Will you be mine? #Riansh Os by RiansHLoveR Chapter: 1


Hey guys!!! Today I came back with a os. I will upload my ff tomorrow. Actually my brain has gone for a holidag pawri do you know why? You don’t know but I know I got 110+comments in my previous updateπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜πŸ˜. Thanks to Aarushi(see I remember herπŸ˜…πŸ˜…), Aayu devi, Annoying user, Attractive user, Parita madam jii, subu. Today’s update is also small beacuse I said na brain has gone for holdiday so please bear it. I will try to upload a bigger one in the next chapter. So let’s start:

Will you be mine?

Scene 1:

It is shown that a women in her mid-twenties is cooking a very delicious and mouth watering dish. The whole house was full of the aroma. A cute little girl came down from here room and went towards her mother.

Girl:Hey mom!!! Good morning.

Women: Very good morning to my liitle heart.

Girl:What are you doing? It’s smell so good.

Women:Making your favorite food.

Girl:Awww!!! You are making alu k parathe and chole bature.?

Women:Yes,because my Titiksha’s both are favorite na?

Titiksha:Yes mom.

(So by now you have guessed it that the women is no other then Riddhima.)

Riddhima:Now get ready my child otherwise you will be late for your school.

Titiksha:Yoo mom!!!

She rans to her room.

Scene 2:

A man is standing infront of the mirror and searching for a deodrant. No! No! Don’t think he is searching for himself. He is searching for his little boy.

Boy:Papa this is not that deodrant. I want that one.

Man:Which one?

Boy:That one!!!

Man:Oh god!! Today I will become a deodrant only.

Boy:Papa I remembered it. Give me the blue one.

Man:Thanks god. Here take your blue deodrant my little Vikram.

Boy:Yes my big papa Vansh.

(Yes guys he is Mr. Vansh.)

Vikram:Now let’s go for school.

Scene 3:

Both Riddhima and Vansh came with their respective child. After the children went inside the school they went for their respective works.
(No one knows each other so don’t think they are blind or whatπŸ˜‚.)

In the school during lunch time,

Titiksha:Friends see what I have for my tiffin.

Her friend:Oh these are my favorite.

Vikram:Titiksha can I have your tiffin. See my father gave me bread which is half burnt.

Titiksha:What happened to your mother? She is ill?

Vikram (bows his head down) : My mom went towards god.

Titiksha:Don’t worry. You eat my tiffin. I will eat yours.

Vikram:No! We will share.

Titiksha:You eat mine. I will eat yours. Even I don’t have my father. He leaves my mom alone. I want to eat that breads only which is made by your dad.

Both of them hug each other tightly and starts to cry. Other children consoles them.

Vikram:The food was so yummy!! Today I will meet with your mom.

Titiksha:I will also meet with your dad. He made the tiffin with so much of love.

Precap: Titiksha meets with Vansh.
Vikram meets with Riddhima.

Bye guys!! Stay safe and stay in home. Study alsoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Love you all😘😘.

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