Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi asking Lakhsya to leave the job. Lakshya tells the contract and 5 lakhs penalty, now Watan is the boss and he knows I have to work under him for three months. Neelima and Dayal feel bad. Poorvi says I will take revenge for his insult, I will bring them down on road. Lakshya comes to Watan’s house. Watan scolds him and asks Nisha to come and take the vegs. Nisha takes the vegs bag. Watan says keep It and come back soon. He asks Lakshya the price, he will pay it. Lakshya says 200rs. Watan says fine. Nisha thinks Lakshya will be sad knowing the truth and gives him money. Watan says its new servant, but his mind is old, who knows he can take more money, ask him the accounts.

Nisha asks the accounts. Lakshya tells everything. Tanu records this in her phone and says Arjun will be shocked seeing this. Nisha leaves. Watan gives a rupee coin to Lakshya as tip. He asks him to leave and smiles. Nisha cries seeing this. Tanu thinks now I will show this video to Arjun and enjoy. She shows it to Arjun and says she will do this till he agrees to her, forget Poorvi, give me wife’s right, see how I fill your life with happiness. He refuses and she says she will use his weak point.

Arjun says you will be waiting all your life, get old and die, but she won’t get peace. She says I have sent this recording to Poorvi too. He says you won’t get anything and leaves. Watan comes to Nisha and laughs on her and Lakshya’s helplessness. She scolds him, and he gets angry, saying she does not feel any pain or fear, but she will cry seeing Lakshya’s state. She says I don’t care, as I will go to heaven, you will go to hell. She says you married me, but you can’t make any relation with me. He hurts her and leaves.

Its night, Poorvi sees the recording and gets sad. Neelima asks what happened. Poorvi hides it. Neelima says Lakshya is very strong. Poorvi thinks she can’t tell her. Viraj calls Poorvi and asks her to come office for work. Poorvi tells Neelima that she has to go. Lakshya recalls Nisha and sees the notes she gave him. Nisha sees the paper he gave her and cries. They both cry. Dayal comes to Lakshya and says I know Watan will trouble you. Lakshya says I don’t care about him, but I love Nisha, she was just seeing everything, she did not feel any pain. Dayal says I understand, you have to become strong, best way is not to react. He says share your feelings with me, I m always with you. Lakshya hugs him. Dayal says if you cry infront of enemies, their motives will become strong, cry infront of those who can share your tears. Arjun recalls Nisha’s words. He thinks she has cried enough, I will free her from Watan, he won’t doubt I did this and the problem will end.

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Poorvi comes to office. Viraj asks her to read the file and give presentation. She says now? He asks her to do it fast. She reads the file. He asks is she ready. She says yes, and does not have confidence. She does not give good presentation infront of clients. Viraj gets angry and says you were talking big things and unable to do anything now. He says you are nervous, what will you do to fail Arjun Singh, I made mistake hiring you. She says no, its new for me. He says you showed your weakness and they will use it. He scolds her.

She says sorry, I have many problems at home. He says enough, shut up, you think no one has problems, then its work, they forget everything. He asks her to focus on work. She says give me one chance, I will prove it. He says fine, its imp deal for us with investors, they will either choose us or Arjun. He says if you crack the deal, you will get job else no, this is your test, if I lose money, then you will lose to revenge from Arjun Singh. She thinks she won’t fail this time. She is on the way back home. She sees Sanjay talking to Arjun and is shocked seeing Arjun giving him money.

She asks whats going on. Arjun is shocked and thinks if Poorvi knows this, she won’t accept it, I have to send this 5 lakhs to free Lakshya. Poorvi scolds Arjun for bribing Sanjay. Arjun acts and asks Sanjay to keep money and kick them out. Sanjay refuses to Arjun, and says Poorvi that he won’t accept the bribe. Poorvi praises Sanjay. A bike passes and Arjun pulls Poorvi to save her. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays…………… She leaves. Arjun thinks we used to be loving each other, and now nothing can be fine, I have to find some way to give Lakshya the money.

Arjun tells Viraj not to keep Poorvi on work and speaks against her. Poorvi looks on. Arjun says she will ruin you.

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