Whenever I see you My Heart Skips a Beat (Part 1)

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My new ff series. Due to my personal problems I was not able to continue my previous ff. Now everything is sorted I have started my new ff series. Please support. I promise that I won’t stop it in Middle way
Intro: Location Mumbai
Characters: Kartik Goenka: Second year medico
Son of Manish and Swarna
Naira Sighania: First yr medico. (Just joined) Daughter of Naitik and Akshara
Dev Goenka: Elder brother of Kartik
Aditya Kumar Goenka: Son of Harish (elder brother of Manish) and Avantika. Eldest in family
Pankhuri: Mrs. Aditya
Naksh Sighania: Elder brother of Naira
Keerthi : Mrs. Naksh
Sonakshi Bose: Intern in Kartik and Naira’s college.
Let us start the story now..

Goenka House:
A woman of late 50s is sitting in a puja room and singing.
Servant drops a plate.
Swarna her younger daughter in law : Shhhh. Maa is praying. Don’t make noise.
Just then a boy of 19 comes shouting.He is Kartik Goenka our hero.
Kartik: Maa……Maa…
Swarna (in a low tone) : Kartik… dadi is praying. Reduce ur voice
Kartik : Imitating her, Yes Maa. I’m leaving for college..
Pankhuri enters laughing. Swarna goes to kitchen
Pankhuri: Kartik breakfast
Kartik: No bhabhi.. freshers are coming today.Gotta go
Pankhuri: Arrey being a doctor yourself , don’t you no breakfast is the important meal of the day.
Kartik: I’ll have in Canteen
Aditya enters the scene.
Adi: Hey good morning everybody. Early morning What’s brewing between you both
Pankhuri: Your brother wants to have breakfast in canteen.
Adi: So what let him have
Dev in his grumpy mood as usual: Bhai.. our family has to eat breakfast together.
Kartik: oh come on
Adi: Dev, just one day na
Avantika : No Adi, Dev is right. It’s getting late. Maa is already at the table. Hurry up
Kartik and Adi whisper among themselves but all at last all assemble at the dining table.
Meanwhile in Singhania Gouse
Akshara: Naira.. it’s getting late come soon. Keerthi just go and see her.
Keerthi: Yes Maa.
Keerthi goes upstairs. A girl of 18 is rummaging her cupboard. Dresses are scattered.
Keerthi enters the room and starts lauging.
keerthi: Naira, what’s going on
Naira: Bhabhi I cant choose what to wear
Keerthi: whom are you gonna impress
Naira: None though, I wanna look good. Afterall it’s my first day at college
Keerthi selects a red top and blue pant
Naira gets ready. She is brushing her hair. Gentle breeze blows. Scene freezes.

PRECAP: Kartik Naira ( Kaira) MEET.

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