chapter : distance ?!

the chapter starts with  the judge spoke breaking the silence in the court room ;

judge : the custody , the sole custody goes of Kairav goes to…… MR. KARTIK GOENKA WHILE NAIRA SINGHANIA IS ALLOWED TO MEET HER SON TWICE A WEEK

hearing this statement a silent tear from naira’s eyes passed through  while kartik had a smile on his face and was hopefully looking at naira for a reaction . naira knew that now she won’t be able to control her tears , so she went out of the court room followed by abir , mishti and vedika. kartik was about to go to naira but was stopped by dadi

dadi : finally humein apne pad pote ki custody mil gayi now kairav will get every happiness her deserved and which naira did not even thought of

swarna : maaji what are you saying naira is kairav’s mother she gave her all the happiness she could

dadi : she could give even more if she could tell us

kartik : just stop it all of you lets go back home there is no need of staying here

the goenka family went outside the court room only to find mishti coming clapping her hands and naira missing .

mishti: vah mr goenka vah!! i am so proud of you .you have snatched di’s life  .very good haan and especially aap mrs. suhasini goenka and the whole goenka family . very good haan .

dadi : mishti  is this the way to talk to elders is there any respect or not

mishti : no there is no respect because you guys don’t even have humanity

dadi : mishti even we did not have any expectations from you like sister like you who knows like naira used to sleep with mihir you also..

before she could complete , abir shouted from behind,

abir : khabardaar mr.s suhasini goenka .if you even speak a word against my mishti or di then i will forget that we share a relation . mihsti lets go there is no use these people won’t understand di needs us

mishti : hmm yeah

abir and mishti went in a car and then called naira but she was not picking it up, abir and mishti were getting worried as they were scared that what if naira takes a wrong step . they  checked singhania sadan , dance academy , the place where naira got her job back adn everywhere except goenka villa . suddenly when they were searching for her , a notification popped up on abir’s phone.

abir: mishtii

mishti : what happened abir? did you found anything about di  ? she is okay right ?

abir : di has booked a flight for goa

mishti: whattt??

abir : yess

mishti : but kairav he will miss her so much he can’t live without her and why is she going back to goa she will meet kairav twice a week na

abir : yaa , mishti chal we have to go back to goa now , we don’t have an option

mishti : yaa let’s go

they went to singhania sadan and packed their bags and left a message saying di has gone to goa , we are going to get her we will be back soon with her. please don’t say anything to kartik or kairav.

while in the flight, 

naira was sitting on the seat looking outside the window and remembering the judge words and kairav’s word when she went to goenka villa after kartik won the case.

naira pov

kyun ganga maiyaa.. why? why did you separate me and kairav again ? why are you doing this with me ? why did i not get kairav’s custody and why is kairav hating me ? why is god being so unfair to me on every single point in my life. i thought going back to udaipur , would bring me and kartik together but it separated us. i thought me kartik and kairav will live happily but god just paired up kairav and kartik together but left me . why did kairav told me that he hates me !! and who filled his mind with all the truths and bad words about me !! why god why ? why every single time despite not bieng at fault , i get punished. my life is over now!!

naira pov ends

PRECAP:  flashback of what happened when naira left the court.


hey guys !! that’s it for today!! hope you like it

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