Which pairing do you like in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera?

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera on Star Bharat has been gaining much appreciation since its start because of the stunning performances by the amazing cast. The main leads Helly Shah and Rajveer Singh are much loved for their portrayals. Helly plays two distinct characters, Kainat and Saltanat. She has not only brought a distinct look in both her characterizations, but also displays two completely different personalities. Her avatars as Kainat and Saltanat are very much convincing. She is doing a wonderful job to create such perfection and define two characters of poles apart twin sisters. Helly’s chemistry with Rajveer is also much liked.

Saltanat and Zaroon make the best couple in the show. Kainat is paired with Hamza, with whom she recently got engaged. Kainat is madly in love with Zaroon. She feels just Zaroon can complete her life. She has pinned all her big hopes and dreams on Zaroon. Kainat dreams to be together with Zaroon. Kainat turns evil and gets plotting against the clean-hearted Saltanat. She is ready to break all bounds to separate Saltanat and Zaroon. Kainat doesn’t want Saltanat’s pity. Kainat aspires to marry Zaroon. She is determined to play unfair games to win his love. Saltanat is ready to sacrifice her love for Zaroon for Kainat’s sake. Which pairing do you like in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Only Saltanat Zaroon my Cute Saroon😘😘😘

    1. no match of zaroon and kainat one is ferari other one is best mumbai bus
      while saltanat is lamborghini # model town wich mari gedi shanu bhi ek jhappi dedo sweety kale kale kitho janiyo hahaha just kidding :))_

  2. Zaroon-Saltanat

  3. This story is very similar to swaragini

    1. Sarafacebook

      Hi Bhargavi, how are you? I have seen you commenting on many of YuvAni fan fictions from the show Suhani si ek ladki. Aren’t you the same person? 😊 Yes, I’m still a big YuvAni fan & even today read all the fanfics ☺

    2. definately but this time no one can seperate swalak and if anyone tries i will block their aadhar card

  4. KaiZa would’ve been such a great story. How a Canadian man learns about his customs and traditions from his traditional wife while a cultural girl learns how to live freely from her modern husband. Makers completely destroyed K to glorify SaRoon so KaiZa is not even a possibility anymore.

  5. Sarafacebook

    Hi bhargavi 😊

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