Hi, guys thank you for your comments. let’s go into the story “yakshini a beautiful devil episode 3 – A JOURNEY TO KANDARVAKOTTAI”

Ram tried to move out of the door, he slowly pushed himself towards the door to go out. Suddenly the door in front of him closed with a heavy sound. Ram become scared and asked “who, who are you? ” A horrific voice said I’m yakshini your death. . . . . AHHHRHGGGGG the sound of ram is just heard outside the door, in next few seconds blood came out the closed door.


Everyone’s life is running like a fast-moving train but that life, but the only difference is train stops at the different stations but our life never stops for anything or anyone till we stop breathing. On a train, a handsome guy is sitting near the window with earphones in his ear and was listening to songs, his name is Abhi aged 26 wearing a red shirt and black pants, he was seeing the beautiful scenery of the green mountains through the window. he felt the sound of the train as a lullaby with the beautiful scenery of nature made him slowly close his eyes to sleep, Abhi was sleeping peacefully suddenly he felt like someone shaking his shoulder, he woke up with a sudden jerk and found an old man sitting opposite to him who was looking at him closely, the old man was wearing a brown colored vesthi and shirt due to his old age his hands were shaking. Abhi thought to him who’s this old man when I got on the train he was not there maybe he came here after I sleep,

Abhi asked in an angry tone whats the matter grandpa why did you wake me?

old man – sorry for waking you up son, by coughing the old man said I want you to do a small favor to me

Abhi felt sorry for getting angry with the old man, what help you want me to do grandpa, he asked softly

old man – whats the time son?

Abhi – said with a yawn it’s going to be 11

old man – oh then in one hour my station will come, where are you going, son?

Abhi said without interest I’m going to kandarvakotai

the old man I’m also going there can talk till we reach there, it’s good if we have some to talk with, where is kandarvakotai son, do you have any relatives there

Abhi with hesitation I don’t know anyone there but I’m going to the graveyard garden outside the village

the old man slowly started to show interest in the conversation and asked why are you going there

Abhi remained silent, seeing this the old man said ok ok no issue if you don’t want to tell me about it, where you are going to stay there?

Abhi replied in the graveyard we have our bungalow, I’m going to stay there only

old man, what was the bungalow that was built during the British period?

Abhi replied yes, there only it’s ours

the old man said but it had been closed for 13 years

Abhi said I too know, I came to open it and from now I’m going to stay there only

the old man got scared hearing it, he said no no son don’t do it or stay there, you are talking without knowing its history

Abhi – history what history grandpa what are you saying

old man – if you been here when you were young you would have known about yakshini, she is roaming as a ghost near the Krishna river bridge

Abhi remainder silent by listening to the old man

the old man continued, there were two favorite places of yakshini one the Krishna river bridge and the other one is the place which you said you going to stay ( the graveyard garden)

Abhi – what he asked with a surprise

the old man said yes people said they have yakshini near the graveyard garden, she will kill the men’s going by that way by sucking their blood after having physical relation with them during the full moon days or no moon days.

Abhi – wow really my father said the same story to me when I was young he also said its the story it’s a true one

old man – son about which story your telling

Abhi while saying about the story lost himself in the memories of his childhood, while the man is saying about yakshini Abhi remembered a memory where he was with his father,

( Abhi – appa appa what are you doing?

Ram – while typing in his typewriter nothing big my boy I’m just writing a story

Abhi – what story your writing asked with an interest

ram – I’m writing the story of a girl called yakshini

Abhi – yakshini storyyy please tell me appa

ram – no my dear boy if you hear it now you will get scared when you become big boy I will tell this story to you

Abhi – but appa you always say me I’m big boy why now you saying me as a small kid and not saying the story. please tell the story appa

ram – ok ok I will say, saying this he lifted Abhi and placed him on his table and started to narrate the story “a devil name yakshini is living near the Krishna river bridge, she always roam around the graveyard garden, during each full moon and no moon day she will mesmerize the men crossing the river and control them and then kill them. she always has a lotus in her hand, as it’s her favorite smell”

Abhi – ok appa then what happened he asked with interest

ram continued the story “yakshini after killing the men she will get back to her real figure, if someone sees it straight they will get hear attack ram said in a husky voice, after coming to her real figure she sucks all the blood of the men, then he takes their heart.. while the ram was saying these again Abhi interrupted.

Abhi – but appa, why she needs to do like that, is she, bad girl, he asked with more interest than before

ram – no yakshini is not the bad girl she is a good girl she is an angel came from the devaloka.

Abhi – if so why does she try to kill all appa, only a bad girl will do like that

ram – she is doing like this because she is cursed like that, not out of her wish.

Abhi – appa curse! what that curse is appa tell me

ram – while the ram was saying the curse was… from outside a voice came in middle…

it was his mother’s voice “hey Abhi come to eat the food is ready she shouted like that”, Abhi replied amma I’m listening to the story wait.. while his mother shouted back by walking towards the room “what listening to story, already your daddy is like does not matter to anyone (Wastefellow) your also going to join him? is he trying to make you too useless, won’t you listen the food is on the table properly come and eat.”

Abhi – no amma I will come only after listening to the story, his mother replied “what what you said you want me to come in a take you wait I will take the stick and come” saying this she walked into the room.” Abhi’s legs started to shake as he got scared, his mother came in and holder his ears tight, and said what you said won’t you eat?

Abhi shouted ahhh amma leave my ears its paining)

that time the old man clapped his hands in front of Abhi’s face, he came out from his old memory by hearing that sound.

old man – son what are you thinking?

Abhi – oh sorry I got memories of old-time that’s all nothing much.

old man – ohm I thought something else and got scared said with a deep breathe

Abhi asked the old man with an interest- grandpa say this to me please, does yakshini still hunt the men?

the old man sat there without telling any answer…

the train was running fastly……

thank you for reading patiently. see you all in the next episode.

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