lakhs winning prize and accredited A grade by central Govt. Just imagine guys our academy ll reach new heights. ”
”Oh thats great!! congrats guys ” Keerthi said happily.
”Congrats se kaam nahi chalega u ll have to help us”. ”Yeah Naira ur right. Lots of work to do and time is very less. I ve read that the festive begins next month, doesnt it ?” ”Yeah dii …
Karthik r u not listening ?” ”Of course madam…. Hey teena thats not the right step…. Sid u move aside..
Ill show u.”
Saying so he started dancing with the girl. Looking at Naira angrily he continued ,” Look into my eyes, stay close n dance with emotion…… Like this… ”
Naira stormed out of the room in anger. Gayu was about to go behind her when she saw Keerthi looking at her. ” Never mind she is totally tensed about the festive. Come I ll introduce u to our mumma she ll be glad meeting u.”
” Hello beta, some time before we met right but couldnt talk. Iam so sorry I was busy in thoughts that time.” ”No its okey aunty ji. I can understand.” ”Welcome to our academy dear. I hope u gel with us soon just like ur brother”. Keerthi smiled in approval.
” Gayuu in the festive u r leading our designs n architecture department. U ve to go n meet one Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi.”
”Omg he is a genius in his field mumma. But will he agree to co operate with us ?” ”Thats y Iam sending u beta…. Iam sure u ll convince him. Go today itself n talk to him. If he agrees then it would be a big bonus for us. Soumya is ur friend naa. She can also help u.”
”Come Keerthii I ll introduce u to ur colleagues out here”. 
So after a while Gayu was on her way to meet Omkara Singh Oberoi which was another twist that destiny has kept in store for their lives.

Precap : Keerthi is seen dancing and Naksh looks on from far with great admiration. Omkara asks Gayu who is she to interfere in his personal space n Gayu looks on.
So this is my 3rd chapter for u guys. Please share ur views regarding this so that I can move ahead or else I ll cut short the story and finish it off soon. Love u all siblings out here……

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    Awwwwww my Omkara and Soumya coming Thanks a lot dii.
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  4. WOW Sachu good chapter
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