Would you like to see Alisha Panwar in IMM 2?

Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2 has Helly Shah as the female lead. Many of the IMM Season 1 fans have been making requests for Alisha Panwar to star in the new Season. Alisha had been amazing in her dual portrayal of Tara and Aarohi in Season 1, where she had been cast opposite Arjun Bijlani. Her versatile acting had been proved by her contrast characters in the show. She was simple and adorable as Aarohi and a sharp killer as Tara. Alisha has a strong personality and puts great efforts in her characters. Alisha had done justice with both the roles. She was last seen in Star Bharat’s show Meri Gudiya, where she played the role of a powerful mother Madhuri, who returns from dead to safeguard her little daughter Avi.

Helly has also been rocking as sweet, innocent and charming Riddhima. She has made her own place by her perfect portrayal. She has lived up to the expectations of the viewers. Even then, there are trending requests of Alisha’s return in the show as the other lead opposite Rahul Sudhir. The viewers feel Alisha fits into the script of IMM Season 2, being the first face of IMM series. Would you like to see Alisha Panwar in IMM 2? Let us know your opinion.

  1. No…even though I liked Alisha but I like Helly more….she’s perfect as Riddhima…and Riansh is also amazing….I won’t watch IMMJ if Alisha stars opposite Rrahul….

  2. Noooooo………. A big nooo.
    When season is new, story is new then star cast should also be new. This gives a fresh feeling.
    If some people are irritated with Riddhima’s character then mind well that Alisha’s character of Aarohi was more irritating than Riddhima. If forcefully taken Alisha in the show, we will get to see dump Aarohi like character only because in IMMJ 2 Tara’s character won’t fit.
    I just don’t understand why viewers cannot move on and give other actors a fair chance. Viewers, without keeping any prejudice and preset mind, should give Helly a chance. Helly is an experienced actor and her acting skills are very good. Alisha is a good actress but that doesn’t mean Helly is bad. Helly is playing Riddhima’s character very well. Casting new actors freshens up the story. Please don’t be narrow minded. Be open to new ideas, experiences. Give a fair chance to Helly. Don’t become prejudice and rigid viewer.

    1. I agree. I like helly her role far better and the natural way how she livens up the supposed character is flawless. I would not prefer change in casting as in now. Besides sudhir who portrays a rigid man of fewer words, helly balances well with her performance and persona. I don’t understand why the sudden demand…

  3. No..ridhima is good ..we dont need any other person instead of ridhima

    1. Riddhima is good but she loves kabeer so there should be another character for vansh. If they will show kabeer as a villain and riddhima started loving vansh then it will be typical story like other serial. But this serial has a different concept so there should be different story from other shows.

    2. No need for alisha to come back … everyone has to remain the lead of their own show .. She was the lead of the first season to let Ridhima and Vansh do the own show .. It’s like we told them that finally he they need his presence to increase the activity of the series. No .. To each his own glory and his opportunity. Already we have very little element on the current concept of the series and that it is very vague .. We still do not know who is the bad guy and the good guy in the role of the guy .. And if you add the presence of Alisha. But why .. Left Ridhima in place .. She has her potential .. No need for us to come second and have another face. Although I love this actress .. But everyone has to be the lead of their own show

  4. No….Never..

  5. Archu role is Arohi’s.ridhima is Helly only.arohi can be replaced not ridhima.entire cast of IMm2 is suitable. I hope not one will leave the show. The show is rocking

  6. Enoughshanti

    I would actually like to see Aalisha in immj 2 if she continues her role as Aarohi or Tara, not as any lead opposite vansh. I mean if its a triangle story, it will be better not to add any more angle in it. But if they bring back the old charecters too and give a good ending for s1 story, that won’t be bad either.

  7. Yes there should be alisha in immj2.Because right now this show is looking like other daily soaps. So for different story or different concepts there should be one more actress. And alisha is best for it. And makers should pair riddhima with kabeer not with vansh because riddhima and kabeer love each other and if they will show kabeer as a villain and riddhima will fall for vansh then it will be a typical story like other serial.

    1. Agree with you there. The way these people are pushing for Ridhimma and Vansh it’s like when typical Indian parents force their brutalized daughter to stay with her abusive husband- absolutely brainless. Ridhimma is an absolute bore and a darker lead is needed for Vansh. Ridhimma is cute blah blah blah, it’s just turning this show into a regular dump serial – this brooding man and dumb adarsh speechwali nari angle has been over played again and again along with the Dadi who supports said speechwali bahu. Arohi’s stupidity can stay in Season 1 but that Tara like deadly sharpness and insanity is needed. Though if she did come in it should be as a new character and not a replacement and definitely not Tara or Arohi, though I suppose at some point the end of Season 1 needs to play into season 2 somehow

  8. Noooo… Please…. We love riansh… Riansh chemistry is one of the factor we love and admire in imm2…

  9. No coz there is no need no any new denale character as of now

  10. I think Helly is doing good. No need to change. New season should have new cast.

  11. Biluk nahi….Helly mam fits a lot in ridhima role and the story is supeb…
    Don’t spoil the story by adding other characters in imm2
    A small mistake can spoil the serial just like how “Nenu sailaja” serial lose its popularity, it’s a very trend setting serial in telugu. But they end sailu character after that, they create a new one. it makes to lose its popularity.
    Soo plea…se don’t make any changes.

  12. No…a big big no…None can match Vansh except Riddhima….and both Sudhir and Helly are doing perfect as a couple…and if Alisha replaces Helly it’ll be like Nia replacing Alisha in the S1…it won’t be good…. I can’t accept anyone else in Riddhima’s place….

  13. No,never…pls pls no… Don’t replace Helly… Riansh is the soul and life of the show….if Helly gets replace the show will loss it’s glow,it’s shine,it’s life….it’ll be ruined…the cast and story is more than perfect….don’t ruin it….

  14. No helly is perfect !
    I love Riansh ❤

  15. Nooooo….pls no….Helly is perfect pls don’t remove or replace her plssss……

  16. No…please don’t do that…. Riddhima is perfect for Vansh and Helly is perfect for Riddima and even for Sudhir….

  17. No…it’ll a very wrong decision…IMMJ2 will be incomplete without Riddhima or Helly….Helly is the lead of this show….and Alisha was hers….let Helly do her job…the show is going great…don’t ruin it….

  18. Yesssssss.a big yesss. I want alisha and helly both in immj2 with vansh and kabeer. Alisha Opposite vansh and helly aka riddhima Opposite kabeer.I don’t want kabeer to be in negative role.

  19. No we love Helly as Riddhima an RiAnsh… Just get lost from IMMJ2 Alisha Panwar…we won’t ever accept you in the show….there is no place for you here….

  20. No doubt Alisha is very good actress. But oppsit to vansh will not be accepted….she can return with the character of Tara as one of the enemy of vansh for few episodes but not as lead ..sudhir n belly are very good at their work..

  21. No doubt Alisha is very good actress. But oppsit to vansh will not be accepted….she can return with the character of Tara as one of the enemy of vansh for few episodes but not as lead ..sudhir n helly are very good at their work..

  22. Shesha485

    Not actually. I could accept if she come as a new character but still there is no need. Helly as Riddhima is very good choice actually and she do her character very well. Vansh is stealing the show of course. Maybe there should be some more scenes atleast for Kabir. But accept that the show is carrying the legacy of the first season very well. Both are equally fab.

  23. Nooooo…..people should just stop doing this…the cast are just amazing… I don’t see any need of another female lead…it’ll just ruin the charm of the show…RiAnsh and Sudhir are the main attraction of the show…Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 will be incomplete without Helly or Riddhima….and also Vansh or Sudhir will be incomplete without Riddhima or Helly….

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