I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU – Introduction and Part 1 & 2

Hey,guys my name is Shia and this is my first ff so if there are any grammatical errors plz bear it.And this is the introduction of the characters of my ff.and i wont be able to add the pics of the characters now but i will try to add it before five episodes. and these are only the main charecters.and if you all want to give any suggestions plz give it in the comments .


NEIL KHANNA- A IPS OFFICER,He hates women except his mom,sister,best friend and grandma.

AVNI AYESHA-A private detective,hates men except his brother and best friend.

REHA -Avni”s cousin and Neil’s Bff.

ALI-Avni’s Bff and Reha’s boyfriend.

Karan pareikh- avni’s adopted brother.

NELLA PAREIKH- Avni’s mom (not real).

SAYESHA KHANNA-Neil’s sister.

SHWETA KHANNA-Neil and Sayesha’s mom.

PRAKASH KHANNA-Neil and Sayesha’s dad.

DD- Neil’s Bff and assistant.

SUNEHRI- Avni’s Bff and assistant.

HARLEEN KHANNA-Neil and Sayesha’s grandma.

Episode 1: Theme— Two soul one heart.

Scene 1— Pareikh Mansion.

A girl is sleeping in her room,Three people are walking towards her room.

Karan: Mom what if she gets angry .

Ali:Yeah Neela aunty and last time she even punched me.

Neela:Don’t worry this time she won’t do anything like that.

They enter the room,and go near her bed and shout.


she wakes up and punches Ali and Karan.and stares angrily at Neela. And says,

Avni: Mom you remember what happened 4 years ago or at least what happened 12 years ago but then also…..

she goes to the living room and takes the car keys and goes away.

Scene 2 — Khanna Mansion.

A boy is looking at a picture , two girls ,a boy ,two ladies and a man enter the room And shout.


he turns back and stares them with anger filled in his eyes he shouts

Neil: YOU ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED 4 YEARS AGO (softens his voice) but then also….

he leaves the room,takes his car keys and goes somewhere.

Scene 3 — A Bridge.
Both Avni and Neil arrive there,Avni was standing there lost in thought suddenly Neil bumped into her and they fell into the sea.

Precap: Avni and Neil are on a sea shore, They have a fight , Sayesha and Karan meet.

Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy the episode and you all have any suggestions please let me know and bye for now ?.

Episode 2 Theme:Hate and Love.

Neil regains his consciousness and finds himself one top of Avni.He thinks that she is not breathing and is going to give her a CPR but she wakes up and punches him.

Neil:Are you mad.

Avni:You were trying to kiss me and now you are saying that I am mad.

Neil: Why will I try to kiss you when I hate women except my mom,Bebe ,sister and best friend.And I was only going to give you a CPR.

Avni:Even i Hate men except my brother and best friend but that doesn’t mean that I will push them from a bridge like you.

Neil: It was an accident but do you also hate your dad.

Avni:I don’t have one to hate ,u know what Mister you are just like Vidhyut as you are hurting me.

Neil:Don’t take his name in front of me u know that because of him Juhi died.

Avni:Neil ,see you don’t know that they both died because of Vidhyuts mom who committed a sucide that day as she only wanted to kill Juhi,I am trying to tell you this from 4years but you don’t listen.

Neil:(gets shocked)I am sorry that I didn’t let you tell me this thing but now I think that I should stop hating women and you should stop hating men since now we both are free from our burden so(extends his hand towards her) now Friends.

Scene 2:park.

Karan is talking to Sayesha that now they should tell everyone there secret.

Precap: Karan and Sayesha die.Neil promises Avni that he will  be  always there for her.

I am very very sorry guys but please don’t read anything that I have posted before only read this.And I again apologise for your inconvenience.

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