Woh Apna Sa 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia gets to know about Rano and Akash

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Woh Apna Sa 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rano says to akash don’t feel bad. Its for good of lifetime.
Akash comes to Jia and says open your eyes. It 12. she says what happened to me? He says you fainted in the hall.She says why are you nervous. She says okay. He says yes thats what happened. She says my head hurts. He gives her meds.
Arjun recalls what he saw. The lights turn off. Ambika says what happened.

Jia and Akash come with cake and say happy birthday to you. They give the cake to Ambika. Ambika smiles. Ambika says where were you two? Rano says they were in room. Preparing for your birthdat. They had to surprise you. Arjun says why are you lying? She says don’t wanna ruin her mood. Arjun goes to his room.

Akash says to Jia I am hungry let me take water. She says water is here. Jia wonders why is akash awkward. He says let me go out to walk. She says i wanna walk too. He says you need rest. Please sleep. She sleeps. Akash goes out.

Scene 2
Akash comes to meet rano in store. He says I feel so bad after what I did. Arjun was so hurt. She says you have to keep control on your emotions. You have to do all this to make Jia yours. Jia records all this. She followed akash and overheard everything.
Jia comes to her room in tears. She recalls all that Akash said to her. Akash comes to room. She pretends to sleep. Akash sleeps on his side. Jia says I thought you were my friend.

Arjun drinks and says how can you do all this Jia. He recalls their moments together. He writs Arjun loves Jia in tears. He says you are only mine.

Scene 3
Mai says where is jia? Lets have breakfast. Jia says I was packing gift for you. She gives her earrings. Ambika says they are very pretty. Whats that? She says thats for Rano. Rano says its not my birthday. She says i know but gifts don’t need a date. She gives her a ticket for Agra. She says this is for you and Ajrun. You did so much for me I should do something for you and Arjun. GO for honeymoon. Then we will go. Ambika says thats such a good plan. Arjun says you are right. We will o on honeymoon.
Ambika says thank you Jia.

Rano says what is this Jia upto? i wont go. I am sure there is some plan.
AMbika makes laddo. jia says can I help you? Ambika says okay. Sit I will tell you how. Jia makes laddor with Ambika. Rano and Arun’s photo falls.
Precap-Arjun and Rano come to a house. Its all scary.
They see a ghost too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow no surprise there Eeinstein! Suddenly jia got brains huh? I swear these makers make me LOL so hard! Great now a good character like Akash is being made a villain to promote this @ss Arjun? Jia’s super clingy for a model or an independent woman. The scenes between jia and arjun is super cringeworthy. Let jia move on. Being reborn again doesn’t mean you end up with same damn partner. Jia should move the eff on and give akash a chance genuinely!

  2. this show started off w/ a fresh concept, but after the show took a 20 year leap, it lost its charm. In my opinion, this was a wrong step to do a leap. I even hated nisha even more. She killed 5 people. Yeh Vaada Raha should’nt have been axed.

  3. Arjun/Jia they are made for each other,and should be together that is my opinion,and now-a-days one cannot even give their comments,some people think just because I appear to believe their bullshit it means I am as stupid as they think I am. I am just laughing inside and waiting to see what else they come up with. No one made me a winner apparently it made some runner ups .Hmm so sad that person will never be me.Take your prize and thanks for playing!!!!Persons who violate or cross their boundaries by being cruel, insensitive, thoughtless,abusive,rude or disrespectful should not be a part of this forum persons here deserve (some persons) deserve love dignity and respect.Persons who willingly and knowingly cross their boundaries have mental issues that need to be dealt with not because one do not use big words it means they are dunces.Sometimes even I cannot tell if I am being sarcastic or if I am really a b*t*h.I wrote about this series someone answer me and try to insult me I replied but TU did not piblish my comment all I am asking for now is publish this one and I am done with this nonsense I have better things to do but it never ceases to amaze me when others are trying so frikkin hard to condemn others when they themselves are condemned.I am going to keep commenting and give my opinion I as no one to read if you do …do it at your own risk thank you.

  4. I meant I ask no one to read

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