i will make u my old sanskar its ur swara promise (episode 4)

Hi friends for ur support n thanks for comments n ya that was a not episode it was promo it was a mistake
so here we go
a big mainson shown in that house a room shown a lady sit in corner n criying;-(
n suddenly a man enter n start drinking alchohol n says-stop ur criying kavita(yes guys that lady is kavita)u know i marry coz of ur sanskar if doesn’t force me to marry his so called sister than u will easily marry him
“u betray with me bcoz of u i betray sanskar u told me that u rich more that him so i betray him he will never spare u , kavita says with teary eyes
“oh realy who told u that to betray him i never told u it was ur decison to marry me undestand,rajat in angry tone
n a fb shown 5 year ago
a girl in her roon n crying n talking to someone on the phone
“plz plz don’t do this with me i m pregnent with ur child plz rajat(yes that man is rajat),girl said n crying
“no uttara(yes guys the girl is uttara) plz leave all this u r just time for me n u become pregnent its ur mistake not mine n ya i can’t marry u bcoz i love some alse her name is kavya so plz leave me,rajat says
“plz rajat accept me n my child its about not me its about family reputaitions n my respcet so plz rajat,uttara says crying;-(
“oh enough ur nonsence ok i will never marry ok n now plz don’t disturb me bye,rajat breake the phone in iritation:[email protected]
“hellow rajat,uttara start crying very badly n someone put hands on her shoulder n she turn shock to see sanskar he is crying n angry both emotion in her eyes
“i heard everything uttara,sanskar said with crying tone
hear his uttara breakdown start crying very badly n hugs him
“i m sorry bhai i trust him n he betray with me i m become pregnent he told me tha i was just time pass for him how could do this to me,uttara says n hugging him
“shhhhh……. its not ur fault he will have to pay for this now tell me his name n give me his address,sanskar said in angry tone:-(
“ok fine bhai but promise me that u don’t do this anything with him i love him n i just want her name for my child plz bhai,uttara says
“ok uttara i promise that n get up n tell me his name n his address ok,sanskar says n wipes her tears
“but bhai he will never marry me bcoz love someone else her name is kavya,uttara says n once she started crying
“no uttara he will surly marry u no one stap ur marrige with him,he says with angry tone
uttara give sanskar rajat’s number n his address n he goes from there
at rajat house
“rajat rajat,sanskar shouts
n rajat comes from his room n see sanskar n shocked
“y r u shouting mr. Sanskar maheshwari,rajat ask in angry tone :[email protected]
“y m i shouting just wait n watch ,sanskar smirks
n suddnely rajat got a tight slap from a lady
“how could u rajat i thought u love me but u wants my money not if sanskar didn’t told me ur truth than u also destroy my life like uttara,lady told in angry tone
“kavya(the girl is kavya)its not true he wants to separate us her sister is charcterless she wants me that i fall in her trap she loves me not me plz baby belive me,rajat says in scary face
kavya again slaps him
“u r so cheap to save urself u called my sister charcterless yes mr. Rajat uttara is my sister i m her uncle ramprasad maheshwari’s daughter he is my brother u bas***d its another thing that we r not living toughter’kavya said :[email protected]
n kavya goes from there n thanks sanskar
“what do u think u destroy my sis life n i will spare u so easily n now think that how do i know about u n kavya than uttara tell me remembre u r talking with uttara i hear everything n u come to know realationship between us so
a fb shown
i meet kavya i told her everything when she comes to know about us specialy uttara she ready to leave n she said
papa ma always told me about u uttara n ragini di dp papa n ap ma n he is also told me their mistake y u guys r thrown out ma pa from that house i will sure help my sis uttara
fb ends
“so mr. Rajat i promise uttara that i will never hurt u but u will have to marry uttara otherwise next time u lost ur money or life so tell me ur decison,saskar ask
“ok fine i will marry with uttera but u will have to give 1 banglow 1 car plus 10 carore rupes,rajat says
“ok fine i will give n slaps him don’t call my sister characterless bye,sanskar says n goes from there
“sankar maheshwari i will destroy u snatch my happiness i will snatch ur happiness,rajat thinks n smirks evily
present day
someone calls rajat n says-sir court hearing will start 10 am clock so plz come fast bye sir
rajat cut the call n goes to kavita room n says-get ready we r going caurt for swada custody case
n screan frezeez
i hope u enjaoy this n plz comment

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