Whenever I see you My Heart Skips a Beat (Part 2)

Hey Guys here is the second episode of WHENEVER I SEE YOU MY HEART SKIPS A BEAT.

RECAP: Naira is getting ready for college. She is standing in front of her mirror and combing her hair. Gentle breeze blows.

Keerthi is sitting on the cot and is arranging the clothes that were thrown here and there by Naira. She sees Naira and smiles to herself. Just then Naksh enters the room

Naksh: Naira , you are not ready yet.. Do you want to get late on your very first day.Aur Keerthi tum bhi yahan bet kar muskurarahi hai

Keerthi: Naksh time is there.Why are you rushing

Naksh: So what do you say we should start exactly on time. What if there is traffic on the way. We must not take risk

Naira impatiently throws her hair brush on the dresser and goes towards them who are arguing in top voice

Naira: Shhh….Sh… bhai Bhabhi. Stop fighting 

Naksh: But Naira

Naira: Bhai lets go it’s getting late

Keerthi: Han Naksh.

Naksh: Par I’m right

Naira stares at him: Bhai isn’t it late now❓Let’s go.

Naira pulls Naksh and Keerthi downstairs.She touches the feet of Bhabhima,Devyani and Rajasekhar. Akshara, Naitik, Naksh Naira and Keerthi leave for college.

Scene shifts to Goenka house

All are at dining table. Harish keeps a samosa in his plate. Avantika grabs it and puts it back.

Harish: Arrey, Avantu it’s mean.. Maa tell something 

Dadi: Harish beta when she is right what can I say

Adi and Kartik laugh. Dev smiles

Harish sees Adi and Kartik and stares

Harish: Arrey you both are laughing instead of supporting

Adi clears his throat: Mom let dad eat na

Avantika: Adi your dad is out of diet for too long. We need to put him back,and diet chart is ready

Pankhuri enters with a cup of salad

Pankhuri: Mom I have prepared according to it

Harish sees the salad and frowns

Harish: Oh butterfly tum bhi.Romeo kuch Kaho na apni biwi ko

Adi: Dad, my wife is just following your wife’s words.So you tell your wife 

Kartik bursts out laughing. Dev smiles. Adi sees Dev

Adi: Dev thoda aur haslo kuch nani bigdega

Dev sees him and smiles a bit broader. All are happy and breakfast goes on well

Kartik sees his watch and jumps from his chair: Oh no I’m too late.Bye everyone

Manish: Kartik you are going in car right

Kartik: No dad, I’m leaving in bike

Manish: But Kartik

Dev: Kartik listen to dad na

Kartik: Arrey Bhai I’m late. In this traffic I’ll get much late if I go in car

Manish: Not late than arguing here

Adi: Chachu only today leave him. From tomorrow he will go in car.

Kartik grins and leaves.

It’s Medical college.

Kartik enters the college in bike . He goes to the parking and parks the bike. Meanwhile Naira and family reach college and car goes to parking. Naira opens door and gets down. She dashes on Kartik who is standing there parking his bike with his back facing her. Naira trips.Kartik turns and holds her hand in time just before she falls down.Their eyes meet and they share an eye lock.

Naksh sees this and comes to Naira. Naira realises the situation and balances. Kartik too comes to senses. He leaves from there. Naitik and Akshara enquire Naira about her well being

Kartik goes a bit farther and turns back to see Naira. He smiles to himself and proceeds in his way. Scene freezes.


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