Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun driving and having Poorvi and Gauri in the car. Gauri likes the weather. Arjun says if we were alone, I would have taken you. Gauri says she is hungry, as she was annoyed with him. Poorvi gets irritated. Arjun says my standard restaurant will be closed, you can get any Chinese stall. Gauri agrees. Poorvi says you can have food at home, its not safe. Gauri says we are safe with Arjun. Arjun says Poorvi knows I leave girls safe and taunts her. She thinks of their moments on the terrace. Arjun brings them to the stall. The stall vendor knows him. Arjun says the whole city knows me, I will get it. He flirts with Gauri and asks Poorvi to just see when they both have the food.

Poorvo gets angry and drives the car. Gauri asks what are you doing, wait. Poorvi leaves. Arjun looks on and smiles. He says this girl is very brave, it will be fun. Watan tells Bachcha Singh that Lakshya’s family was very happy. Nirbhik says we will send file to Neelima, she has to sign it now. Bachcha Singh says its elections time, so we are doing all this. Poorvi tells her parents that she wants to go to faiir. Neelima says fine go. Poorvi says I won’t be late and Lakshya will come to pick me. Poorvi thinks she will show Arjun that she is normal after the terrace incident. Gauri greets them.

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Poorvi hugs her. Gauri says Arjun is still sleeping, he did not message me. Poorvi says chill, have breakfast. Arjun messages Poorvi saying she could not get him, so took his car, don’t know she slept on bed or in his car seat. She gets angry and asks Gauri to come college after some time. Arjun is in college. Poorvi comes there driving his car and he stands infront. She stops the car and gets down. She throws the car keys. He says great. They have an argument. She presses the hand brakes and says you will see how much I like your car. The car goes backwards. She asks him to save his car. He smiles.

Arjun’s friends run to stop the car. She says I was having fun chatting with Mrigank, and you are having fun now. Ishq me deewane………… mar kar jeete hai……………….. aag ka darya bhi ,…… has kar peete hai…………. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays………………. Arjun smiles as Poorvi leaves. Watan says all certificates are good, you decided well to join us, lets go tomorrow to see site. Its Mrigank who joins Watan and Nirbhik. He says he came to Patna for first time, but had seen the Mela ad in college. Watan says my brother Arjun it, as its his college. Mrigank says I know my friend from Patna, she studies here.

Watan says maybe she will be there. Poorvi attends the fair sponsored by Arjun. The men sees her and say Poorvi is brave. Arjun’s friend says no, Arjun left her. They ask why did Arjun leave her. Poorvi says she wants a stall. The man asks her to give deposit and take any stall. Arjun smiles seeing her and whistles. Hua Chokra Jawaan re………….plays…………. He comes to Nisha and says your stall is ready. Nisha thanks her. Arjun says you are my special guest. Poorvi says you don’t think to do anything now. It won’t affect me now. Arjun says its affecting…… She looks at him. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays…………

He says I made you very angry, that you look depressed, still standing infront of me, its I love you style. Lahu muh lag gaya………….plays……………He says you can’t lie to me, and reminds the terrace incident, its true you are feeling it. You surrendered to my arms, its affecting. He leaves smiling. Sujatha asks Nirbhik to gift her gold ornaments. He says he has meeting. He says he does not have money. She says I will get hair cut like Neelima. He imagines his dad’s anger and stops her. He says he will get the gold hair pin for her and requests not to cut the hair. She asks for matching gold earrings. He says fine, I will get it. He leaves.

Gauri asks Arjun to give heart shaped ring. Arjun says I don’t like wedding talk. Arjun sees Poorvi’s stall not being liked. Poorvi challenges Arjun to throw rings and show his skill. Arjun taunts her. Arjun puts all the rings on the toys. Poorvi is shocked. The girls clap for Arjun. He says last one are the chocs. He puts the ring on Poorvi’s hand. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays…………He says I don’t want this prize and I m getting it. He asks for all the gifts. He says you know I get the chance always with you, and I don’t do it. He asks Gauri to come and see the Mela. Poorvi says she will go home, as its no use to be here now. Poorvi falls and closes her eyes as Mrigank holds her. She says Mrigank and smiles. Music plays……………

Arjun is at the balloon stall. Poorvi shoots the balloons around him as she stands in middle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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