Woh Apna Sa 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Adi comes in office and sees Jhanvi trying to catch flying papers due to wind, Jhanvi turns and sees him, Adi glares at her and leaves. Jhanvi is flustered.
Adi calls Nisha and asks where are you? Nisha says dont doubt me, i am in mandir, she is drunk, Adi says stop it, Nisha says my friends threw party and challenged that i wont come to party, i know you never want me to lose challenges and just to keep your heart, i came in party, you should be proud of me, Adi says if you party is finished and go back home, she says i am coming, she ends call and says to her friends and i am going home. Adi comes in office and says to Jhanvi that clear this mess and come in my office, he leaves. Jhanvi says he is calling my presentation as mess? he has more attitude than Amitabh Bachan in Deewar movie.
Nisha comes home and does mouth fresher, she has headache. She runs to her room puking. She goes in washroom and vomits. Kaki comes behind her and asks if she is fine? Neha says she doesnt seem fine, Kaki asks her to bring lemonade for her, Neha asks Kaki to leave, i will take care of her, you do pooja, Kaki says okay call me if she is not fine, she leaves.
Adi is scolding employee when Jhanvi enters his office, she says hi, he says show me designs, Jhanvi says i have some ideas to discuss, Adi says come to point directly, you wont be in this office in future so dont tell me your ideas. Jhanvi says first i want to tell you about CEO’s office, he is like head of family and is working for all people, Adi says just give me one idea. Jhanvi talks about her ideas while Adi thinks that dont know what Nisha is planning to do.
Nisha says to her daughter that i brought this chocolate for you, i went to do pooja for all but i didnt get any gift, ask elders to give me gift then i will give you chocolate. Kaki brings lemonade for Nisha. Nisha’s daughter says to Kaka that Nisha prayed for all of us in mandir so she should get gift, Kaka says you are right, Nisha says dont listen to her, i have everything, if Adi was working in some other company, i would want him to be CEO because he works hard but he is working for family company and Kaka is controlling it, we are lucky to get blessing of elders, Kaka smiles, Kaka and Kaki leaves, Nisha smirks at her daughter and gives her chocolate.
Jhanvi says to Adi that CEO binds whole company, Adi says i dont need to learn business ethics from you, can you tell me your idea in one line? Jhanvi says company’s culture.. Adi says shut up, you will show me your presentation silently. you have one minute, show me. Jhanvi gets scared and asks if he can use his laptop? he allows her, Jhanvi plugs in her flashdrive and shows him presentation, I love you is written on first slide, Adi asks what is this? Jhanvi is shocked and says its virus, Adi says you are just giving excuses, you are done, you can leave, Jhanvi starts leaving dejectedly, Adi says come tomorrow at 10am, i will watch your presentation, Jhanvi says i thought you asked me to leave job, Adi says i give importance to relations, Kaka hired you so he might have seen something in you and i believe in giving chances, some people misuse chances and some people use them to show their abilities, how will you use chance? which side are you? Jhanvi says i will see you at 10 tomorrow.
Adi calls his friend and says you know Nisha said in house that she was going to mandir and went for party, friend says i am disgusted by her antics, why dont you tell your family her truth? Adi says i dont want to hurt my family like that, they trust her too much, he says best of luck, Adi ends call and sees miscalls from house.

Scene 2
Jhanvi comes home and blabbers that why he keep asking to talk in short? i cant talk in short sentences, Survi brings screwdriver and asks her to tight her brain screws. Jhanvi says to her mom that my boss is arrogant, Survi says this happens in 99% of lovestories, first there are fights and then love, did you check his family background? he is good right? when you are bringing him home? Jhanvi frowns at her.
All are sitting at dining table in Adi’s home, baba asks who is this girl? Kaki says its Neha, she says to Neha that dont feel bad, he forgets things. Baba brings bangle and gives it to Neha and says its from Adi’s mother, i gave one to nisha and giving another to you, you respect it, Kaka says Nisha has accepted Neha as her sister, she has tied this family so well, Adi comes there and says we learn from elders, it depends of people how they respect elders, he glares nisha. Kaki says you know what Nisha did today for us? Adi says i am sure she must have something unexpected, Nisha smirks at him. kaka says all are present here so i want to tell something, i want new generation to handle company, we didnt give birth to Adi but he is our son, kaka says Adi is elder son of this house so i have decided to give CEO position to him, our love is with you so take this responsibility too, Adi says i follow Kaka in company, kaki says you dont want us to give right to take your decisions? Adi says its nothing like that, i want blessing of elders, Adi is surprised to hear it and looks at Nisha who smiles at him, raj is not much happy to listen it, Adi says that dont be stubborn kaka, its m request, i dont want to be CEO, he looks at Nisha who glares at him,

Precap- Adi asks Jhanvi to shorten her sentences and also learn how to listen. Nisha says to Neha that Raj works under Adi, Adi her been working so hard for company, he deserves to become CEO but Raj works hard too but i dont think he has any kind of thinking to get position, Neha gets tensed hearing it. Adi says to Nisha that how low can you stoop? arent you ashamed of your antics, Nisha says its modern thinking, i am not doing anything wrong.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Seriously how is adi bearing her frm 8 yrs… Hats off to Adi…

  2. so hes going to divorce her and marry the office girl?

  3. This nisha has stoop so low…just for power n money…one day she will realize what mistake she did…Jhanvi unknowingly said I love u to Adi…I really loved it…Adi is so sweet…he gave one more chance to Jhanvi n Jhanvi’s thoughts r very inspiring.Loved it…

  4. Wow a fab epi…really loved it to the core… am enjoying this serial…Luv it…wish adi n jhanvi would fall in luv very soon.

  5. It takes a man with real testicular fortitude to live so long with a wife like Nisha. Adi, knowing her true colors, must have a hard time , day in day out, to see her deceptive face and try to be happy in front of the family. I like the little banter between Adi and Jhanvi ….cute.

  6. Very funny scence adi & janvi….adi why r u argument with janvi?? Janvi think he s arrogant ….ha ha ha….super scence b/w adi &janvi….nisha too much greedy….i like her act but character s worst…..

  7. I Luv sudeep…….. Nice epi

  8. I Luv sudeep…….. Nice episode……. Adi nd Janu????

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