Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi taking auto to go Viraj’s office. She thinks she has to reach on time. Te auto stops and the driver says petrol is over, take some other auto. She takes another auto and prays on the way. Neelima prays to Lord to help Poorvi get the job. Lakshya comes to office and asks his boss is he going somewhere. The boss says yes, I m leaving, someone bought my company, your new boss will come. Lakshya asks who is he. Watan says its me. He is shocked. Poorvi gets late and comes to know Viraj went to is cabin, he hates late comers. Viraj says come, you did a favor by coming. She sits for the interview. He gives her 5 mins to show her capability. She shows her resume and he refuses to see it.

She thinks she won’t let this chance go. She tells about her presence of mind, and he can trust her even if she has less business knowledge, but she has good knowledge of people’s emotions, I do work determined. Viraj says I also know this, but why this company. He says you can get any job, I heard you left your earlier job for this. She says yes, I want to join this company, but I have a person reason to join this company and this hotel project. He asks why this hotel project, this one is risky, as one will work and one will fail, two hotels can’t work well together. I will keep experience team for this, I can give you any another hotel job. She says no, I will work for this hotel work, the reason is I want to ruin Arjun Singh, and it can be big reason for you.

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She says I will do this work by my heart. She says I know Arjun and his family, what they can do, they can ruin anyone. She says they feel they have money and power, and can do anything, I want to end their misunderstanding, I will work hard to ruin their hotel, and take revenge for my family. She says she won’t give him chance to complain. She thinks she told him everything, maybe he will give job for her honesty. He hires her as her personal secretary and she can work for this hotel project. She thanks him. He asks her to come on time. She says I won’t come late. She leaves.

She is happy that she got the job. Watan taunts Lakshya saying he bought this company to get peace. Lakhsya says stop bad dreaming, I won’t work for you. Watan says you are my servant now. Lakshya says I will resign. Watan shows the contract and he can leave it by giving Rs 5 lakhs. He says he will promote him and work for his home service. He says come home from tomorrow and leaves.

Poorvi comes home and tells Neelima and Dayal about getting the job. They get happy and bless her. Poorvi tells about Viraj Raichand. Neelima says he is big businessman. Poorvi asks do you know him. Dayal says yes, he is a good man. Poorvi says she will make everything fine. Poorvi says their bad days will start, I will show what good people can do. Lakshya comes home and is glad hearing the good news. He lies to them about his boss and acts happy.

Watan comes home and scolds Nisha. He shows her the papers that he has made Lakshya servant by buying his company. He says I will make his life hell before your eyes. He thinks Nisa did not unite with him, he did not force her, I will get my anger out on Lakshya and she will come to me. Nisha cries feeling sorry for Lakshya. Watan calls Lakshya and Poorvi takes the call. She scolds him, and he tells her that he is Lakshya’s boss. She is shocked. He says I have bought him, I m his owner, he is my slave. He says I can punish him for your words, I have bought the company. She says you are lying, I know this is not true. Lakshya comes and tells Watan that he is coming. She is shocked.

Arjun asks Watan why is he troubling Lakshya. Watan asks him not to interfere in his matter. He says its not connected to Poorvi, this is personal as its about my wife’s BF. He says he will not leave Lakshya. Nisha comes to Arjun and cries. She says our fate is same, we married the one whom we hate, we see our love in pain. Arjun says I did this to make my love win. She says I know, I don’t have courage. She says Watan is still after Lakshya, I can’t stop him. Arjun says I can’t let anyone harm Poorvi. She asks him not to take things ahead, as Poorvi will be hurt knowing this. She says she will support Lakshya always.

Viraj scolds Poorvi for not doing good work. She cries.

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