Which is your favorite lead pair in Silsila Season 2?

Silsila Season 2 brings twisted love angles once again. The complicated tale of unjustified feelings begins between Ruhaan and Mishti, while she is already engaged to Veer. Mishti feels lucky to have a fiance like Veer. She is soon going to marry Veer. She finds Veer perfect match for her. Even then, she feels close to Ruhaan, despite avoiding him all the time. Ruhaan creates a spell on Mishti’s mind when they have a romantic moment by mistake. Ruhaan limits his feelings knowing Mishti is going to marry his best friend. Destiny plays the cards and creates magical moments between Ruhaan and Mishti.

Mishti gets Ruhaan on her mind. She fails to get rid of her random thoughts regarding Ruhaan. Another angle gets added because of Pari, who is very much interested in Ruhaan. Pari feels Mishti and Veer are definitely a couple, and Ruhaan will never draw any complications between them. She visualizes a safe relationship and future with Ruhaan. She wants to confess her love to Ruhaan soon. Pari gets close to realize Mishti’s inclination towards Ruhaan. Pari’s good friend Arnav is in love with her. There will be secret affairs, love tales and sacrifices happening soon. Which is your favorite lead pair in Silsila Season 2? Let us know your opinion.

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    Ruhaan Mishti Pair is good .also loves Pari Arnav pair

    1. not at all its pari and ruhaan unlike that misti who don’t have brains to hear what her heart wants but pari she knows and is following her path very well soon ruhaan and pari will end up together while misti will be repeaing an another nandini in season 2 # authenticated report

  2. Stopped watching Silsila after abrupt end of S1

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Pari is very pretty… Ruhaan is very handsome… Luv this jodi… Mishti’s avatar is just like I described, an avatar ??

  4. Mishti ruhaan story seems unique like Bollywood movie plus their Jodi also looking good

  5. Mishaan r love ❤❤

  6. Mishaan are love .They are so hot

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Season 1 story was not good, but pairs were much better and season 2 nothing is nice…

  8. Mishaan ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Always MisHaan and pari and Ruhaan is like brother and sister….even people are not ready to accept it i don’t care….MisHaan are great and they look good together….so it’s waste of arguing about it

  10. I really can’t say because Ruhaan was nowhere in the picture when Veer and Mishti got together. Pari and Arnav makes a cute pair as we all know friendship leads to love but Ruhaan and Mishti is a no no for me that’s my opinion. Ruhaan knows his best friend is in love with Mishti then WHY??? Is there a shortage of women??? Stew.

  11. Saheli saheli

    No doubt Mishaan

  12. Its would be better if pari is teja

  13. You Mishaan are made for each other.
    Pari and Arnav look cute together

  14. Genuine viewer

    Mishaan obviously but with out cheating veer … Mishti and ruhaan character should not be spoiled ….. Bring a new girl for veer

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