Would you miss Paridhi in Patiala Babes?

Sony’s Patiala Babes will be getting a new short leap in the story. The show will focus on Minnie, her love life and career. There will be a drastic change when the exit of two major characters. Babita and Hanuman Singh won’t be seen in the story post the leap. Actors Paridhi Sharma and Aniruddh Dave will be making an exit. Their roles would be ended in a dramatic way. Minnie will be seen going ahead in her journey alone without her Babes. The show remained special because of the bonding between mother and daughter.

Babita’s character has been an inspiring one. Minnie played the strong daughter who gave wings to her mother to fly and achieve new dreams. Even Hanuman’s character of a sorted and sensible man believing in women empowerment and equality has been much appreciated by the fans. The marriage track brought good moments of Babita and Hanuman for the viewers to cherish. Both the talented actors will be hugely missed in the show. Paridhi remains the soul of Patiala Babes. Would you miss Paridhi in Patiala Babes? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Shouldn’t they change the name to Patiala Mini?

  2. Yes Katha Kottage fascination with Mini the great. So I was not wrong. But what a way to do it at the expense of talented Actors is a new low if Katha Kottage.
    Hope that she gets no other Show after this.

  3. Wanted to stop watching the from long but continued. Now can stop watching peacefully, Let’s see how long the will run with out main leads!!!

  4. I wont miss her as i wont be watching the show anymore. Patiala Babes is over for me.

    1. Me too..

  5. When the two leave the series I leave the series too

  6. True, does not make sense as the story is not sticking to the centrsl idea of Babita being independent.The essence of the show is not there. I am done with the show.

  7. i won’t watch that show anymore when Paridri leave..

  8. the show has lost its charm, and now recently babita has also happy to be dependent, stopped watching the show

  9. Nothing to watch in the show….with the two charming characters Paridhi and Anirudh being forced to exit the show,I exit too…Too weary of Minnie and her recent irritating antics…let the self proclaimed saviour of women rule the roost ….but it is high time the title of the show is changed too as the real ‘Babes’ is leaving…left behind are the loud mouthed Minnie and her friend and adviser Mickey ,the philosopher…Really disappointed!

  10. Why the leap

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