When logic gets applied to Naagin 3 – Ep 1


1. Shivanya and Rithik in big trouble

Shivanya comes inside Haveli wearing red saree. Shivangi is shocked. O Re Piya plays…. Rithik goes and lays his head on her lap. Shivanya feels itchy from Rithik’s filthy hair. Shivangi gets emotional. she runs to mother Shivanya and rests her head on Shivanya’s shoulder. Abhi mujhe mein kahin plays… Vishakha smiles. Shivanya says that she will make her Rithik younger with her powers. Shivangi laughs. She tells Shivanya to first explain how she got young and then make Rithik young. Shivanya scolds Shivangi saying that she is her mother and has seen the world more than her. Shivangi says that as far as she knows that only a naagin never grows old but Shivanya lost all her powers so how is she having powers and why is she still young. Shivanya feels humiliated, she then tells Shivangi that obviously we’re doing a double role so I forget sometimes. She asks Shivangi to make Rithik young otherwise she will leave him as he can’t fulfill her s*xual desires and she doesn’t want to spend her entire life taking care of an old man. Rithik angrily slaps Shivanya.  Shivangi tells Rithik how dare he slap her mother and asks him to go die. Shivanya slaps her saying how dare she talk to her father disrespectfully and asks her to apologize. Shivangi leaves with Rocky hand in hand asking them both go die.

2. Mahir faces rejection

Mahir wets Bela’s saree forcing her to go change clothes. Bela comes out wearing Vikrant’s white shirt. Mahir is delighted. Bela tells Mahir that this shirt is looking too short. Mahir teases her saying that he wished it was shorter. Bela asks him to shut up. He tells her that he planned a surprise upstairs. He forcefully carries her upstairs laying her on the bed. Bela tells him that she wants to say something before this happens. Mahir lays his finger on her mouth shutting it telling that is their official wedding night. He caresses her face. He then comes closer to Bela. Bela recalls the priest warning her that if she makes any s*xual interaction with anyone then she will lose her powers. She pushes Mahir away. Mahir asks why this distance. Bela tells him that he is crossing his limits and that she is not ready yet. Mahir is hurt, he asks Bela what is stopping her from getting cozy. She says that remember the promises we made while marriage. Mahir nods confusedly. She says that she is fulfilling the duty of a wife and a naagrani. Mahir explains that this has nothing to do with all that. Bela says that she will lose all her powers. Mahir asks if powers or is your husband more important for her. She slaps him saying that of course, he is more important for her than anything in the world and she is doing this to save his life, but now that he doesn’t trust her then she doesn’t need to explain anything. Bela slaps him again and leaves the house and his life forever.

Precap: 22 yrs leap of RIvanya and Behir



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  1. RivanyaComments

    LOL! This is so funny! I can imagine the fight between mother and daughter ? ? ? you should write more roasts of Naagin series like for ex how young Yamini was looking even after more than 115 yrs ??? love ur hardwork

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