Will she ever be mine? – Part 4

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Hello people..I’m so sorry for late update!!

Recap- shivaay thinks anika is more comfortable with advay!!

Shivaay goes to his room..he thinks abt the moments spent with Anika..he regrets arguing with her…he wanted to spend time with her..he wanted her to be his again..so he decided to tell his feelings to her..

He decided to make her feel special..he wanted to own her again..
So he decided the room very nicely..because he wanted to tell his feelings to her..he waited for her..after almost 2hrs..he decided to call her..

He searched her every where.. except advay’s room..because he knew that she won’t be with him…he trusted her so much…he decided to ask advay’s itself..he reached the room..
Shivaay knocked the door..but no response.. shivaay then opened the door..
S: Advay did u…(he was shocked..because his trust was broken..he saw his anika lying in advay’s lap)
A: yes shivaay.. come in..what’s the matter?
S: wo.. actually I wanted to talk to Anika..if u both have completed talking..then can I take her with me?
A: sure..

An: not now shivaay..I still haven’t completed my talks..y did u strain so much?? U could have just called me ryt..
S: look at Ur phone..
An: omg..y did I keep thinking this in vibrating mode?? I’m so sorry shivaay..
S: how many times did I call u??
An: wo.. actually..I told u na..I didn’t look at my phone..
S: how many times did I call u?? Just answer that..
An:wo..3..36 times..

S: anyways come with me “Now” he was bit angry..so he stressed the word now..
An: Shivaay please..I’ll come after 5-10min..
A: Anu..please go..and I feel very sleepy..
An: acha..now u r supporting him ah? Don u know who I’m ??
A:meri maa…ik that until Anika Sur..anika again warned him..
Shivaay was now furious..he decided to slap anika..because she was not listening to him..
S: ab chale?
A: okay..
Anika hugged Advay..kissed on his cheek..gave him even flying ?..
Shivaay dragged anika..
They entered the room..it was dark..

Anika started panicking..before advay’s arrived..she’s used to tell shivaay’s name..but now..she told advay’s name..
Shivaay was shocked to hear it..
S: anika r u alright??
An: yes advay’s..make sure Shivaay doesn’t know abt this..
S: anika I’m Shivaay..
An: oops..I’m so sorry..I thought it was him..
S: u changes a lot..
An: nothing like that shivaay..u r mistaken..
S: I’m not..u r more comfortable..
An: switch on the lights..
Shivaay didn’t argue..he switched on..anika didn’t see wat shivaay has done..as soon as lights were on..she went to her wardrobe..took her night dress..she went to the washroom..changed..came back..and slept off..
She never bothered to listen to shivaay..

Shivaay was shocked..
He became very hyper..
S: Anika or Anu?? Which name do u prefer? He told it very loudly..
An:what’s do u want to say?
S: u r mine..please don’t change for that guy…
I trusted u so much..but..
An: don’t be a kid shivaay..advay’s need me..and I also need him..
S: wat abt me anika?? Don’t u want me?
An: I feel very sleepy..

Advay’s saw Anika’s phone..and thought of giving it to her back..so be reached their room..
Advay’s was about to speak..but was cut by shivaay..
S: how dare u Anika.. because of that guy..u don’t want me ryt..how can u ever tell this??
An: wat r u telling?? I never mentioned anything like that..
S: then tell me.. choose any one of us..either me or advay..
An: Shivaay stop it..
S: just answer me..
An: u r my life..u r my heart..and advay is my heart beat!!
S: wat do you mean??
An: Shivaay u r important for me..

S:then advay??
An: he’s my..he’s my..
S: complete it..
An: I can’t
An: because I love him to the core…and I dunno wat name to be given..she was cut by shivaay
S: enough..u again proved it..u again proved me wrong..thank u so much.. enough is enough..
An: no shivaay nothing like that..please do understand me… u’ll be with me forever ryt..
S: just answer few questions..
An: listen to wat im telling..
S: yes or no..

An: wat yes or no?
S: r u ready for my questions?
An: yes..but before that..I need to inform u..
S: do u trust me?
An: Ofcourse yes..
S: do u still love me??
Anika started going close to Shivaay..she started moving towards him..but he moved away from her..
S:answer me anika..

An: I dunno..
S: wat u dunno
An: whether I’m still the same anika or not..
Shivaay was very angry..so he just slapped her..she fell down..and shivaay again took her in hand and dragged her towards the wall..
S: u don’t know whether u still love me ryt..
Then y the heck did u submit urself to me??
Was it Ur plan??

Tell me Ur demand!!
An: shivaay wat r u talking.?
S: just answer me..one more time..one last question..okay?
An: okay..in pleading way.
S: r u the same anika..who used to love her shivaay so much..she used to love shivaay more than her life..
Anika looked pale..she didn’t respond..
S: answer me..u damm it..

An: no..yes..
S:wat r telling me?
Either yes or no..
An: no shivaay..now I have to give one more person importance..
S: okay..so u have clearly told me that..u hate me and u started loving that advay ryt..
An: no shivaay..he’s just my friend..
She was loosing her balance..
S: no more lies anika..
An:am I not lying Shivaay..

Shivaay again slapped her..this time she fell down and was unconscious..
A: wat did u do??
S: it’s my personal matter..
A: but how can u ever slap her in this condition..
She didn’t have anything today.. because u didn’t come during lunch or dinner..so she thought of having dinner with u..
S:oh..comon..stop it..
I know better than u..

A: u dont know..she’s anika Sur..
S: y do u always stop there.. continue..
Ik that she doesn’t have any surname..
A: she has..
S: ik that..her present surname is Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi..happy??
A: no.. Mr. Oberoi..she’s anika suryavanshi!!
Daughter of vikram suryavanshi and kanika suryavanshi..
This is her surname..
Shivaay was shocked..

He didn’t believe him.. because anika never told this to him..
S: this is not true..
A:this is the truth..I’m leaving..it’s Ur personal matter..so please u should only handle it..
Advay left… shivaay started his search abt suryavanshi family..he was shocked..because his anika was there in the recent family photo..
He remembered how she lied to him for going for a party..and wore a elegant saree..
He sat there still and slept off..anika was unconscious..she lied on the floor itself..
Next day..he woke up but couldn’t find her..he then saw some blood stains..he went and saw his ‘wife’ lying there..her face wasvery pale..he picked her in his arms and made her lie on the bed…he called the doctor..
Doctor arrived..at the same time the whole Om came..coz advay informed everyone abt the doctors arrival..

Precap- S:this is urs..not mine..she can be mine..
A:abt whom r u talking abt..
S: about..

Okay..people done with the updates..
Do comment my ff..please yaar..
Stay tuned people..
Bye..love u all

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