Will the change in time slot help Beintehaa in getting more numbers?

The Colors’ prime time show at 9pm slot Beintehaa, which started with a new concept and proved to be a good earner have finally lead everyone’s expectation down, after the Zain and Aaliya’s divorce. Despite having a strong cast, good chemistry between the leads, and good tracks (most of the times), Beintehaa failed to get higher numbers on television. Let’s see its current track to make you judge where its going wrong and will the late slot help it, if its not working on prime slot.

Zain has realized his mistake and has been making an effort to gain the respect and love back from Aaliya however, she being heartbroken and devastated is hesitant to accept him.Aaliya is running a Dhaba in Hyderabad and Zain has come to win her love again. He is working as a helper in Dhaba and when Bilal lights up the Dhaba, Zain who is sleeping inside gets caught in the fire. Aaliya gets informed about Zain being stuck here. With this Zain’s efforts will be proved to Aaliya, that he is really determined to get her now.

Rehaan will marry Aaliya so that she can remarry Zain. According to the Islamic rule, a person who has divorced his wife Nikaah Halala cannot marry again. They can remarry again only if the wife marries some other person and only if her husband gives her a divorce again then she can come back to her first husband.Will this upcoming track help Beintehaa in getting back good TRPs. What do you think about the new time slot of 11PM? Will it be prosperous for the show? Let us know your opinion on this poll and also on the track of the show.

  1. i m not agree with this time slot coz its too late time for a family show..plz come back

  2. Haw i will not able to watch this serial !!

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  4. Too late I will just have to read the updates online

  5. The story seems to be very interesting but the time slot is not good , its too late.

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