WOW! Vanraj Wants Anupama To Accept Anuj’s Love

Ever since Gaurav Khanna has joined the show as Anuj Kapadia, Anupama’s one and only lover, fans have been waiting for him and Anupama to get together. And it seems like the wait is going to be over soon. A new promo of Anupama has been released by Star Plus, where Vanraj will try to make Aupama understand her feelings for Anuj and suggest her focus on herself and move on in life by accepting his love.

Today’s episode ended with a major cliffhanger with Anuj again confessing his feelings for Anupama, leaving her shocked, and that to right before his accident has kept us at the edge of the seat. It is going to be another emotional roller coaster week for Anupama, with Anuj’s words playing in her mind and Vanraj asking her to realize her feelings.

It will be the second time someone has asked Anupama to reconsider Anuj’s feelings and accept his love. Who knows this accident might open Anupama’s feelings for him? We don’t know what direction this accident will lead to, but hopefully, we can see our #MaAn get together, and Anupama gets the love and respect she deserves.

Has Anupama started to fall in love with Anuj? Will she accept his love and move on in life? What do you think will happen next?

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