Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man scolding Poorvi as she mistakenly makes the water fall on his clothes.. She apologizes. He gets very angry and even the manager says its their mistake and apologizes. Arjun looks on. Poorvi goes. Bachcha Singh asks his wife to make good dinner as he is very happy. He asks Sujatha to make pakodas. Tanu comes and says he want to tell them something. She says it’s a truth which Arjun asked me to tell everyone. She says she went to doctor and its true about the good news. She smiles and Sujatha goes to her. Bachcha Singh says I m very happy, I will have all sweets. He makes her have sweet. Arjun’s mum thinks Arjun loves Poorvi, how can this happen. He gives her the sweet box.

He asks Sujatha to take care of Tanu and not let her work, as he is becoming grandfather. Sujatha says yes, we are glad by the good news. He says I will give this good news to Bhanu. Tanu thinks she wanted to make this beginning and slowly she will get his support too. Viraj and his manager reach the venue in time. Viraj sees police constable troubling the kids and asking them to take the shop away. Viraj scolds him and pays the money, asking him not to trouble kids again. The kids thank him. Viraj asks his staff to continue bidding till he comes.

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Arjun also tells the amount to win the auction. Poorvi looks on and thinks why is Arjun so after this land. Arjun says 50 crores. The man thinks he should ask Viraj once, and calls him. Viraj comes inside the venue and says sees the land sold out on 50 crores to Arjun Singh. Everyone clap. The man says sorry Sir. He says I told you to continue bidding till I come, you did not do work well, I said I want this land. The man says I did not know the bidding amount, I was calling you. Viraj says I see the thing, not price, I lost because of you, you will be punished. The man says I m sorry. Viraj gives him the cheque and says this is for your family, as I don’t want them to be punished for you, you won’t get job anywhere now. He leaves.

Poorvi thanks the manager for giving her work and apologizes for the client. He says its fine, the man was ill mannered, hope we work again. He leaves. Viraj comes to Arjun and gives him 100 crores asking for the land. Arjun says the land can’t be sold. Viraj says everything in world can be sold, what do you want, you can take more money. He gives a blank cheque to him. Arjun asks why does he want it. Viraj says I want that land and I can do anything to get it. Poorvi looks on thinking who is he. Arjun says few things happen for the first time, like my refusal to you.

He says I will say no whenever you ask. Viraj says the thing I love, I get it at any cost, else I ruin it, and the person who says no, I ruin that person too, you will be ruined. Arjun smiles and asks him to bear no, sometimes its fun to lose. Viraj says your project will be ruined, as I will make a bigger project than it infront of it. Arjun says about ruining me, most welcome, try and see, and about hotel, its govt land. Viraj smiles and says just wait and watch, this is my promise, and I keep my promises given to even enemies. He leaves. Arjun says don’t get after me, I m already ignited, you will burn.

Poorvi thinks who is he challenging Arjun and not afraid of his family. Neelima tells Dayal that its time for Poorvi to focus on studies, but she is working. Poorvi comes home and says she got a job, and gives the first salary, she got in advance. Neelima is worried. Poorvi asks are you not happy. Poorvi says I m happy, I regret you are doing small job, I dreamt that you will become big officer, as you are talented. Poorvi says I m glad that I can do something for you, its very good job. She recalls her job and tells Lakshya. He says congrats. He hugs her and says he is proud of her.

Poorvi says she wants to give her first salary to him too. He says no, I can’t take it. She says why not, and insists. Arjun comes home. Sujatha calls everyone and does Arjun’s tilak and aarti. Bachcha Singh asks him to have sweets. Arjun asks what this for. Bachcha Singh says I m proud of you, you made me happy. Arjun thinks they are thinking about land deal. Watan hugs him. Nisha looks at Arjun, and leaves annoyed. Arjun thinks what happened to her.

Nisha thinks how did Arjun change so much. Arjun asks did he do any mistake. Nisha says you are also like others, atleast they don’t act to be good, you fell so low, you said you love Poorvi, what happened now, you forgot your love. Arjun says no, she is my life, the day I forget her, I will die. She says you are lying, Poorvi and her family are unhappy, and you are with Tanu to make your family, Tanu told everyone that she is pregnant, was this your love that you fell for Tanu. Arjun is shocked. Nisha says Poorvi will be sad when she knows this, but you might be happy to become father. Arjun gets angry and leaves.

Viraj comes to meet govt officer and sits with a gun. He says you might be knowing about the land deal, I want the opposite land, say any rate. The man says it can’t be sold, we can’t give you. Viraj says I want it, you can take any price, I can give 10 times the amount. The man thinks and says how can I… Viraj says do anything, and gives him two options to take money and do the deal, else he can gift him bullets, he is sure he won’t like second option.

Poorvi is shocked seeing Arjun and Tanu and family at an event.

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