Will We Unite? – (Part 12 ~ Wake Up!)

Ranbir groans as he feels someone shaking and says, “mom let me sleep na it’s very early.” 

Prachi continues shaking Ranbir and says, “wake up Ranbir it’s not morning there’s only one hour to go until we need to go to college.”

Ranbir sleepily says, “Chikchiki I need to sleep, just two more minutes, please.”

“First of all my name is not Chikchiki it’s Prachi and secondly you’ve already overslept so wake up, now,” Prachi demands still shaking Ranbir.

Ranbir keeps eyes shut grabs Prachi’s hand pulls her down on the bed and starts fake snoring.

Prachi says, “Ranbir wake up, now or else I’ll go and tell mom and Dida that you’re irritating me.”

Ranbir mumbles, “let me sleep.” 

Prachi thinks, how to wake him, yesterday he was fine with waking up early why isn’t he waking up now. hmmmmmm…… aha perfect! 

Prachi frees her hand from Ranbir’s and says, “Ranbir if your not going up then don’t I’ll just go to Sunny and ask him to come with me to college.” 

Ranbir instantly gets up and glares, “who on earth is this Sunny! Don’t you dare talk to him, got that?

Prachi smiles and says, “Bhai hai and I will talk to him. Now go quickly get ready, as I’m already ready.” 

Ranbir frowns and says, “Prachi do we need to go college, I know you didn’t sleep well last night so you can sleep in as well.”

Prachi asks, “who told you I didn’t sleep well last night?”

“I saw in the morning, I opened my eyes a little bit and saw you were shifting around uncomfortably on the couch so I shook you a little but you didn’t  wake up so I considering carrying you to the bed but then you started to wake up and I decided to go back to sleep, because I was woken by a call, which was coming on your phone and because Sunny is your brother, I won’t stop you from talking to him,” Ranbir replies.

Prachi looks at Ranbir and says, “the call was from Sunny Bhai as he lives in Australia so it would’ve been 12:00pm or something over there and I was perfectly fine sleeping on the couch!”

“Well, Prachi what I saw told a completely different story. You were completely uncomfortable sleeping on the couch, so you are going to sleep on the bed from now on,” Ranbir replies.

“Well, even you were uncomfortable sleeping on the couch, so we are going to take turns sleeping on the bed,” Prachi says, sternly.

“Well, you’re the one not comfortable sharing the bed so you will be the one who sleeps it on it. I’m fine with sharing the bed,” Ranbir replies.

“Fine. You will sleep on one side of the bed and I will sleep on the other but there will be an imaginary line,” Prachi sighs.

Ranbir nods and goes and starts getting ready for college while Prachi goes downstairs, to help Pallavi and Pragya make breakfast.


Riya slowly gets up from her bed and thinks, huh. Strange yesterday I had a nightmare relating to Kiara Di and today I have a dream about all the happy moments she had with Mom and Dad. What could this mean? I don’t think it’s a coincidence as the dream I had was definitely not related to what happened with Prachi Di but the nightmare I had was definitely related to this dream. Should I talk to someone. Also why was it that at the end of the dream a mysterious lady, who I’ve never seen before say Prachi Di’s name and then just disappear. Maybe I should talk to Prachi Di and Mom and Dad about this. Yes, I will talk to them but who to tell first, Prachi Di or Mom and Dad. I will tell Di then she’ll tell me whether or not to tell Mom and Dad. 

Riya starts getting ready to go to college and silently practices telling Prachi about her last two dreams.


Shahana is in her room, the room Abhi had kept for Prachi but ended up giving to Shahana as Prachi would be staying with Ranbir and Shahana couldn’t just stay in the guest room forever.

Shahana grabs a comb and combing her hair and thinks, I wish Sarita Aunty was staying here with us but she just wanted to stay at home. I just need to work on my plan to make Aryan jealous. Of course I’ll be needing Kabir’s help and Tammana Di, who would’ve thought that she would be cousin of Prachi! That’s why they were so close back in Hoshiarpur. I wonder what Kabir will do to make Mishti jealous. 

Shahana finishes combing her hair and goes downstairs.


Mishti is in her room choosing something to wear to college as that’s were she would be meeting Kabir. Mishti thinks, I hope Bhabhi can convince Mom and Dad for mine and Kabir’s marriage as I really love him. I can’t wait to tease Bhai and Bhabhi. I wonder how Bhai will react when he finds out I purposely made Sunny Bhayia come to India so Bhabhi would get excited and make Bhai jealous! Sunny Bhayia should be leaving Australia by today 1:00pm in Australian time so he should reach India by the day after tomorrow. I hope Disha Auntie’s coming too. 

Mishti goes downstairs.


Abhi is peacefully sleeping on his bed when he says, “Fuggy I need to tell how happy I am.”

Abhi slowly gets up and without looking to his side says, “finally you, Prachi, Riya and I are all together and Prachi and Ranbir love each other so much that anyone can see their love. Riya will surely find someone who loves her and I think that Aryan and Shahana have something going between them as well. What do you think Fuggy?” Abhi waits for a reply but on hearing nothing he turns to face towards Pragya and instantly jumps back.

Abhi looks at the teddy bear in front of him in shock and on teddy a bear a card is placed .Abhi grabs the card and opens its.

It says,

Subah, Subah maine apko utane ki koshish ki. Par aap tu bohut ziddi hain aur ise liye aap nahi ute. Ab aap saza bhugte main pure din ke liye aap se baat nahi karu gyi.  Phele tu maine socha tha ki aap ko naa btau. Maine ye idea rhene diya kyuki ise mein jyada maza tu ata par baat hai ki agar mein aapko nahi bat ti na tu aap mujhe pure din pareshan karte rehte aur mujhe baar baar puchte ki aap ne kiya kya hain. Iss waja se maine aapko bta diya. Ab aap itna jaan liye ji ki agar aaj ke baad aap jaldi nahi uto ge na tu mein aap se pura din baat nahi karo gyi aur na hi Prachi aur Riya ko bhi karne do gyi. Aap ab jaldi se office ke liye tyar ho jaaye kapre maine sofe pe rak diye.

~ Pragya. 

(This morning, I tried to wake your up but your are extremely stubborn and hence you did not wake up. Now, you will have to bear the punishment I give you. I will not to you for the whole day. Before, I thought not tell you this but I abandoned this idea as even if it would be more fun, you wouldn’t stop irritating me for the whole day by saying, “What have I done?”. For this reason I’ve told you about the punishment. Let me tell you this that if you don’t wake up quickly from this day onwards, then I won’t talk you for that day and won’t let Prachi or Riya either. Now, quickly get ready for office I’ve put your clothes on the couch

~ Pragya) 

Abhi sighs and gets ready to go to office


(1158 words) 

Who do you think the mysterious lady is, in Riya’s dream? 

Why do you think she said Prachi’s name?

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~Riya Sharma 

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