Will you miss Eisha Singh in Ishq SubhanAllah?

Zee’s Ishq SubhanAllah will see a major change in the track with the exit of the female lead character Zara. The actress playing Zara, Eisha Singh has quit the show. Eisha had been paired up with Adnan Khan. Their pairing and chemistry were much appreciated by their fans. Zara will be seen killed in the show. She will make an exit from Kabeer’s life. A new lead will be entering soon to play Kabeer’s love interest.

Eisha has played lead roles in Colors’ Ishq Ka Rang Safed and Zee’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Season 2. She had been commendable in her different portrayals. Her Muslim background character Zara was unique. She owned the character by her charming performance. She has received many awards for her debut and consistent performances in her shows. Eisha will be deeply missed by her fans. The show will be soon getting the disheartening track of Zara’s death. Kabeer will be seen sinking in the sorrow of Zara’s loss. It has to be seen how the story goes ahead. Will you miss Eisha Singh in Ishq SubhanAllah? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Very sad to see Eisha Singh leave this amazing show… One of my favourite serials.. and she played her character Zara so convincingly… Its so difficult to imagine anyonelse in that role… Loved and hooked to the serial mainly because of Adnan and Eisha… All other present actors also are perfect sync with their characters and makes it so intresting and gripping… Love also chips. Monica. Vinay. and everyone else..

  2. I truely wish zara(eisha) will come back to the show after some time . It’s OK that there is a new role in the show.But I can’t see the new role be in love with kabeer. Because zara is kabeer’s one and only love. Otherwise i will be so disappointed. Zabeer is the name of one and only and true love, Kabeer will not love anybody else.
    Please bring zara back somehow sometime.Then I will start to watch the show again. Seriously, I won’t watch the show if only adnan in this show. The worse part is even rukhsar is still alive. I can’t take it. I wish the new role will defeat rukhsar and shabaz. But I don’t want to see kabeer in love with someone else.
    So ,bye , ishq subhan allah ,one of my favourite shows. For now you remain a sad ending to me.If one day zara is back ,eisha is back,I will continue to watch the show!!! I hope it will happen, fingers crossed!!!!

    1. Totally with you. Tata to ISA.

  3. Yes, I will miss my zara (eisha) long my life. I had made my decision that I will never watch ishq subhan allah any more, even it’s one of my favourite shows. If one day zara is back ,eisha is back, I will continue to watch the show!! I hope it will happen!!

  4. its frustrating when they kill off main leads…cos u get used to the couple…rather end the show as a happily ever after

  5. I will not miss anyone. Just end the crap show

  6. mallika vijay

    Obviously I will miss Zara. She played her role incredibly well. Please end this serial as Kabeer is incomplete without Zara .Be true to the name of the serial “Ishq subanallah “.

  7. I am going to miss her immensely. Their chemistry and their craft worked well, they are totally lost without each other. I think @zee has made a great error in not convincing Zara to stay with the show. Big loss to Zee TV

  8. I would never look at this show if Zara left

  9. Without Zara and Kabeer there is no show. They make a beautiful couple full of love and chemistry. Will not watch the show. Kabeer will be miserable and cannot watch the grieving process.Give them the increase or kill the show.Saro

  10. I will really and deeply missed her, I don’t know why they are changing her, the story will be so boring now ???

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