Would you miss Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane?

Sony TV’s Dil Ki Baatein which started on March 23, 2015 is going off-air. This came as a shock to the makers and the cast of the show as well. The show is getting replaced by 2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aage, which starts 31st Aug Mon – Fri 9:30 PM. Ram Kapoor and Gurdeep Kohli starrer Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane started on a very good note bringing to light the disease of cancer. The show brought to light a tale of man whose life changed after his wife’s death. The show had the story of Anandita who suffered from a terminal illness – cancer and wants to embrace death to rid her loving husband and two kids of all the agony they are going through to bring her back to life. Ram is not ready to let go of his wife and is ready to go to any extent to save her.

The show is all set to bid farewell to the small screen. It could not connect really well with the masses and the channel decided to pull it off air. The show did not succeed in garnering good TRPs. It’s a heartfelt story of a loving family caught in a crisis which is non-reversible. Ram Kapoor and Gurdeep Kohli as a lead pair add their charm to the story. Chemistry between Ram and Gurdeep was outstanding. Sai Deodar recently added to the cast of the show. She was paired opposite Ram after his wife’s death. She played the role of bar singer, who meets Ram. They embark on a very different relationship, wherein they were seen supporting each other emotionally. The serial is too tragedy centric, but the concept pointed out that tragedy is not the overpowering element, since the show turns to be inspiring and highly emotional. The serial traced the journey of a man who has hit rock bottom in life and how he stands up after shattering post his wife’s death. Would you miss Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane on Sony TV? Let us know in this poll.

  1. Apart from the good acting of Disha and Arav, this serial is following the same story lines of most other Indian TV serials. Jealousy, mean and hurtful behaviour of rich agains poor folks. I have not watched the video for the past week and certainly would not miss the show if it ends abruptly this week.

  2. No never
    I didn’t watch the show

  3. I am so glad that it is ending!! It was so tragic and sad! Tears jealousy sadness were the main elements of the show!! People watch seriels for entertainment and fun! So that they can get rid of their stress! This seriel reminded me of the Roman civilisation, where people spent time and money going to the theatre and watching tragic plays! So happy this is ending! Hope Ram Kapoor gets better shows to do now… Looking forward to 2025……

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    Sorry never watched d show!!

  5. It was sad dah dah wife died

  6. Miss rangrasiya and beinthaa bring the shows back

  7. I actually did enjoy the show. It was one of the best serials aired at this point in time. I expected the show to carry on and to hopefully see Mr Kapoor turn a new leaf. I also hoped to see Disha and Ayaan take their chemistry to a new level and also for Mr Kapoor’s son-in-law to get exposed for having an affair. I felt that this show had a lot of potential because generally all the tv serials were based around a female figure who is righteous. This was different. It was based on the father and his life after the death of his wife. Im really disappointed that it ended. I really do hope they could have carried on with the show.

  8. Satyadeo Sinha

    I used to watch this serial regularly. It started out very good, but in the last several episodes the story went really bad…really bad and stinky. Imagine a super rich grandfather (Nanaji, Mr. Kapoor) repeatedly playing mean and dirty games forcefully with his own young and minor granddaughter Disha who is very smart, responsible, and has all the good characteristics that a person could have, loving and emotional, respectful to others, caring for her father’s future and her little brother after her mother’s recent tragic death. In the last several episodes the story was fully centered on Nanaji’s game plans against his own young granddaughter. I don’t know what the Producer Team was trying to prove. I was disappointed. Unlike most other Hindi Serials the story started out like something fresh and different but later it became like the most other typical Hindi Serials…forceful multiple villains against a helpless poor innocent person playing dirty games with no moral, integrity or dignity…and becoming successful in their dirty game plans…this is just plain ridiculous…from a Quality Entertainment point of view . The story was going out of control. If the producers wanted, I could have suggested plenty of good and new directions for the story to move forward. The Acting of all the stars and the Direction to execute the screenplays were Excellent!!! I really liked the first two thirds of all the episodes.

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